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// Copyright (c) 2016 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
// driver_utils.h : provides more information about current driver.
#include <algorithm>
#include "libANGLE/renderer/driver_utils.h"
namespace rx
// Intel
// Referenced from
// gen7
const uint32_t Haswell[] = {
0x0402, 0x0406, 0x040A, 0x040B, 0x040E, 0x0C02, 0x0C06, 0x0C0A, 0x0C0B, 0x0C0E,
0x0A02, 0x0A06, 0x0A0A, 0x0A0B, 0x0A0E, 0x0D02, 0x0D06, 0x0D0A, 0x0D0B, 0x0D0E, // hsw_gt1
0x0412, 0x0416, 0x041A, 0x041B, 0x041E, 0x0C12, 0x0C16, 0x0C1A, 0x0C1B, 0x0C1E,
0x0A12, 0x0A16, 0x0A1A, 0x0A1B, 0x0A1E, 0x0D12, 0x0D16, 0x0D1A, 0x0D1B, 0x0D1E, // hsw_gt2
0x0422, 0x0426, 0x042A, 0x042B, 0x042E, 0x0C22, 0x0C26, 0x0C2A, 0x0C2B, 0x0C2E,
0x0A22, 0x0A26, 0x0A2A, 0x0A2B, 0x0A2E, 0x0D22, 0x0D26, 0x0D2A, 0x0D2B, 0x0D2E // hsw_gt3
// gen8
const uint32_t Broadwell[] = {0x1602, 0x1606, 0x160A, 0x160B, 0x160D, 0x160E,
0x1612, 0x1616, 0x161A, 0x161B, 0x161D, 0x161E,
0x1622, 0x1626, 0x162A, 0x162B, 0x162D, 0x162E};
const uint32_t CherryView[] = {0x22B0, 0x22B1, 0x22B2, 0x22B3};
// gen9
const uint32_t Skylake[] = {0x1902, 0x1906, 0x190A, 0x190B, 0x190E, 0x1912, 0x1913, 0x1915, 0x1916,
0x1917, 0x191A, 0x191B, 0x191D, 0x191E, 0x1921, 0x1923, 0x1926, 0x1927,
0x192A, 0x192B, 0x192D, 0x1932, 0x193A, 0x193B, 0x193D};
const uint32_t Broxton[] = {0x0A84, 0x1A84, 0x1A85, 0x5A84, 0x5A85};
// gen9p5
const uint32_t Kabylake[] = {0x5916, 0x5913, 0x5906, 0x5926, 0x5921, 0x5915, 0x590E,
0x591E, 0x5912, 0x5917, 0x5902, 0x591B, 0x593B, 0x590B,
0x591A, 0x590A, 0x591D, 0x5908, 0x5923, 0x5927};
} // anonymous namespace
IntelDriverVersion::IntelDriverVersion(uint16_t lastPart) : mVersionPart(lastPart)
bool IntelDriverVersion::operator==(const IntelDriverVersion &version)
return mVersionPart == version.mVersionPart;
bool IntelDriverVersion::operator!=(const IntelDriverVersion &version)
return !(*this == version);
bool IntelDriverVersion::operator<(const IntelDriverVersion &version)
// See to
// understand the Intel graphics driver version number on Windows.
// mVersionPart1 changes with OS version. mVersionPart2 changes with DirectX version.
// mVersionPart3 stands for release year. mVersionPart4 is driver specific unique version
// number.
// For example: Intel driver version ''
// 20 -> windows 10 driver
// 19 -> DirectX 12 first version(12.0) supported
// 15 -> Driver released in 2015
// 4539 -> Driver specific unique version number
// For linux, Intel graphics driver version is the mesa version. The version number has three
// parts: major revision, minor revision, release number. So, for linux, we need to compare
// three parts.
// Currently, it's only used in windows. So, checking the last part is enough. Once it's needed
// in other platforms, it's easy to be extended.
return mVersionPart < version.mVersionPart;
bool IntelDriverVersion::operator>=(const IntelDriverVersion &version)
return !(*this < version);
bool IsHaswell(uint32_t DeviceId)
return std::find(std::begin(Haswell), std::end(Haswell), DeviceId) != std::end(Haswell);
bool IsBroadwell(uint32_t DeviceId)
return std::find(std::begin(Broadwell), std::end(Broadwell), DeviceId) != std::end(Broadwell);
bool IsCherryView(uint32_t DeviceId)
return std::find(std::begin(CherryView), std::end(CherryView), DeviceId) !=
bool IsSkylake(uint32_t DeviceId)
return std::find(std::begin(Skylake), std::end(Skylake), DeviceId) != std::end(Skylake);
bool IsBroxton(uint32_t DeviceId)
return std::find(std::begin(Broxton), std::end(Broxton), DeviceId) != std::end(Broxton);
bool IsKabylake(uint32_t DeviceId)
return std::find(std::begin(Kabylake), std::end(Kabylake), DeviceId) != std::end(Kabylake);
} // namespace rx