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README file for VC10 project files for libxml2
to clarify: This is not the readme file for the whole libxml2 project.
Rather, it's a readme for the VC10 project files, attached to the libxml2 proejct.
Quick Start
1) To use, load the libxml2.sln solution file into visual studio
2) check and correct paths for dependent "iconv" project which most certaily
are wrong on your environment.
3) Compile all projects
Background Info
Running of "" won't make sense since VS doesn't support
this kind of build system and the environment is pretty much known already
if you're using Visual Studio. Instead, a preconfigured "config.h" file
is provided in the "win32\VC10" directory and referenced by the project
files already.
The compile process is not completely warning-free: Some warnings will
appear during compile which can be ignored.