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#ifndef RecordTestUtils_DEFINED
#define RecordTestUtils_DEFINED
#include "SkRecord.h"
#include "SkRecords.h"
// If the command we're reading is a U, set ptr to it, otherwise set it to NULL.
template <typename U>
struct ReadAs {
ReadAs() : ptr(NULL), type(SkRecords::Type(~0)) {}
const U* ptr;
SkRecords::Type type;
void operator()(const U& r) { ptr = &r; type = U::kType; }
template <typename T>
void operator()(const T&) { type = U::kType; }
// Assert that the ith command in record is of type T, and return it.
template <typename T>
static const T* assert_type(skiatest::Reporter* r, const SkRecord& record, unsigned index) {
ReadAs<T> reader;
record.visit<void>(index, reader);
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, T::kType == reader.type);
REPORTER_ASSERT(r, SkToBool(reader.ptr));
return reader.ptr;