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// Copyright 2014 The ANGLE Project Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <list>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include "common/Optional.h"
#include "common/angleutils.h"
#include "util/EGLPlatformParameters.h"
#include "util/util_export.h"
#include "util/util_gl.h"
class OSWindow;
namespace angle
class Library;
struct PlatformMethods;
} // namespace angle
struct ANGLE_UTIL_EXPORT ConfigParameters
void reset();
// Surface and Context parameters.
int redBits;
int greenBits;
int blueBits;
int alphaBits;
int depthBits;
int stencilBits;
Optional<bool> webGLCompatibility;
Optional<bool> robustResourceInit;
// EGLWindow-specific.
EGLenum componentType;
bool multisample;
bool debug;
bool noError;
Optional<bool> extensionsEnabled;
bool bindGeneratesResource;
bool clientArraysEnabled;
bool robustAccess;
EGLint samples;
Optional<bool> contextProgramCacheEnabled;
EGLenum resetStrategy;
class ANGLE_UTIL_EXPORT GLWindowBase : angle::NonCopyable
static void Delete(GLWindowBase **window);
// It should also be possible to set multisample and floating point framebuffers.
EGLint getClientMajorVersion() const { return mClientMajorVersion; }
EGLint getClientMinorVersion() const { return mClientMinorVersion; }
virtual bool initializeGL(OSWindow *osWindow,
angle::Library *glWindowingLibrary,
const EGLPlatformParameters &platformParams,
const ConfigParameters &configParams) = 0;
virtual bool isGLInitialized() const = 0;
virtual void swap() = 0;
virtual void destroyGL() = 0;
virtual bool makeCurrent() = 0;
virtual bool hasError() const = 0;
virtual bool setSwapInterval(EGLint swapInterval) = 0;
bool isMultisample() const { return mConfigParams.multisample; }
bool isDebugEnabled() const { return mConfigParams.debug; }
const angle::PlatformMethods *getPlatformMethods() const { return mPlatform.platformMethods; }
const EGLPlatformParameters &getPlatform() const { return mPlatform; }
const ConfigParameters &getConfigParams() const { return mConfigParams; }
GLWindowBase(EGLint glesMajorVersion, EGLint glesMinorVersion);
virtual ~GLWindowBase();
EGLint mClientMajorVersion;
EGLint mClientMinorVersion;
EGLPlatformParameters mPlatform;
ConfigParameters mConfigParams;
class ANGLE_UTIL_EXPORT EGLWindow : public GLWindowBase
static EGLWindow *New(EGLint glesMajorVersion, EGLint glesMinorVersion);
static void Delete(EGLWindow **window);
static EGLBoolean FindEGLConfig(EGLDisplay dpy, const EGLint *attrib_list, EGLConfig *config);
EGLConfig getConfig() const;
EGLDisplay getDisplay() const;
EGLSurface getSurface() const;
EGLContext getContext() const;
// Internally initializes the Display, Surface and Context.
bool initializeGL(OSWindow *osWindow,
angle::Library *glWindowingLibrary,
const EGLPlatformParameters &platformParams,
const ConfigParameters &configParams) override;
bool isGLInitialized() const override;
void swap() override;
void destroyGL() override;
bool makeCurrent() override;
bool hasError() const override;
bool setSwapInterval(EGLint swapInterval) override;
// Only initializes the Display.
bool initializeDisplay(OSWindow *osWindow,
angle::Library *glWindowingLibrary,
const EGLPlatformParameters &params);
// Only initializes the Surface.
bool initializeSurface(OSWindow *osWindow,
angle::Library *glWindowingLibrary,
const ConfigParameters &params);
// Create an EGL context with this window's configuration
EGLContext createContext(EGLContext share) const;
// Only initializes the Context.
bool initializeContext();
void destroySurface();
void destroyContext();
bool isDisplayInitialized() const { return mDisplay != EGL_NO_DISPLAY; }
EGLWindow(EGLint glesMajorVersion, EGLint glesMinorVersion);
~EGLWindow() override;
EGLConfig mConfig;
EGLDisplay mDisplay;
EGLSurface mSurface;
EGLContext mContext;
EGLint mEGLMajorVersion;
EGLint mEGLMinorVersion;
ANGLE_UTIL_EXPORT bool CheckExtensionExists(const char *allExtensions, const std::string &extName);