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This is the App Engine app that serves
To work on this app, obtain the App Engine SDK for Go from Unpacking it produces a
go_appengine directory. This may be added to your $PATH for convenience,
although it is not necessary.
The commands in this README are expected to be run from the directory containing
The App Engine SDK for Go provides App Engine packages at the appengine import
path, but not the newer path. The Crashpad app
uses the newer paths. See and To make these
available, obtain a Go release from, and run:
$ GOROOT=…/go_appengine/goroot GOPATH=…/go_appengine/gopath go get -d
To test locally:
$ …/go_appengine/goapp serve
Look for the Starting module "default" running at: http://localhost:8080” line,
which tells you the URL of the local running instance of the app.
To deploy:
$ version=$(git rev-parse --short=12 HEAD)
$ [[ -n "$(git status --porcelain)" ]] && version+=-dirty
$ …/go_appengine/goapp deploy -version "${version}"
Note that app.yaml does not name a version to encourage you to use a git hash
as the version, as above.
Activate a newly-deployed version by visiting the App Engine console at, selecting it,
and choosing Make Default”. It is also possible to delete old versions from
this page when they are no longer needed.