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// Copyright 2014 The Crashpad Authors. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include <stdint.h>
#include <string>
#include "base/macros.h"
#include "snapshot/system_snapshot.h"
namespace crashpad {
namespace test {
//! \brief A test SystemSnapshot that can carry arbitrary data for testing
//! purposes.
class TestSystemSnapshot final : public SystemSnapshot {
~TestSystemSnapshot() override;
void SetCPUArchitecture(CPUArchitecture cpu_architecture) {
cpu_architecture_ = cpu_architecture;
void SetCPURevision(uint32_t cpu_revision) { cpu_revision_ = cpu_revision; }
void SetCPUCount(uint8_t cpu_count) { cpu_count_ = cpu_count; }
void SetCPUVendor(const std::string& cpu_vendor) { cpu_vendor_ = cpu_vendor; }
void SetCPUFrequency(uint64_t current_hz, uint64_t max_hz) {
cpu_frequency_current_hz_ = current_hz;
cpu_frequency_max_hz_ = max_hz;
void SetCPUX86Signature(uint32_t cpu_x86_signature) {
cpu_x86_signature_ = cpu_x86_signature;
void SetCPUX86Features(uint64_t cpu_x86_features) {
cpu_x86_features_ = cpu_x86_features;
void SetCPUX86ExtendedFeatures(uint64_t cpu_x86_extended_features) {
cpu_x86_extended_features_ = cpu_x86_extended_features;
void SetCPUX86Leaf7Features(uint32_t cpu_x86_leaf_7_features) {
cpu_x86_leaf_7_features_ = cpu_x86_leaf_7_features;
void SetCPUX86SupportsDAZ(bool cpu_x86_supports_daz) {
cpu_x86_supports_daz_ = cpu_x86_supports_daz;
void SetOperatingSystem(OperatingSystem operating_system) {
operating_system_ = operating_system;
void SetOSServer(bool os_server) { os_server_ = os_server; }
void SetOSVersion(
int major, int minor, int bugfix, const std::string& build) {
os_version_major_ = major;
os_version_minor_ = minor;
os_version_bugfix_ = bugfix;
os_version_build_ = build;
void SetOSVersionFull(const std::string& os_version_full) {
os_version_full_ = os_version_full;
void SetNXEnabled(bool nx_enabled) { nx_enabled_ = nx_enabled; }
void SetMachineDescription(const std::string& machine_description) {
machine_description_ = machine_description;
void SetTimeZone(DaylightSavingTimeStatus dst_status,
int standard_offset_seconds,
int daylight_offset_seconds,
const std::string& standard_name,
const std::string& daylight_name) {
time_zone_dst_status_ = dst_status;
time_zone_standard_offset_seconds_ = standard_offset_seconds;
time_zone_daylight_offset_seconds_ = daylight_offset_seconds;
time_zone_standard_name_ = standard_name;
time_zone_daylight_name_ = daylight_name;
// SystemSnapshot:
CPUArchitecture GetCPUArchitecture() const override;
uint32_t CPURevision() const override;
uint8_t CPUCount() const override;
std::string CPUVendor() const override;
void CPUFrequency(uint64_t* current_hz, uint64_t* max_hz) const override;
uint32_t CPUX86Signature() const override;
uint64_t CPUX86Features() const override;
uint64_t CPUX86ExtendedFeatures() const override;
uint32_t CPUX86Leaf7Features() const override;
bool CPUX86SupportsDAZ() const override;
OperatingSystem GetOperatingSystem() const override;
bool OSServer() const override;
void OSVersion(
int* major, int* minor, int* bugfix, std::string* build) const override;
std::string OSVersionFull() const override;
bool NXEnabled() const override;
std::string MachineDescription() const override;
void TimeZone(DaylightSavingTimeStatus* dst_status,
int* standard_offset_seconds,
int* daylight_offset_seconds,
std::string* standard_name,
std::string* daylight_name) const override;
CPUArchitecture cpu_architecture_;
uint32_t cpu_revision_;
uint8_t cpu_count_;
std::string cpu_vendor_;
uint64_t cpu_frequency_current_hz_;
uint64_t cpu_frequency_max_hz_;
uint32_t cpu_x86_signature_;
uint64_t cpu_x86_features_;
uint64_t cpu_x86_extended_features_;
uint32_t cpu_x86_leaf_7_features_;
bool cpu_x86_supports_daz_;
OperatingSystem operating_system_;
bool os_server_;
int os_version_major_;
int os_version_minor_;
int os_version_bugfix_;
std::string os_version_build_;
std::string os_version_full_;
bool nx_enabled_;
std::string machine_description_;
DaylightSavingTimeStatus time_zone_dst_status_;
int time_zone_standard_offset_seconds_;
int time_zone_daylight_offset_seconds_;
std::string time_zone_standard_name_;
std::string time_zone_daylight_name_;
} // namespace test
} // namespace crashpad