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; This testcase verifies that we can produce a minimal PDB, while
; serving as an example for how to construct a minimal PDB for other
; testcases. It takes as input a small fragment of hand-written yaml
; that specifies nothing about the PDB other than a definition of one
; symbol that it contains. Then it produces a PDB, and uses the
; resulting PDB to go back to yaml, and verify that the resulting yaml
; is identical.
; RUN: llvm-pdbutil yaml2pdb -pdb=%t.pdb %p/Inputs/one-symbol.yaml
; RUN: llvm-pdbutil pdb2yaml -minimal -module-syms -no-file-headers %t.pdb > %t.pdb.yaml
; RUN: diff -b %p/Inputs/one-symbol.yaml %t.pdb.yaml