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// Copyright (c) 2013 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "base/basictypes.h"
#include "base/memory/ref_counted.h"
#include "cobalt/media/base/audio_decoder_config.h"
#include "cobalt/media/base/demuxer_stream.h"
#include "cobalt/media/base/demuxer_stream_provider.h"
#include "cobalt/media/base/video_decoder_config.h"
namespace base {
class SingleThreadTaskRunner;
} // namespace base
namespace cobalt {
namespace media {
class FakeDemuxerStream : public DemuxerStream {
// Constructs an object that outputs |num_configs| different configs in
// sequence with |num_frames_in_one_config| buffers for each config. The
// output buffers are encrypted if |is_encrypted| is true.
FakeDemuxerStream(int num_configs, int num_buffers_in_one_config,
bool is_encrypted);
~FakeDemuxerStream() override;
// DemuxerStream implementation.
void Read(const ReadCB& read_cb) override;
AudioDecoderConfig audio_decoder_config() override;
VideoDecoderConfig video_decoder_config() override;
Type type() const override;
bool SupportsConfigChanges() override;
VideoRotation video_rotation() override;
bool enabled() const override;
void set_enabled(bool enabled, base::TimeDelta timestamp) override;
void SetStreamStatusChangeCB(const StreamStatusChangeCB& cb) override;
void Initialize();
int num_buffers_returned() const { return num_buffers_returned_; }
// Upon the next read, holds the read callback until SatisfyRead() or Reset()
// is called.
void HoldNextRead();
// Upon the next config change read, holds the read callback until
// SatisfyRead() or Reset() is called. If there is no config change any more,
// no read will be held.
void HoldNextConfigChangeRead();
// Satisfies the pending read with the next scheduled status and buffer.
void SatisfyRead();
// Satisfies pending read request and then holds the following read.
void SatisfyReadAndHoldNext();
// Satisfies the pending read (if any) with kAborted and NULL. This call
// always clears |hold_next_read_|.
void Reset();
// Reset() this demuxer stream and set the reading position to the start of
// the stream.
void SeekToStart();
// Sets further read requests to return EOS buffers.
void SeekToEndOfStream();
// Sets the splice timestamp for all furture buffers returned via Read().
void set_splice_timestamp(base::TimeDelta splice_timestamp) {
splice_timestamp_ = splice_timestamp;
void UpdateVideoDecoderConfig();
void DoRead();
scoped_refptr<base::SingleThreadTaskRunner> task_runner_;
const int num_configs_;
const int num_buffers_in_one_config_;
const bool config_changes_;
const bool is_encrypted_;
int num_configs_left_;
// Number of frames left with the current decoder config.
int num_buffers_left_in_current_config_;
int num_buffers_returned_;
base::TimeDelta current_timestamp_;
base::TimeDelta duration_;
base::TimeDelta splice_timestamp_;
gfx::Size next_coded_size_;
VideoDecoderConfig video_decoder_config_;
ReadCB read_cb_;
int next_read_num_;
// Zero-based number indicating which read operation should be held. -1 means
// no read shall be held.
int read_to_hold_;
class FakeDemuxerStreamProvider : public DemuxerStreamProvider {
// Note: FakeDemuxerStream currently only supports a fake video DemuxerStream.
FakeDemuxerStreamProvider(int num_video_configs,
int num_video_buffers_in_one_config,
bool is_video_encrypted);
~FakeDemuxerStreamProvider() override;
// DemuxerStreamProvider implementation.
DemuxerStream* GetStream(DemuxerStream::Type type) override;
FakeDemuxerStream fake_video_stream_;
} // namespace media
} // namespace cobalt