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# This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
# License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
# file, You can obtain one at
Runs the static rooting analysis
from subprocess import Popen
import subprocess
import os
import argparse
import sys
import re
def env(config):
e = dict(os.environ)
e['PATH'] = ':'.join(p for p in (config.get('gcc_bin'), config.get('sixgill_bin'), e['PATH']) if p)
e['XDB'] = '%(sixgill_bin)s/' % config
e['SOURCE'] = config['source']
e['ANALYZED_OBJDIR'] = config['objdir']
return e
def fill(command, config):
return tuple(s % config for s in command)
print("Substitution failed:")
problems = []
for fragment in command:
fragment % config
raise Exception("\n".join(["Substitution failed:"] + [ " %s" % s for s in problems ]))
def print_command(command, outfile=None, env=None):
output = ' '.join(command)
if outfile:
output += ' > ' + outfile
if env:
changed = {}
e = os.environ
for key,value in env.items():
if (key not in e) or (e[key] != value):
changed[key] = value
if changed:
outputs = []
for key, value in changed.items():
if key in e and e[key] in value:
start = value.index(e[key])
end = start + len(e[key])
outputs.append('%s="%s${%s}%s"' % (key,
outputs.append("%s='%s'" % (key, value))
output = ' '.join(outputs) + " " + output
print output
def generate_hazards(config, outfilename):
jobs = []
for i in range(int(config['jobs'])):
command = fill(('%(js)s',
str(i+1), '%(jobs)s',
'tmp.%s' % (i+1,)),
outfile = 'rootingHazards.%s' % (i+1,)
output = open(outfile, 'w')
print_command(command, outfile=outfile, env=env(config))
jobs.append((command, Popen(command, stdout=output, env=env(config))))
final_status = 0
while jobs:
pid, status = os.wait()
jobs = [ job for job in jobs if job[1].pid != pid ]
final_status = final_status or status
if final_status:
raise subprocess.CalledProcessError(final_status, 'analyzeRoots.js')
with open(outfilename, 'w') as output:
command = ['cat'] + [ 'rootingHazards.%s' % (i+1,) for i in range(int(config['jobs'])) ]
print_command(command, outfile=outfilename), stdout=output)
JOBS = { 'dbs':
'-b', '%(sixgill_bin)s',
(('%(js)s', '%(analysis_scriptdir)s/computeCallgraph.js'),
(('%(js)s', '%(analysis_scriptdir)s/computeGCFunctions.js', '%(callgraph)s',
'[gcFunctions]', '[gcFunctions_list]', '[gcEdges]', '[suppressedFunctions_list]'),
('gcFunctions.txt', 'gcFunctions.lst', 'gcEdges.txt', 'suppressedFunctions.lst')),
(('%(js)s', '%(analysis_scriptdir)s/computeGCTypes.js',),
(('%(sixgill_bin)s/xdbkeys', 'src_body.xdb',),
(generate_hazards, 'rootingHazards.txt'),
(('python', '%(analysis_scriptdir)s/',
'%(hazards)s', '%(gcFunctions)s',
'[explained_hazards]', '[unnecessary]', '[refs]'),
('hazards.txt', 'unnecessary.txt', 'refs.txt'))
def out_indexes(command):
for i in range(len(command)):
m = re.match(r'^\[(.*)\]$', command[i])
if m:
yield (i,
def run_job(name, config):
cmdspec, outfiles = JOBS[name]
print("Running " + name + " to generate " + str(outfiles))
if hasattr(cmdspec, '__call__'):
cmdspec(config, outfiles)
temp_map = {}
cmdspec = fill(cmdspec, config)
if isinstance(outfiles, basestring):
stdout_filename = '%s.tmp' % name
temp_map[stdout_filename] = outfiles
print_command(cmdspec, outfile=outfiles, env=env(config))
stdout_filename = None
pc = list(cmdspec)
outfile = 0
for (i, name) in out_indexes(cmdspec):
pc[i] = outfiles[outfile]
outfile += 1
print_command(pc, env=env(config))
command = list(cmdspec)
outfile = 0
for (i, name) in out_indexes(cmdspec):
command[i] = '%s.tmp' % name
temp_map[command[i]] = outfiles[outfile]
outfile += 1
if stdout_filename is None:
subprocess.check_call(command, env=env(config))
with open(stdout_filename, 'w') as output:
subprocess.check_call(command, stdout=output, env=env(config))
for (temp, final) in temp_map.items():
os.rename(temp, final)
except OSError:
print("Error renaming %s -> %s" % (temp, final))
config = { 'ANALYSIS_SCRIPTDIR': os.path.dirname(__file__) }
defaults = [ '%s/' % config['ANALYSIS_SCRIPTDIR'],
'%s/' % os.getcwd() ]
for default in defaults:
execfile(default, config)
print("Loaded %s" % default)
data = config.copy()
parser = argparse.ArgumentParser(description='Statically analyze build tree for rooting hazards.')
parser.add_argument('step', metavar='STEP', type=str, nargs='?',
help='run starting from this step')
parser.add_argument('--source', metavar='SOURCE', type=str, nargs='?',
help='source code to analyze')
parser.add_argument('--upto', metavar='UPTO', type=str, nargs='?',
help='last step to execute')
parser.add_argument('--jobs', '-j', default=None, metavar='JOBS', type=int,
help='number of simultaneous analyzeRoots.js jobs')
parser.add_argument('--list', const=True, nargs='?', type=bool,
help='display available steps')
parser.add_argument('--buildcommand', '--build', '-b', type=str, nargs='?',
help='command to build the tree being analyzed')
parser.add_argument('--tag', '-t', type=str, nargs='?',
help='name of job, also sets build command to "build.<tag>"')
parser.add_argument('--expect-file', type=str, nargs='?',
help='deprecated option, temporarily still present for backwards compatibility')
args = parser.parse_args()
for k,v in vars(args).items():
if v is not None:
data[k] = v
if args.tag and not args.buildcommand:
args.buildcommand="build.%s" % args.tag
if is not None:
data['jobs'] =
if not data.get('jobs'):
data['jobs'] = subprocess.check_output(['nproc', '--ignore=1'])
if args.buildcommand:
data['buildcommand'] = args.buildcommand
elif 'BUILD' in os.environ:
data['buildcommand'] = os.environ['BUILD']
data['buildcommand'] = 'make -j4 -s'
if 'ANALYZED_OBJDIR' in os.environ:
data['objdir'] = os.environ['ANALYZED_OBJDIR']
if 'SOURCE' in os.environ:
data['source'] = os.environ['SOURCE']
if not data.get('source') and data.get('sixgill_bin'):
path = subprocess.check_output(['sh', '-c', data['sixgill_bin'] + '/xdbkeys file_source.xdb | grep jsapi.cpp'])
data['source'] = path.replace("/js/src/jsapi.cpp", "")
steps = [ 'dbs',
'explain' ]
if args.list:
for step in steps:
command, outfilename = JOBS[step]
if outfilename:
print("%s -> %s" % (step, outfilename))
for step in steps:
command, outfiles = JOBS[step]
if isinstance(outfiles, basestring):
data[step] = outfiles
outfile = 0
for (i, name) in out_indexes(command):
data[name] = outfiles[outfile]
outfile += 1
assert len(outfiles) == outfile, 'step \'%s\': mismatched number of output files and params' % step
if args.step:
steps = steps[steps.index(args.step):]
if args.upto:
steps = steps[:steps.index(args.upto)+1]
for step in steps:
run_job(step, data)