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import os
from os import path
def getLatestDir(product, branch, platform, nightlyDir="nightly",
protocol=None, server=None):
if protocol:
assert server is not None, "server is required with protocol"
dirpath = "/pub/" + product + "/" + nightlyDir + "/" + \
"latest-" + branch + "-" + platform
if protocol:
return protocol + "://" + server + dirpath
return dirpath
def getSnippetDir(brandName, version, buildNumber):
return '%s-%s-build%s' % (brandName, version, buildNumber)
def getMUSnippetDir(brandName, oldVersion, oldBuildNumber, version,
return '%s-%s-build%s-%s-build%s-MU' % (brandName, oldVersion,
oldBuildNumber, version,
def getRealpath(file_name, depth=1, cwd=None):
"""Returns real path of the file, resolving symlinks.
@type file_name: string
@param file_name: File name to be resolved.
@type depth: int
@param depth: How many directories to add to the path.
which points to
will return mozilla/ with depth set to 1,
and configs/mozilla/ with depth set to 2.
@type cwd: string
@param cwd: Current working direcotry. Default is os.getcwd().
if not cwd:
cwd = os.getcwd()
if not path.isabs(file_name):
file_name = path.join(cwd, file_name)
real_path = path.realpath(file_name)
# Get N leading directories + file name
depth += 1
path_members = real_path.split(os.sep)[-depth:]
return path.join(*path_members)
def get_repo_dirname(repo_path):
"""Returns repo directory name based on repo path"""
return repo_path.rstrip("/").split("/")[-1]