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This is a library that is designed to be checked out as an SVN External for your
project. When checking out, use a specific revision instead of HEAD as there are no
trunk/tag versions.
This library holds information about the current builds of Firefox and Thunderbird
that Mozilla ships including:
- Latest version numbers for all builds
- English and Native names for all languages we support
To use this library, include either firefoxDetails.class.php or thunderbirdDetails.class.php
and create an instance of the class. This should get you started at least:
echo $firefoxDetails->getDownloadBlockForLocale('en-US');
If you don't like PHP, there are also JSON files available containing the raw data
from the arrays in the PHP files. Note: Whenever the php files change, export_json.php
will need to be called to update the JSON files as well.
I wouldn't be sad if this library got replaced by a dynamic feed coming out of
Bouncer at some point. :)
Email clouserw at mozilla
Bugs for this lib can be filed on in the
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Looking for SeaMonkey?
The SeaMonkey team has a JSON feed for its latest product versions available at: