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import sqlalchemy
from slavealloc import exceptions
from import queries, model
class Allocation(object):
A container class to hold all of the information necessary to make an allocation
@ivar slavename: the slave name
@ivar slaveid: its slaveid
@ivar enabled: true if this slave is enabled
@ivar master_nickname: master's nickname
@iver master_fqdn: master's hostname
@ivar master_pb_port: master's slave pb_port
@ivar slave_basedir: the slave's basedir
@ivar slave_password: the slave's password
@ivar masterid: the assigned masterid
slavename = slaveid = enabled = master_nickname = master_fqdn = None
master_pb_port = slave_basedir = slave_password = masterid = None
def __init__(self, slavename):
self.slavename = slavename
# slave info, including template
q =
[model.slaves, model.tac_templates.c.template],
whereclause=( == slavename),
from_obj = [
model.slaves.c.custom_tplid == model.tac_templates.c.tplid))])
slave_row = q.execute().fetchone()
if not slave_row:
raise exceptions.NoAllocationError
self.slaveid = slave_row.slaveid
self.enabled = slave_row.enabled
self.slave_basedir = slave_row.basedir
# bail out early if this slave is not enabled
if not self.enabled:
# slave password
q = queries.slave_password
self.slave_password = q.execute(slaveid=self.slaveid).scalar()
# if this slave has a locked_masterid, just get that row; otherwise, run
# the self algorithm
if slave_row.locked_masterid:
q =
model.masters.c.masterid == slave_row.locked_masterid))
master_row = q.execute().fetchone()
q = queries.best_master
master_row = q.execute(slaveid=self.slaveid).fetchone()
if not master_row:
raise exceptions.NoAllocationError
self.master_nickname = master_row.nickname
self.master_fqdn = master_row.fqdn
self.master_pb_port = master_row.pb_port
self.masterid = master_row.masterid
# get the desired template (or None for default)
self.template = slave_row.template
def commit(self):
Commit this allocation to the database
# note that this will work correctly for enabled slaves
q = model.slaves.update(
whereclause=(model.slaves.c.slaveid == self.slaveid),