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# - Run the rooting analysis on SpiderMonkey. See `README.txt` for usage.
# This script is based on the wiki page:
set -eu
ANALYSIS_SCRIPTDIR="$(dirname $0)"
MOZILLA_SRCDIR="$(cd $ANALYSIS_SCRIPTDIR && (hg root || git rev-parse --show-toplevel))"
# Requirements
# ============
# Download and unpack the Sixgill plugin binaries.
# (`wget -c` skips the download if you've already got the file.)
# This insecurely downloads software over HTTP. Sorry.
# The alternative is building your own Sixgill. That can be a pain and you may
# need some patches to get it to work on your Linux distribution. Ask sfink for
# details.
mkdir -p downloads
(cd downloads && wget -c
tar xf downloads/hazards-sixgill.tar.xz
# Download and unpack GCC binaries compatible with the Sixgill plugin.
(cd downloads && wget -c
tar xf downloads/hazards-gcc4.7.tar.xz
# Generate raw data (.xdb files)
# ==============================
# The first step is to generate the .xdb files that contain the information
# needed by the analysis. This is done by compiling SpiderMonkey with the
# sixgill plugin enabled. The plugin creates .xdb files which the analysis
# consumes.
export PATH
export GCCDIR
# Create a SpiderMonkey build directory and run configure.
mkdir -p spidermonkey-analysis
(cd spidermonkey-analysis && \
$MOZILLA_SRCDIR/js/src/configure --enable-optimize)
# Make SpiderMonkey.
$MOZILLA_SRCDIR/js/src/devtools/rootAnalysis/run_complete \
--build-root=$BUILD_DIR/spidermonkey-analysis \
--binaries=$BUILD_DIR/sixgill/usr/bin \
--wrap-dir=$BUILD_DIR/sixgill/usr/libexec/sixgill/scripts/wrap_gcc \
--buildcommand='make' \
--foreground \
--no-logs \
# Run the analysis
# ================
# Build *another* copy of SpiderMonkey, using the system C++ compiler, without
# Sixgill. This is what we use to run the analysis. (We don't let you skip this
# step by setting a $JS environment variable or something, because you need
# ctypes. Relax and spin a build. Get yourself a cup of tea.)
mkdir -p spidermonkey-opt
(cd spidermonkey-opt && \
$MOZILLA_SRCDIR/js/src/configure --enable-optimize --enable-ctypes --enable-nspr-build && \
make -j8)
# Write a config file used by
rm -f
echo "objdir = '${BUILD_DIR}/spidermonkey-analysis'" >>
echo "sixgill = '${BUILD_DIR}/sixgill/usr/libexec/sixgill'" >>
echo "sixgill_bin = '${BUILD_DIR}/sixgill/usr/bin'" >>
echo "js = '${JS}'" >>
echo "analysis_scriptdir = '${ANALYSIS_SCRIPTDIR}'" >>
# Run the script that runs the scripts that do the analysis.
python2.7 "${MOZILLA_SRCDIR}/js/src/devtools/rootAnalysis/" -j 8 callgraph