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/* -*- Mode: C++; tab-width: 8; indent-tabs-mode: nil; c-basic-offset: 4 -*-
* vim: set ts=8 sts=4 et sw=4 tw=99:
* This Source Code Form is subject to the terms of the Mozilla Public
* License, v. 2.0. If a copy of the MPL was not distributed with this
* file, You can obtain one at */
#ifndef jit_JitCompartment_h
#define jit_JitCompartment_h
#include "mozilla/Array.h"
#include "mozilla/MemoryReporting.h"
#include "jsweakcache.h"
#include "builtin/TypedObject.h"
#include "jit/CompileInfo.h"
#include "jit/ICStubSpace.h"
#include "jit/IonCode.h"
#include "jit/JitFrames.h"
#include "jit/shared/Assembler-shared.h"
#include "js/Value.h"
#include "vm/Stack.h"
namespace js {
namespace jit {
class FrameSizeClass;
enum EnterJitType {
EnterJitBaseline = 0,
EnterJitOptimized = 1
struct EnterJitData
explicit EnterJitData(JSContext* cx)
: scopeChain(cx),
uint8_t* jitcode;
InterpreterFrame* osrFrame;
void* calleeToken;
Value* maxArgv;
unsigned maxArgc;
unsigned numActualArgs;
unsigned osrNumStackValues;
RootedObject scopeChain;
RootedValue result;
bool constructing;
typedef void (*EnterJitCode)(void* code, unsigned argc, Value* argv, InterpreterFrame* fp,
CalleeToken calleeToken, JSObject* scopeChain,
size_t numStackValues, Value* vp);
class JitcodeGlobalTable;
// Information about a loop backedge in the runtime, which can be set to
// point to either the loop header or to an OOL interrupt checking stub,
// if signal handlers are being used to implement interrupts.
class PatchableBackedge : public InlineListNode<PatchableBackedge>
friend class JitRuntime;
CodeLocationJump backedge;
CodeLocationLabel loopHeader;
CodeLocationLabel interruptCheck;
PatchableBackedge(CodeLocationJump backedge,
CodeLocationLabel loopHeader,
CodeLocationLabel interruptCheck)
: backedge(backedge), loopHeader(loopHeader), interruptCheck(interruptCheck)
class JitRuntime
friend class JitCompartment;
// Executable allocator for all code except asm.js code.
ExecutableAllocator execAlloc_;
// Shared exception-handler tail.
JitCode* exceptionTail_;
// Shared post-bailout-handler tail.
JitCode* bailoutTail_;
// Shared profiler exit frame tail.
JitCode* profilerExitFrameTail_;
// Trampoline for entering JIT code. Contains OSR prologue.
JitCode* enterJIT_;
// Trampoline for entering baseline JIT code.
JitCode* enterBaselineJIT_;
// Vector mapping frame class sizes to bailout tables.
Vector<JitCode*, 4, SystemAllocPolicy> bailoutTables_;
// Generic bailout table; used if the bailout table overflows.
JitCode* bailoutHandler_;
// Argument-rectifying thunk, in the case of insufficient arguments passed
// to a function call site.
JitCode* argumentsRectifier_;
void* argumentsRectifierReturnAddr_;
// Thunk that invalides an (Ion compiled) caller on the Ion stack.
JitCode* invalidator_;
// Thunk that calls the GC pre barrier.
JitCode* valuePreBarrier_;
JitCode* stringPreBarrier_;
JitCode* objectPreBarrier_;
JitCode* shapePreBarrier_;
JitCode* objectGroupPreBarrier_;
// Thunk to call malloc/free.
JitCode* mallocStub_;
JitCode* freeStub_;
// Thunk called to finish compilation of an IonScript.
JitCode* lazyLinkStub_;
// Thunk used by the debugger for breakpoint and step mode.
JitCode* debugTrapHandler_;
// Thunk used to fix up on-stack recompile of baseline scripts.
JitCode* baselineDebugModeOSRHandler_;
void* baselineDebugModeOSRHandlerNoFrameRegPopAddr_;
// Map VMFunction addresses to the JitCode of the wrapper.
typedef WeakCache<const VMFunction*, JitCode*> VMWrapperMap;
VMWrapperMap* functionWrappers_;
// Buffer for OSR from baseline to Ion. To avoid holding on to this for
// too long, it's also freed in JitCompartment::mark and in EnterBaseline
// (after returning from JIT code).
uint8_t* osrTempData_;
// List of all backedges in all Ion code. The backedge edge list is accessed
// asynchronously when the main thread is paused and mutatingBackedgeList_
// is false. Thus, the list must only be mutated while mutatingBackedgeList_
// is true.
volatile bool mutatingBackedgeList_;
InlineList<PatchableBackedge> backedgeList_;
// In certain cases, we want to optimize certain opcodes to typed instructions,
// to avoid carrying an extra register to feed into an unbox. Unfortunately,
// that's not always possible. For example, a GetPropertyCacheT could return a
// typed double, but if it takes its out-of-line path, it could return an
// object, and trigger invalidation. The invalidation bailout will consider the
// return value to be a double, and create a garbage Value.
// To allow the GetPropertyCacheT optimization, we allow the ability for
// GetPropertyCache to override the return value at the top of the stack - the
// value that will be temporarily corrupt. This special override value is set
// only in callVM() targets that are about to return *and* have invalidated
// their callee.
js::Value ionReturnOverride_;
// Global table of jitcode native address => bytecode address mappings.
JitcodeGlobalTable* jitcodeGlobalTable_;
JitCode* generateLazyLinkStub(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateProfilerExitFrameTailStub(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateExceptionTailStub(JSContext* cx, void* handler);
JitCode* generateBailoutTailStub(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateEnterJIT(JSContext* cx, EnterJitType type);
JitCode* generateArgumentsRectifier(JSContext* cx, void** returnAddrOut);
JitCode* generateBailoutTable(JSContext* cx, uint32_t frameClass);
JitCode* generateBailoutHandler(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateInvalidator(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generatePreBarrier(JSContext* cx, MIRType type);
JitCode* generateMallocStub(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateFreeStub(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateDebugTrapHandler(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateBaselineDebugModeOSRHandler(JSContext* cx, uint32_t* noFrameRegPopOffsetOut);
JitCode* generateVMWrapper(JSContext* cx, const VMFunction& f);
bool initialize(JSContext* cx);
uint8_t* allocateOsrTempData(size_t size);
void freeOsrTempData();
static void Mark(JSTracer* trc);
static void MarkJitcodeGlobalTableUnconditionally(JSTracer* trc);
static bool MarkJitcodeGlobalTableIteratively(JSTracer* trc);
static void SweepJitcodeGlobalTable(JSRuntime* rt);
ExecutableAllocator& execAlloc() {
return execAlloc_;
class AutoMutateBackedges
JitRuntime* jrt_;
explicit AutoMutateBackedges(JitRuntime* jrt) : jrt_(jrt) {
jrt->mutatingBackedgeList_ = true;
~AutoMutateBackedges() {
jrt_->mutatingBackedgeList_ = false;
bool mutatingBackedgeList() const {
return mutatingBackedgeList_;
void addPatchableBackedge(PatchableBackedge* backedge) {
void removePatchableBackedge(PatchableBackedge* backedge) {
enum BackedgeTarget {
void patchIonBackedges(JSRuntime* rt, BackedgeTarget target);
JitCode* getVMWrapper(const VMFunction& f) const;
JitCode* debugTrapHandler(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* getBaselineDebugModeOSRHandler(JSContext* cx);
void* getBaselineDebugModeOSRHandlerAddress(JSContext* cx, bool popFrameReg);
JitCode* getGenericBailoutHandler() const {
return bailoutHandler_;
JitCode* getExceptionTail() const {
return exceptionTail_;
JitCode* getBailoutTail() const {
return bailoutTail_;
JitCode* getProfilerExitFrameTail() const {
return profilerExitFrameTail_;
JitCode* getBailoutTable(const FrameSizeClass& frameClass) const;
JitCode* getArgumentsRectifier() const {
return argumentsRectifier_;
void* getArgumentsRectifierReturnAddr() const {
return argumentsRectifierReturnAddr_;
JitCode* getInvalidationThunk() const {
return invalidator_;
EnterJitCode enterIon() const {
return enterJIT_->as<EnterJitCode>();
EnterJitCode enterBaseline() const {
return enterBaselineJIT_->as<EnterJitCode>();
JitCode* preBarrier(MIRType type) const {
switch (type) {
case MIRType_Value: return valuePreBarrier_;
case MIRType_String: return stringPreBarrier_;
case MIRType_Object: return objectPreBarrier_;
case MIRType_Shape: return shapePreBarrier_;
case MIRType_ObjectGroup: return objectGroupPreBarrier_;
default: MOZ_CRASH();
JitCode* mallocStub() const {
return mallocStub_;
JitCode* freeStub() const {
return freeStub_;
JitCode* lazyLinkStub() const {
return lazyLinkStub_;
bool hasIonReturnOverride() const {
return !ionReturnOverride_.isMagic(JS_ARG_POISON);
js::Value takeIonReturnOverride() {
js::Value v = ionReturnOverride_;
ionReturnOverride_ = js::MagicValue(JS_ARG_POISON);
return v;
void setIonReturnOverride(const js::Value& v) {
ionReturnOverride_ = v;
bool hasJitcodeGlobalTable() const {
return jitcodeGlobalTable_ != nullptr;
JitcodeGlobalTable* getJitcodeGlobalTable() {
return jitcodeGlobalTable_;
bool isProfilerInstrumentationEnabled(JSRuntime* rt) {
return rt->spsProfiler.enabled();
bool isOptimizationTrackingEnabled(JSRuntime* rt) {
return isProfilerInstrumentationEnabled(rt);
class JitZone
// Allocated space for optimized baseline stubs.
OptimizedICStubSpace optimizedStubSpace_;
OptimizedICStubSpace* optimizedStubSpace() {
return &optimizedStubSpace_;
class JitCompartment
friend class JitActivation;
// Map ICStub keys to ICStub shared code objects.
typedef WeakValueCache<uint32_t, ReadBarrieredJitCode> ICStubCodeMap;
ICStubCodeMap* stubCodes_;
// Keep track of offset into various baseline stubs' code at return
// point from called script.
void* baselineCallReturnAddrs_[2];
void* baselineGetPropReturnAddr_;
void* baselineSetPropReturnAddr_;
// Stubs to concatenate two strings inline, or perform RegExp calls inline.
// These bake in zone and compartment specific pointers and can't be stored
// in JitRuntime. These are weak pointers, but are not declared as
// ReadBarriered since they are only read from during Ion compilation,
// which may occur off thread and whose barriers are captured during
// CodeGenerator::link.
JitCode* stringConcatStub_;
JitCode* regExpExecStub_;
JitCode* regExpTestStub_;
mozilla::Array<ReadBarrieredObject, SimdTypeDescr::LAST_TYPE + 1> simdTemplateObjects_;
JitCode* generateStringConcatStub(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateRegExpExecStub(JSContext* cx);
JitCode* generateRegExpTestStub(JSContext* cx);
JSObject* getSimdTemplateObjectFor(JSContext* cx, Handle<SimdTypeDescr*> descr) {
ReadBarrieredObject& tpl = simdTemplateObjects_[descr->type()];
if (!tpl)
tpl.set(TypedObject::createZeroed(cx, descr, 0, gc::TenuredHeap));
return tpl.get();
JSObject* maybeGetSimdTemplateObjectFor(SimdTypeDescr::Type type) const {
const ReadBarrieredObject& tpl = simdTemplateObjects_[type];
// This function is used by Eager Simd Unbox phase, so we cannot use the
// read barrier. For more information, see the comment above
// CodeGenerator::simdRefreshTemplatesDuringLink_ .
return tpl.unbarrieredGet();
// This function is used to call the read barrier, to mark the SIMD template
// type as used. This function can only be called from the main thread.
void registerSimdTemplateObjectFor(SimdTypeDescr::Type type) {
ReadBarrieredObject& tpl = simdTemplateObjects_[type];
JitCode* getStubCode(uint32_t key) {
ICStubCodeMap::AddPtr p = stubCodes_->lookupForAdd(key);
if (p)
return p->value();
return nullptr;
bool putStubCode(JSContext* cx, uint32_t key, Handle<JitCode*> stubCode) {
if (!stubCodes_->putNew(key, stubCode.get())) {
return false;
return true;
void initBaselineCallReturnAddr(void* addr, bool constructing) {
MOZ_ASSERT(baselineCallReturnAddrs_[constructing] == nullptr);
baselineCallReturnAddrs_[constructing] = addr;
void* baselineCallReturnAddr(bool constructing) {
MOZ_ASSERT(baselineCallReturnAddrs_[constructing] != nullptr);
return baselineCallReturnAddrs_[constructing];
void initBaselineGetPropReturnAddr(void* addr) {
MOZ_ASSERT(baselineGetPropReturnAddr_ == nullptr);
baselineGetPropReturnAddr_ = addr;
void* baselineGetPropReturnAddr() {
MOZ_ASSERT(baselineGetPropReturnAddr_ != nullptr);
return baselineGetPropReturnAddr_;
void initBaselineSetPropReturnAddr(void* addr) {
MOZ_ASSERT(baselineSetPropReturnAddr_ == nullptr);
baselineSetPropReturnAddr_ = addr;
void* baselineSetPropReturnAddr() {
MOZ_ASSERT(baselineSetPropReturnAddr_ != nullptr);
return baselineSetPropReturnAddr_;
void toggleBarriers(bool enabled);
bool initialize(JSContext* cx);
// Initialize code stubs only used by Ion, not Baseline.
bool ensureIonStubsExist(JSContext* cx);
void mark(JSTracer* trc, JSCompartment* compartment);
void sweep(FreeOp* fop, JSCompartment* compartment);
JitCode* stringConcatStubNoBarrier() const {
return stringConcatStub_;
JitCode* regExpExecStubNoBarrier() const {
return regExpExecStub_;
bool ensureRegExpExecStubExists(JSContext* cx) {
if (regExpExecStub_)
return true;
regExpExecStub_ = generateRegExpExecStub(cx);
return regExpExecStub_ != nullptr;
JitCode* regExpTestStubNoBarrier() const {
return regExpTestStub_;
bool ensureRegExpTestStubExists(JSContext* cx) {
if (regExpTestStub_)
return true;
regExpTestStub_ = generateRegExpTestStub(cx);
return regExpTestStub_ != nullptr;
// Called from JSCompartment::discardJitCode().
void InvalidateAll(FreeOp* fop, JS::Zone* zone);
void FinishInvalidation(FreeOp* fop, JSScript* script);
// On windows systems, really large frames need to be incrementally touched.
// The following constant defines the minimum increment of the touch.
#ifdef XP_WIN
const unsigned WINDOWS_BIG_FRAME_TOUCH_INCREMENT = 4096 - 1;
// If ExecutableAllocator::nonWritableJitCode is |true|, this class will ensure
// JIT code is writable (has RW permissions) in its scope. If nonWritableJitCode
// is |false|, it's a no-op.
class MOZ_STACK_CLASS AutoWritableJitCode
JSRuntime* rt_;
void* addr_;
size_t size_;
AutoWritableJitCode(JSRuntime* rt, void* addr, size_t size)
: rt_(rt), addr_(addr), size_(size)
ExecutableAllocator::makeWritable(addr_, size_);
AutoWritableJitCode(void* addr, size_t size)
: AutoWritableJitCode(TlsPerThreadData.get()->runtimeFromMainThread(), addr, size)
explicit AutoWritableJitCode(JitCode* code)
: AutoWritableJitCode(code->runtimeFromMainThread(), code->raw(), code->bufferSize())
~AutoWritableJitCode() {
ExecutableAllocator::makeExecutable(addr_, size_);
enum ReprotectCode { Reprotect = true, DontReprotect = false };
class MOZ_STACK_CLASS MaybeAutoWritableJitCode
mozilla::Maybe<AutoWritableJitCode> awjc_;
MaybeAutoWritableJitCode(void* addr, size_t size, ReprotectCode reprotect) {
if (reprotect)
awjc_.emplace(addr, size);
MaybeAutoWritableJitCode(JitCode* code, ReprotectCode reprotect) {
if (reprotect)
} // namespace jit
} // namespace js
#endif /* jit_JitCompartment_h */