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#!/usr/bin/env vpython
# Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
"""This script facilitates running tests for lacros on Linux.
In order to run lacros tests on Linux, please first follow
to setup build directory with the lacros-chrome-on-linux build configuration,
and corresponding test targets are built successfully.
* Example usages:
./build/lacros/ test out/lacros/url_unittests
./build/lacros/ test out/lacros/browser_tests
The commands above run url_unittests and browser_tests respecitively, and more
specifically, url_unitests is executed directly while browser_tests is
executed with the latest version of prebuilt ash-chrome, and the behavior is
controlled by |_TARGETS_REQUIRE_ASH_CHROME|, and it's worth noting that the
list is maintained manually, so if you see something is wrong, please upload a
CL to fix it.
./build/lacros/ test out/lacros/browser_tests \\
The above command only runs 'BrowserTest.Title', and any argument accepted by
the underlying test binary can be specified in the command.
./build/lacros/ test out/lacros/browser_tests \\
The above command runs tests with a given version of ash-chrome, which is
useful to reproduce test failures, the version corresponds to the commit
position of commits on the master branch, and a list of prebuilt versions can
be found at: gs://ash-chromium-on-linux-prebuilts/x86_64.
./testing/ ./build/lacros/ test out/lacros/browser_tests
The above command starts ash-chrome with xvfb instead of an X11 window, and
it's useful when running tests without a display attached, such as sshing.
import argparse
import os
import logging
import re
import shutil
import signal
import subprocess
import sys
import tempfile
import time
import zipfile
_SRC_ROOT = os.path.abspath(
os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__), os.path.pardir, os.path.pardir))
sys.path.append(os.path.join(_SRC_ROOT, 'third_party', 'depot_tools'))
# Base GS URL to store prebuilt ash-chrome.
_GS_URL_BASE = 'gs://ash-chromium-on-linux-prebuilts/x86_64'
# Latest file version.
_GS_URL_LATEST_FILE = _GS_URL_BASE + '/latest/ash-chromium.txt'
# GS path to the zipped ash-chrome build with any given version.
# Directory to cache downloaded ash-chrome versions to avoid re-downloading.
_PREBUILT_ASH_CHROME_DIR = os.path.join(os.path.dirname(__file__),
# Number of seconds to wait for ash-chrome to start.
# List of targets that require ash-chrome as a Wayland server in order to run.
# regex patterns.
# List of targets that require ash-chrome to support crosapi mojo APIs.
# TODO(jamescook): Add 'browser_tests' after multiple crosapi connections
# are allowed. For now we only enable crosapi in targets that run tests
# serially.
def _GetAshChromeDirPath(version):
"""Returns a path to the dir storing the downloaded version of ash-chrome."""
return os.path.join(_PREBUILT_ASH_CHROME_DIR, version)
def _remove_unused_ash_chrome_versions(version_to_skip):
"""Removes unused ash-chrome versions to save disk space.
Currently, when an ash-chrome zip is downloaded and unpacked, the atime/mtime
of the dir and the files are NOW instead of the time when they were built, but
there is no garanteen it will always be the behavior in the future, so avoid
removing the current version just in case.
version_to_skip (str): the version to skip removing regardless of its age.
days = 7
expiration_duration = 60 * 60 * 24 * days
for f in os.listdir(_PREBUILT_ASH_CHROME_DIR):
if f == version_to_skip:
p = os.path.join(_PREBUILT_ASH_CHROME_DIR, f)
if os.path.isfile(p):
# The prebuilt ash-chrome dir is NOT supposed to contain any files, remove
# them to keep the directory clean.
chrome_path = os.path.join(p, 'chrome')
if not os.path.exists(chrome_path):
chrome_path = p
age = time.time() - os.path.getatime(chrome_path)
if age > expiration_duration:
'Removing ash-chrome: "%s" as it hasn\'t been used in the '
'past %d days', p, days)
def _GsutilCopyWithRetry(gs_path, local_name, retry_times=3):
"""Gsutil copy with retry.
gs_path: The gs path for remote location.
local_name: The local file name.
retry_times: The total try times if the gsutil call fails.
RuntimeError: If failed to download the specified version, for example,
if the version is not present on gcs.
import download_from_google_storage
gsutil = download_from_google_storage.Gsutil(
exit_code = 1
retry = 0
while exit_code and retry < retry_times:
retry += 1
exit_code ='cp', gs_path, local_name)
if exit_code:
raise RuntimeError('Failed to download: "%s"' % gs_path)
def _DownloadAshChromeIfNecessary(version):
"""Download a given version of ash-chrome if not already exists.
version: A string representing the version, such as "793554".
RuntimeError: If failed to download the specified version, for example,
if the version is not present on gcs.
def IsAshChromeDirValid(ash_chrome_dir):
# This function assumes that once 'chrome' is present, other dependencies
# will be present as well, it's not always true, for example, if the test
# runner process gets killed in the middle of unzipping (~2 seconds), but
# it's unlikely for the assumption to break in practice.
return os.path.isdir(ash_chrome_dir) and os.path.isfile(
os.path.join(ash_chrome_dir, 'chrome'))
ash_chrome_dir = _GetAshChromeDirPath(version)
if IsAshChromeDirValid(ash_chrome_dir):
shutil.rmtree(ash_chrome_dir, ignore_errors=True)
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as tmp:'Ash-chrome version: %s', version)
gs_path = _GS_URL_BASE + '/' + version + '/' + _GS_ASH_CHROME_PATH
# ZipFile doesn't preserve permissions.
# And in order to workaround the issue, this function is created and used
# instead of ZipFile.extractall().
# The solution is copied from:
def ExtractFile(zf, info, extract_dir):
zf.extract(info.filename, path=extract_dir)
perm = info.external_attr >> 16
os.chmod(os.path.join(extract_dir, info.filename), perm)
with zipfile.ZipFile(, 'r') as zf:
# Extra all files instead of just 'chrome' binary because 'chrome' needs
# other resources and libraries to run.
for info in zf.infolist():
ExtractFile(zf, info, ash_chrome_dir)
def _GetLatestVersionOfAshChrome():
"""Returns the latest version of uploaded ash-chrome."""
with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as tmp:
with open(, 'r') as f:
def _WaitForAshChromeToStart(tmp_xdg_dir, lacros_mojo_socket_file,
"""Waits for Ash-Chrome to be up and running and returns a boolean indicator.
Determine whether ash-chrome is up and running by checking whether two files
(lock file + socket) have been created in the |XDG_RUNTIME_DIR| and the lacros
mojo socket file has been created if enabling the mojo "crosapi" interface.
TODO( Figure out a more reliable hook to determine the
status of ash-chrome, likely through mojo connection.
tmp_xdg_dir (str): Path to the XDG_RUNTIME_DIR.
lacros_mojo_socket_file (str): Path to the lacros mojo socket file.
enable_mojo_crosapi (bool): Whether to bootstrap the crosapi mojo interface
between ash and the lacros test binary.
A boolean indicating whether Ash-chrome is up and running.
def IsAshChromeReady(tmp_xdg_dir, lacros_mojo_socket_file,
return (len(os.listdir(tmp_xdg_dir)) >= 2
and (not enable_mojo_crosapi
or os.path.exists(lacros_mojo_socket_file)))
time_counter = 0
while not IsAshChromeReady(tmp_xdg_dir, lacros_mojo_socket_file,
time_counter += 0.5
return IsAshChromeReady(tmp_xdg_dir, lacros_mojo_socket_file,
def _RunTestWithAshChrome(args, forward_args):
"""Runs tests with ash-chrome.
args (dict): Args for this script.
forward_args (dict): Args to be forwarded to the test command.
if args.ash_chrome_path:
ash_chrome_file = args.ash_chrome_path
ash_chrome_version = (args.ash_chrome_version
or _GetLatestVersionOfAshChrome())
_DownloadAshChromeIfNecessary(ash_chrome_version)'Ash-chrome version: %s', ash_chrome_version)
ash_chrome_file = os.path.join(_GetAshChromeDirPath(ash_chrome_version),
# Starts Ash-Chrome.
tmp_xdg_dir_name = tempfile.mkdtemp()
tmp_ash_data_dir_name = tempfile.mkdtemp()
# Please refer to below file for how mojo connection is set up in testing.
# //chrome/browser/ash/crosapi/test_mojo_connection_manager.h
lacros_mojo_socket_file = '%s/lacros.sock' % tmp_ash_data_dir_name
lacros_mojo_socket_arg = ('--lacros-mojo-socket-for-testing=%s' %
enable_mojo_crosapi = any(t == os.path.basename(args.command)
ash_process = None
ash_env = os.environ.copy()
ash_env['XDG_RUNTIME_DIR'] = tmp_xdg_dir_name
ash_cmd = [
'--user-data-dir=%s' % tmp_ash_data_dir_name,
if enable_mojo_crosapi:
ash_process_has_started = False
total_tries = 3
num_tries = 0
while not ash_process_has_started and num_tries < total_tries:
num_tries += 1
ash_process = subprocess.Popen(ash_cmd, env=ash_env)
ash_process_has_started = _WaitForAshChromeToStart(
tmp_xdg_dir_name, lacros_mojo_socket_file, enable_mojo_crosapi)
if ash_process_has_started:
logging.warning('Starting ash-chrome timed out after %ds',
logging.warning('Printing the output of "ps aux" for debugging:')['ps', 'aux'])
if ash_process and ash_process.poll() is None:
if not ash_process_has_started:
raise RuntimeError('Timed out waiting for ash-chrome to start')
# Starts tests.
if enable_mojo_crosapi:
reason_of_jobs_1 = (
'multiple clients crosapi is not supported yet (, '
'lacros_chrome_browsertests has to run tests serially')
if any('--test-launcher-jobs' in arg for arg in forward_args):
raise RuntimeError(
'Specifying "--test-launcher-jobs" is not allowed because %s. '
'Please remove it and this script will automatically append '
'"--test-launcher-jobs=1"' % reason_of_jobs_1)
# TODO( Run lacros_chrome_browsertests in parallel once
# the bug is fixed.
logging.warning('Appending "--test-launcher-jobs=1" because %s',
test_env = os.environ.copy()
test_env['EGL_PLATFORM'] = 'surfaceless'
test_env['XDG_RUNTIME_DIR'] = tmp_xdg_dir_name
test_process = subprocess.Popen([args.command] + forward_args, env=test_env)
return test_process.wait()
if ash_process and ash_process.poll() is None:
# Allow process to do cleanup and exit gracefully before killing.
shutil.rmtree(tmp_xdg_dir_name, ignore_errors=True)
shutil.rmtree(tmp_ash_data_dir_name, ignore_errors=True)
def _RunTestDirectly(args, forward_args):
"""Runs tests by invoking the test command directly.
args (dict): Args for this script.
forward_args (dict): Args to be forwarded to the test command.
p = None
p = subprocess.Popen([args.command] + forward_args)
return p.wait()
if p and p.poll() is None:
def _HandleSignal(sig, _):
"""Handles received signals to make sure spawned test process are killed.
sig (int): An integer representing the received signal, for example SIGTERM.
logging.warning('Received signal: %d, killing spawned processes', sig)
# Don't do any cleanup here, instead, leave it to the finally blocks.
# Assumption is based on
# cleanup actions specified by finally clauses of try statements are honored.
# Exit code 128+n -> Fatal error signal "n".
sys.exit(128 + sig)
def _RunTest(args, forward_args):
"""Runs tests with given args.
args (dict): Args for this script.
forward_args (dict): Args to be forwarded to the test command.
RuntimeError: If the given test binary doesn't exist or the test runner
doesn't know how to run it.
if not os.path.isfile(args.command):
raise RuntimeError('Specified test command: "%s" doesn\'t exist' %
# |_TARGETS_REQUIRE_ASH_CHROME| may not always be accurate as it is updated
# with a best effort only, therefore, allow the invoker to override the
# behavior with a specified ash-chrome version, which makes sure that
# automated CI/CQ builders would always work correctly.
requires_ash_chrome = any(
re.match(t, os.path.basename(args.command))
if not requires_ash_chrome and not args.ash_chrome_version:
return _RunTestDirectly(args, forward_args)
return _RunTestWithAshChrome(args, forward_args)
def Main():
for sig in (signal.SIGTERM, signal.SIGINT):
signal.signal(sig, _HandleSignal)
arg_parser = argparse.ArgumentParser()
arg_parser.usage = __doc__
subparsers = arg_parser.add_subparsers()
test_parser = subparsers.add_parser('test', help='Run tests')
help='A single command to invoke the tests, for example: '
'"./url_unittests". Any argument unknown to this test runner script will '
'be forwarded to the command, for example: "--gtest_filter=Suite.Test"')
version_group = test_parser.add_mutually_exclusive_group()
help='Version of an prebuilt ash-chrome to use for testing, for example: '
'"793554", and the version corresponds to the commit position of commits '
'on the main branch. If not specified, will use the latest version '
help='Path to an locally built ash-chrome to use for testing.')
args = arg_parser.parse_known_args()
return args[0].func(args[0], args[1])
if __name__ == '__main__':