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// Copyright 2016 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <map>
#include <memory>
#include <set>
#include <vector>
#include "base/containers/circular_deque.h"
#include "base/optional.h"
#include "base/time/tick_clock.h"
#include "net/base/net_export.h"
#include "net/nqe/network_quality_estimator_util.h"
#include "net/nqe/network_quality_observation.h"
#include "net/nqe/network_quality_observation_source.h"
#include "starboard/types.h"
namespace base {
class TimeTicks;
} // namespace base
namespace net {
class NetworkQualityEstimatorParams;
namespace nqe {
namespace internal {
struct WeightedObservation;
// Stores observations sorted by time and provides utility functions for
// computing weighted and non-weighted summary statistics.
class NET_EXPORT_PRIVATE ObservationBuffer {
ObservationBuffer(const NetworkQualityEstimatorParams* params,
const base::TickClock* tick_clock,
double weight_multiplier_per_second,
double weight_multiplier_per_signal_level);
// This constructor does not copy the |observations_| from |other| to |this|.
// As such, this constructor should only be called before adding any
// observations to |other|.
ObservationBuffer(const ObservationBuffer& other);
// Adds |observation| to the buffer. The oldest observation in the buffer
// will be evicted to make room if the buffer is already full.
void AddObservation(const Observation& observation);
// Returns the number of observations in this buffer.
size_t Size() const { return static_cast<size_t>(observations_.size()); }
// Returns the capacity of this buffer.
size_t Capacity() const;
// Clears the observations stored in this buffer.
void Clear() { observations_.clear(); }
// Returns true iff the |percentile| value of the observations in this
// buffer is available. Sets |result| to the computed |percentile|
// value of all observations made on or after |begin_timestamp|. If the
// value is unavailable, false is returned and |result| is not modified.
// Percentile value is unavailable if all the values in observation buffer are
// older than |begin_timestamp|. |current_signal_strength| is the current
// signal strength. |result| must not be null. If |observations_count| is not
// null, then it is set to the number of observations that were available
// in the observation buffer for computing the percentile.
base::Optional<int32_t> GetPercentile(base::TimeTicks begin_timestamp,
int32_t current_signal_strength,
int percentile,
size_t* observations_count) const;
void SetTickClockForTesting(const base::TickClock* tick_clock) {
tick_clock_ = tick_clock;
// Computes percentiles separately for each host. Observations without
// a host tag are skipped. Only data from the hosts present in |host_filter|
// are considered. Observations before |begin_timestamp| are skipped. The
// percentile value for each host is returned in |host_keyed_percentiles|. The
// number of valid observations for each host used for the computation is
// returned in |host_keyed_counts|.
void GetPercentileForEachHostWithCounts(
base::TimeTicks begin_timestamp,
int percentile,
const base::Optional<std::set<IPHash>>& host_filter,
std::map<IPHash, int32_t>* host_keyed_percentiles,
std::map<IPHash, size_t>* host_keyed_counts) const;
// Removes all observations from the buffer whose corresponding entry in
// |deleted_observation_sources| is set to true. For example, if index 1 and
// 3 in |deleted_observation_sources| are set to true, then all observations
// in the buffer that have source set to either 1 or 3 would be removed.
void RemoveObservationsWithSource(
bool deleted_observation_sources[NETWORK_QUALITY_OBSERVATION_SOURCE_MAX]);
// Computes the weighted observations and stores them in
// |weighted_observations| sorted by ascending |WeightedObservation.value|.
// Only the observations with timestamp later than |begin_timestamp| are
// considered. |current_signal_strength| is the current signal strength
// when the observation was taken. This method also sets |total_weight| to
// the total weight of all observations. Should be called only when there is
// at least one observation in the buffer.
void ComputeWeightedObservations(
const base::TimeTicks& begin_timestamp,
int32_t current_signal_strength,
std::vector<WeightedObservation>* weighted_observations,
double* total_weight) const;
const NetworkQualityEstimatorParams* params_;
// Holds observations sorted by time, with the oldest observation at the
// front of the queue.
base::circular_deque<Observation> observations_;
// The factor by which the weight of an observation reduces every second.
// For example, if an observation is 6 seconds old, its weight would be:
// weight_multiplier_per_second_ ^ 6
// Calculated from |kHalfLifeSeconds| by solving the following equation:
// weight_multiplier_per_second_ ^ kHalfLifeSeconds = 0.5
const double weight_multiplier_per_second_;
// The factor by which the weight of an observation reduces for every unit
// difference in the current signal strength, and the signal strength at
// which the observation was taken.
// For example, if the observation was taken at 1 unit, and current signal
// strength is 4 units, the weight of the observation would be:
// |weight_multiplier_per_signal_level_| ^ 3.
const double weight_multiplier_per_signal_level_;
const base::TickClock* tick_clock_;
} // namespace internal
} // namespace nqe
} // namespace net