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hosts_fixup() {
echo "travis_fold:start:hosts_fixup"
echo "Rewriting hosts file"
echo "## /etc/hosts ##"
cat /etc/hosts
sudo sed -i 's/^::1\s*localhost/::1/' /etc/hosts
sudo sh -c 'echo " web-platform.test www.web-platform.test www1.web-platform.test www2.web-platform.test xn--n8j6ds53lwwkrqhv28a.web-platform.test xn--lve-6lad.web-platform.test nonexistent-origin.web-platform.test
" >> /etc/hosts'
echo "== /etc/hosts =="
cat /etc/hosts
echo "----------------"
echo "travis_fold:end:hosts_fixup"
install_chrome() {
# If the environment provides an installation of Google Chrome, the
# existing binary may take precedence over the one introduced in this
# script. Remove any previously-existing "alternatives" prior to
# installation in order to ensure that the new binary is installed as
# intended.
if sudo update-alternatives --list google-chrome; then
sudo update-alternatives --remove-all google-chrome
# Installation will fail in cases where the package has unmet dependencies.
# When this occurs, attempt to use the system package manager to fetch the
# required packages and retry.
if ! sudo dpkg --install $deb_archive; then
sudo apt-get install --fix-broken
sudo dpkg --install $deb_archive