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def format_comment_title(product):
"""Produce a Markdown-formatted string based on a given "product"--a string
containing a browser identifier optionally followed by a colon and a
release channel. (For example: "firefox" or "chrome:dev".) The generated
title string is used both to create new comments and to locate (and
subsequently update) previously-submitted comments."""
parts = product.split(":")
title = parts[0].title()
if len(parts) > 1:
title += " (%s)" % parts[1]
return "# %s #" % title
def markdown_adjust(s):
"""Escape problematic markdown sequences."""
s = s.replace('\t', u'\\t')
s = s.replace('\n', u'\\n')
s = s.replace('\r', u'\\r')
s = s.replace('`', u'')
s = s.replace('|', u'\\|')
return s
def table(headings, data, log):
"""Create and log data to specified logger in tabular format."""
cols = range(len(headings))
assert all(len(item) == len(cols) for item in data)
max_widths = reduce(lambda prev, cur: [(len(cur[i]) + 2)
if (len(cur[i]) + 2) > prev[i]
else prev[i]
for i in cols],
[len(item) + 2 for item in headings])
log("|%s|" % "|".join([i]) for i, item in enumerate(headings)))
log("|%s|" % "|".join("-" * max_widths[i] for i in cols))
for row in data:
log("|%s|" % "|".join(" %s" % row[i].ljust(max_widths[i] - 1) for i in cols))
def err_string(results_dict, iterations):
"""Create and return string with errors from test run."""
rv = []
total_results = sum(results_dict.values())
for key, value in sorted(results_dict.items()):
rv.append("%s%s" %
(key, ": %s/%s" % (value, iterations) if value != iterations else ""))
if total_results < iterations:
rv.append("MISSING: %s/%s" % (iterations - total_results, iterations))
rv = ", ".join(rv)
if is_inconsistent(results_dict, iterations):
rv = "**%s**" % rv
return rv