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// Copyright 2019 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
extern "C" {
struct _xmlBuffer;
struct _xmlTextWriter;
// XmlWriter is a wrapper class around libxml's xmlWriter,
// providing a simplified C++ API.
// StartWriting must be called before other methods, and StopWriting
// must be called before GetWrittenString() will return results.
class XmlWriter {
// Allocates the xmlTextWriter and an xmlBuffer and starts an XML document.
// This must be called before any other functions. By default, indenting is
// set to true.
void StartWriting();
// Ends the XML document and frees the xmlTextWriter.
// This must be called before GetWrittenString() is called.
void StopWriting();
// Wrappers around libxml functions -----------------------------------------
// All following elements will be indented to match their depth.
void StartIndenting();
// All follow elements will not be indented.
void StopIndenting();
// Start an element with the given name. All future elements added will be
// children of this element, until it is ended. Returns false on error.
bool StartElement(const std::string& element_name);
// Ends the current open element. Returns false on error.
bool EndElement();
// Appends to the content of the current open element.
bool AppendElementContent(const std::string& content);
// Adds an attribute to the current open element. Returns false on error.
bool AddAttribute(const std::string& attribute_name,
const std::string& attribute_value);
// Adds a new element with name |element_name| and content |content|
// to the buffer. Example: <|element_name|>|content|</|element_name|>
// Returns false on errors.
bool WriteElement(const std::string& element_name,
const std::string& content);
// Helper functions not provided by xmlTextWriter ---------------------------
// Returns the string that has been written to the buffer.
std::string GetWrittenString();
// The underlying libxml xmlTextWriter.
_xmlTextWriter* writer_;
// Stores the output.
_xmlBuffer* buffer_;