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// Copyright 2019 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include 'src/builtins/builtins-regexp-gen.h'
namespace internal_coverage {
const kHasCoverageInfo:
constexpr int31 generates 'DebugInfo::kHasCoverageInfo';
const kFirstSlotIndex:
constexpr int31 generates 'CoverageInfo::kFirstSlotIndex';
const kSlotBlockCountIndex:
constexpr int31 generates 'CoverageInfo::kSlotBlockCountIndex';
const kSlotIndexCountLog2:
constexpr int31 generates 'CoverageInfo::kSlotIndexCountLog2';
const kSlotIndexCountMask:
constexpr int31 generates 'CoverageInfo::kSlotIndexCountMask';
macro GetCoverageInfo(implicit context: Context)(function: JSFunction):
CoverageInfo labels IfNoCoverageInfo {
const shared: SharedFunctionInfo = function.shared_function_info;
const debugInfo = Cast<DebugInfo>(shared.script_or_debug_info)
otherwise goto IfNoCoverageInfo;
if ((debugInfo.flags & kHasCoverageInfo) == 0) goto IfNoCoverageInfo;
return UnsafeCast<CoverageInfo>(debugInfo.coverage_info);
@export // Silence unused warning on release builds. SlotCount is only used
// in an assert. TODO(szuend): Remove once macros and asserts work.
macro SlotCount(coverageInfo: CoverageInfo): Smi {
assert(kFirstSlotIndex == 0); // Otherwise we'd have to consider it below.
assert(kFirstSlotIndex == (coverageInfo.length & kSlotIndexCountMask));
return coverageInfo.length >> kSlotIndexCountLog2;
macro FirstIndexForSlot(implicit context: Context)(slot: Smi): Smi {
assert(kFirstSlotIndex == 0); // Otherwise we'd have to consider it below.
return slot << kSlotIndexCountLog2;
macro IncrementBlockCount(implicit context: Context)(
coverageInfo: CoverageInfo, slot: Smi) {
assert(slot < SlotCount(coverageInfo));
const slotStart: Smi = FirstIndexForSlot(slot);
const index: Smi = slotStart + kSlotBlockCountIndex;
coverageInfo.objects[index] =
UnsafeCast<Smi>(coverageInfo.objects[index]) + 1;
builtin IncBlockCounter(implicit context: Context)(
function: JSFunction, coverageArraySlotIndex: Smi): Object {
// It's quite possible that a function contains IncBlockCounter bytecodes,
// but no coverage info exists. This happens e.g. by selecting the
// best-effort coverage collection mode, which triggers deletion of all
// coverage infos in order to avoid memory leaks.
const coverageInfo: CoverageInfo =
GetCoverageInfo(function) otherwise return Undefined;
IncrementBlockCount(coverageInfo, coverageArraySlotIndex);
return Undefined;
} // namespace internal_coverage