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// Copyright 2017 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include <string>
#include "src/torque/declarable.h"
#include "src/torque/utils.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
namespace torque {
static constexpr const char* const kFromConstexprMacroName = "FromConstexpr";
static constexpr const char* kTrueLabelName = "__True";
static constexpr const char* kFalseLabelName = "__False";
static constexpr const char* kMacroEndLabelName = "__macro_end";
static constexpr const char* kBreakLabelName = "__break";
static constexpr const char* kContinueLabelName = "__continue";
static constexpr const char* kCatchLabelName = "__catch";
static constexpr const char* kNextCaseLabelName = "__NextCase";
template <class T>
std::vector<T*> FilterDeclarables(const std::vector<Declarable*> list) {
std::vector<T*> result;
for (Declarable* declarable : list) {
if (T* t = T::DynamicCast(declarable)) {
return result;
class Declarations {
static std::vector<Declarable*> TryLookup(const QualifiedName& name) {
return CurrentScope::Get()->Lookup(name);
static std::vector<Declarable*> TryLookupShallow(const QualifiedName& name) {
return CurrentScope::Get()->LookupShallow(name);
template <class T>
static std::vector<T*> TryLookup(const QualifiedName& name) {
return FilterDeclarables<T>(TryLookup(name));
static std::vector<Declarable*> Lookup(const QualifiedName& name) {
std::vector<Declarable*> d = TryLookup(name);
if (d.empty()) {
ReportError("cannot find \"", name, "\"");
return d;
static std::vector<Declarable*> LookupGlobalScope(const std::string& name);
static const TypeAlias* LookupTypeAlias(const QualifiedName& name);
static const Type* LookupType(const QualifiedName& name);
static const Type* LookupType(const Identifier* identifier);
static const Type* LookupGlobalType(const std::string& name);
static Builtin* FindSomeInternalBuiltinWithType(
const BuiltinPointerType* type);
static Value* LookupValue(const QualifiedName& name);
static Macro* TryLookupMacro(const std::string& name,
const TypeVector& types);
static base::Optional<Builtin*> TryLookupBuiltin(const QualifiedName& name);
static std::vector<Generic*> LookupGeneric(const std::string& name);
static Generic* LookupUniqueGeneric(const QualifiedName& name);
static GenericStructType* LookupUniqueGenericStructType(
const QualifiedName& name);
static Namespace* DeclareNamespace(const std::string& name);
static TypeAlias* DeclareType(const Identifier* name, const Type* type);
static const TypeAlias* PredeclareTypeAlias(const Identifier* name,
TypeDeclaration* type,
bool redeclaration);
static TorqueMacro* CreateTorqueMacro(std::string external_name,
std::string readable_name,
bool exported_to_csa,
Signature signature, bool transitioning,
base::Optional<Statement*> body,
bool is_user_defined);
static ExternMacro* CreateExternMacro(std::string name,
std::string external_assembler_name,
Signature signature,
bool transitioning);
static Macro* DeclareMacro(
const std::string& name, bool accessible_from_csa,
base::Optional<std::string> external_assembler_name,
const Signature& signature, bool transitioning,
base::Optional<Statement*> body, base::Optional<std::string> op = {},
bool is_user_defined = true);
static Method* CreateMethod(AggregateType* class_type,
const std::string& name, Signature signature,
bool transitioning, Statement* body);
static Intrinsic* CreateIntrinsic(const std::string& name,
const Signature& signature);
static Intrinsic* DeclareIntrinsic(const std::string& name,
const Signature& signature);
static Builtin* CreateBuiltin(std::string external_name,
std::string readable_name, Builtin::Kind kind,
Signature signature, bool transitioning,
base::Optional<Statement*> body);
static Builtin* DeclareBuiltin(const std::string& name, Builtin::Kind kind,
const Signature& signature, bool transitioning,
base::Optional<Statement*> body);
static RuntimeFunction* DeclareRuntimeFunction(const std::string& name,
const Signature& signature,
bool transitioning);
static void DeclareExternConstant(Identifier* name, const Type* type,
std::string value);
static NamespaceConstant* DeclareNamespaceConstant(Identifier* name,
const Type* type,
Expression* body);
static Generic* DeclareGeneric(const std::string& name,
GenericDeclaration* generic);
static GenericStructType* DeclareGenericStructType(const std::string& name,
StructDeclaration* decl);
template <class T>
static T* Declare(const std::string& name, T* d) {
CurrentScope::Get()->AddDeclarable(name, d);
return d;
template <class T>
static T* Declare(const std::string& name, std::unique_ptr<T> d) {
return CurrentScope::Get()->AddDeclarable(name,
static Macro* DeclareOperator(const std::string& name, Macro* m);
static std::string GetGeneratedCallableName(
const std::string& name, const TypeVector& specialized_types);
} // namespace torque
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8