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// Copyright 2011 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
// modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
// met:
// * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
// notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
// * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above
// copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following
// disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided
// with the distribution.
// * Neither the name of Google Inc. nor the names of its
// contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived
// from this software without specific prior written permission.
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "src/assembler-inl.h"
#include "src/boxed-float.h"
#include "src/debug/debug.h"
#include "src/disasm.h"
#include "src/disassembler.h"
#include "src/double.h"
#include "src/frames-inl.h"
#include "src/macro-assembler.h"
#include "src/objects-inl.h"
#include "src/v8.h"
#include "test/cctest/cctest.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
template <typename... S>
bool DisassembleAndCompare(byte* begin, S... expected_strings) {
disasm::NameConverter converter;
disasm::Disassembler disasm(converter);
EmbeddedVector<char, 128> buffer;
std::vector<std::string> expected_disassembly = {expected_strings...};
size_t n_expected = expected_disassembly.size();
byte* end = begin + (n_expected * Assembler::kInstrSize);
std::vector<std::string> disassembly;
for (byte* pc = begin; pc < end;) {
pc += disasm.InstructionDecode(buffer, pc);
bool test_passed = true;
for (size_t i = 0; i < disassembly.size(); i++) {
if (expected_disassembly[i] != disassembly[i]) {
"expected: \n"
"disassembled: \n"
expected_disassembly[i].c_str(), disassembly[i].c_str());
test_passed = false;
// Fail after printing expected disassembly if we expected a different number
// of instructions.
if (disassembly.size() != expected_disassembly.size()) {
return false;
return test_passed;
// Set up V8 to a state where we can at least run the assembler and
// disassembler. Declare the variables and allocate the data structures used
// in the rest of the macros.
#define SET_UP() \
CcTest::InitializeVM(); \
Isolate* isolate = CcTest::i_isolate(); \
HandleScope scope(isolate); \
byte *buffer = reinterpret_cast<byte*>(malloc(4*1024)); \
Assembler assm(isolate, buffer, 4*1024); \
bool failure = false;
// This macro assembles one instruction using the preallocated assembler and
// disassembles the generated instruction, comparing the output to the expected
// value. If the comparison fails an error message is printed, but the test
// continues to run until the end.
#define COMPARE(asm_, ...) \
{ \
int pc_offset = assm.pc_offset(); \
byte* progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset]; \
assm.asm_; \
if (!DisassembleAndCompare(progcounter, __VA_ARGS__)) failure = true; \
// Force emission of any pending literals into a pool.
assm.CheckConstPool(true, false)
// Verify that all invocations of the COMPARE macro passed successfully.
// Exit with a failure if at least one of the tests failed.
#define VERIFY_RUN() \
if (failure) { \
V8_Fatal(__FILE__, __LINE__, "ARM Disassembler tests failed.\n"); \
// clang-format off
TEST(Type0) {
COMPARE(and_(r0, r1, Operand(r2)),
"e0010002 and r0, r1, r2");
COMPARE(and_(r1, r2, Operand(r3), LeaveCC),
"e0021003 and r1, r2, r3");
COMPARE(and_(r2, r3, Operand(r4), SetCC),
"e0132004 ands r2, r3, r4");
COMPARE(and_(r3, r4, Operand(r5), LeaveCC, eq),
"00043005 andeq r3, r4, r5");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r5, Operand(r6, LSL, 0)),
"e0254006 eor r4, r5, r6");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r5, Operand(r7, LSL, 1), SetCC),
"e0354087 eors r4, r5, r7, lsl #1");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r5, Operand(r8, LSL, 2), LeaveCC, ne),
"10254108 eorne r4, r5, r8, lsl #2");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r5, Operand(r9, LSL, 3), SetCC, cs),
"20354189 eorcss r4, r5, r9, lsl #3");
COMPARE(sub(r5, r6, Operand(r10, LSL, 31), LeaveCC, hs),
"20465f8a subcs r5, r6, r10, lsl #31");
COMPARE(sub(r5, r6, Operand(r10, LSL, 30), SetCC, cc),
"30565f0a subccs r5, r6, r10, lsl #30");
COMPARE(sub(r5, r6, Operand(r10, LSL, 24), LeaveCC, lo),
"30465c0a subcc r5, r6, r10, lsl #24");
COMPARE(sub(r5, r6, Operand(r10, LSL, 16), SetCC, mi),
"4056580a submis r5, r6, r10, lsl #16");
COMPARE(rsb(r6, r7, Operand(fp)),
"e067600b rsb r6, r7, fp");
COMPARE(rsb(r6, r7, Operand(fp, LSR, 1)),
"e06760ab rsb r6, r7, fp, lsr #1");
COMPARE(rsb(r6, r7, Operand(fp, LSR, 0), SetCC),
"e077602b rsbs r6, r7, fp, lsr #32");
COMPARE(rsb(r6, r7, Operand(fp, LSR, 31), LeaveCC, pl),
"50676fab rsbpl r6, r7, fp, lsr #31");
COMPARE(add(r7, r8, Operand(ip, ASR, 1)),
"e08870cc add r7, r8, ip, asr #1");
COMPARE(add(r7, r8, Operand(ip, ASR, 0)),
"e088704c add r7, r8, ip, asr #32");
COMPARE(add(r7, r8, Operand(ip), SetCC),
"e098700c adds r7, r8, ip");
COMPARE(add(r7, r8, Operand(ip, ASR, 31), SetCC, vs),
"60987fcc addvss r7, r8, ip, asr #31");
COMPARE(adc(r7, fp, Operand(ip, ASR, 5)),
"e0ab72cc adc r7, fp, ip, asr #5");
COMPARE(adc(r4, ip, Operand(ip, ASR, 1), LeaveCC, vc),
"70ac40cc adcvc r4, ip, ip, asr #1");
COMPARE(adc(r5, sp, Operand(ip), SetCC),
"e0bd500c adcs r5, sp, ip");
COMPARE(adc(r8, lr, Operand(ip, ASR, 31), SetCC, vc),
"70be8fcc adcvcs r8, lr, ip, asr #31");
COMPARE(sbc(r7, r1, Operand(ip, ROR, 1), LeaveCC, hi),
"80c170ec sbchi r7, r1, ip, ror #1");
COMPARE(sbc(r7, r9, Operand(ip, ROR, 4)),
"e0c9726c sbc r7, r9, ip, ror #4");
COMPARE(sbc(r7, r10, Operand(ip), SetCC),
"e0da700c sbcs r7, r10, ip");
COMPARE(sbc(r7, ip, Operand(ip, ROR, 31), SetCC, hi),
"80dc7fec sbchis r7, ip, ip, ror #31");
COMPARE(rsc(r7, r8, Operand(ip, LSL, r0)),
"e0e8701c rsc r7, r8, ip, lsl r0");
COMPARE(rsc(r7, r8, Operand(ip, LSL, r1)),
"e0e8711c rsc r7, r8, ip, lsl r1");
COMPARE(rsc(r7, r8, Operand(ip), SetCC),
"e0f8700c rscs r7, r8, ip");
COMPARE(rsc(r7, r8, Operand(ip, LSL, r3), SetCC, ls),
"90f8731c rsclss r7, r8, ip, lsl r3");
COMPARE(tst(r7, Operand(r5, ASR, ip), ge),
"a1170c55 tstge r7, r5, asr ip");
COMPARE(tst(r7, Operand(r6, ASR, sp)),
"e1170d56 tst r7, r6, asr sp");
COMPARE(tst(r7, Operand(r7), ge),
"a1170007 tstge r7, r7");
COMPARE(tst(r7, Operand(r8, ASR, fp), ge),
"a1170b58 tstge r7, r8, asr fp");
COMPARE(teq(r7, Operand(r5, ROR, r0), lt),
"b1370075 teqlt r7, r5, ror r0");
COMPARE(teq(r7, Operand(r6, ROR, lr)),
"e1370e76 teq r7, r6, ror lr");
COMPARE(teq(r7, Operand(r7), lt),
"b1370007 teqlt r7, r7");
COMPARE(teq(r7, Operand(r8, ROR, r1)),
"e1370178 teq r7, r8, ror r1");
COMPARE(cmp(r7, Operand(r4)),
"e1570004 cmp r7, r4");
COMPARE(cmp(r7, Operand(r6, LSL, 1), gt),
"c1570086 cmpgt r7, r6, lsl #1");
COMPARE(cmp(r7, Operand(r8, LSR, 3), gt),
"c15701a8 cmpgt r7, r8, lsr #3");
COMPARE(cmp(r7, Operand(r8, ASR, 19)),
"e15709c8 cmp r7, r8, asr #19");
COMPARE(cmn(r0, Operand(r4)),
"e1700004 cmn r0, r4");
COMPARE(cmn(r1, Operand(r6, ROR, 1)),
"e17100e6 cmn r1, r6, ror #1");
COMPARE(cmn(r2, Operand(r8)),
"e1720008 cmn r2, r8");
COMPARE(cmn(r3, Operand(fp), le),
"d173000b cmnle r3, fp");
COMPARE(orr(r7, r8, Operand(lr), LeaveCC, al),
"e188700e orr r7, r8, lr");
COMPARE(orr(r7, r8, Operand(fp)),
"e188700b orr r7, r8, fp");
COMPARE(orr(r7, r8, Operand(sp), SetCC),
"e198700d orrs r7, r8, sp");
COMPARE(orr(r7, r8, Operand(ip), SetCC, al),
"e198700c orrs r7, r8, ip");
COMPARE(mov(r0, Operand(r1), LeaveCC, eq),
"01a00001 moveq r0, r1");
COMPARE(mov(r0, Operand(r2)),
"e1a00002 mov r0, r2");
COMPARE(mov(r0, Operand(r3), SetCC),
"e1b00003 movs r0, r3");
COMPARE(mov(r0, Operand(r4), SetCC, pl),
"51b00004 movpls r0, r4");
COMPARE(bic(r0, lr, Operand(r1), LeaveCC, vs),
"61ce0001 bicvs r0, lr, r1");
COMPARE(bic(r0, r9, Operand(r2), LeaveCC, vc),
"71c90002 bicvc r0, r9, r2");
COMPARE(bic(r0, r5, Operand(r3), SetCC),
"e1d50003 bics r0, r5, r3");
COMPARE(bic(r0, r1, Operand(r4), SetCC, pl),
"51d10004 bicpls r0, r1, r4");
COMPARE(mvn(r10, Operand(r1)),
"e1e0a001 mvn r10, r1");
COMPARE(mvn(r9, Operand(r2)),
"e1e09002 mvn r9, r2");
COMPARE(mvn(r0, Operand(r3), SetCC),
"e1f00003 mvns r0, r3");
COMPARE(mvn(r5, Operand(r4), SetCC, cc),
"31f05004 mvnccs r5, r4");
// Instructions autotransformed by the assembler.
// mov -> mvn.
COMPARE(mov(r3, Operand(-1), LeaveCC, al),
"e3e03000 mvn r3, #0");
COMPARE(mov(r4, Operand(-2), SetCC, al),
"e3f04001 mvns r4, #1");
COMPARE(mov(r5, Operand(0x0FFFFFF0), SetCC, ne),
"13f052ff mvnnes r5, #-268435441");
COMPARE(mov(r6, Operand(-1), LeaveCC, ne),
"13e06000 mvnne r6, #0");
// mvn -> mov.
COMPARE(mvn(r3, Operand(-1), LeaveCC, al),
"e3a03000 mov r3, #0");
COMPARE(mvn(r4, Operand(-2), SetCC, al),
"e3b04001 movs r4, #1");
COMPARE(mvn(r5, Operand(0x0FFFFFF0), SetCC, ne),
"13b052ff movnes r5, #-268435441");
COMPARE(mvn(r6, Operand(-1), LeaveCC, ne),
"13a06000 movne r6, #0");
// mov -> movw.
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(ARMv7)) {
COMPARE(mov(r5, Operand(0x01234), LeaveCC, ne),
"13015234 movwne r5, #4660");
COMPARE(eor(r5, r4, Operand(0x1234), LeaveCC, ne),
"13015234 movwne r5, #4660",
"10245005 eorne r5, r4, r5");
// Movw can't do setcc, so first move to r5, then the following instruction
// sets the flags. Mov immediate with setcc is pretty strange anyway.
COMPARE(mov(r5, Operand(0x01234), SetCC, ne),
"13015234 movwne r5, #4660",
"11b05005 movnes r5, r5");
// Emit a literal pool now, otherwise this could be dumped later, in the
// middle of a different test.
// The eor does the setcc so we get a movw here.
COMPARE(eor(r5, r4, Operand(0x1234), SetCC, ne),
"13015234 movwne r5, #4660",
"10345005 eornes r5, r4, r5");
COMPARE(movt(r5, 0x4321, ne),
"13445321 movtne r5, #17185");
COMPARE(movw(r5, 0xABCD, eq),
"030a5bcd movweq r5, #43981");
// Eor doesn't have an eor-negative variant, but we can do an mvn followed by
// an eor to get the same effect.
COMPARE(eor(r5, r4, Operand(0xFFFFFF34), SetCC, ne),
"13e050cb mvnne r5, #203",
"10345005 eornes r5, r4, r5");
// and <-> bic.
COMPARE(and_(r3, r5, Operand(0xFC03FFFF)),
"e3c537ff bic r3, r5, #66846720");
COMPARE(bic(r3, r5, Operand(0xFC03FFFF)),
"e20537ff and r3, r5, #66846720");
// sub <-> add.
COMPARE(add(r3, r5, Operand(-1024)),
"e2453b01 sub r3, r5, #1024");
COMPARE(sub(r3, r5, Operand(-1024)),
"e2853b01 add r3, r5, #1024");
// cmp <-> cmn.
COMPARE(cmp(r3, Operand(-1024)),
"e3730b01 cmn r3, #1024");
COMPARE(cmn(r3, Operand(-1024)),
"e3530b01 cmp r3, #1024");
// Miscellaneous instructions encoded as type 0.
"e12fff3c blx ip");
"e1200070 bkpt 0");
"e12fff7f bkpt 65535");
COMPARE(clz(r6, r7),
"e16f6f17 clz r6, r7");
TEST(Type1) {
COMPARE(and_(r0, r1, Operand(0x00000000)),
"e2010000 and r0, r1, #0");
COMPARE(and_(r1, r2, Operand(0x00000001), LeaveCC),
"e2021001 and r1, r2, #1");
COMPARE(and_(r2, r3, Operand(0x00000010), SetCC),
"e2132010 ands r2, r3, #16");
COMPARE(and_(r3, r4, Operand(0x00000100), LeaveCC, eq),
"02043c01 andeq r3, r4, #256");
COMPARE(and_(r4, r5, Operand(0x00001000), SetCC, ne),
"12154a01 andnes r4, r5, #4096");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r5, Operand(0x00001000)),
"e2254a01 eor r4, r5, #4096");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r4, Operand(0x00010000), LeaveCC),
"e2244801 eor r4, r4, #65536");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r3, Operand(0x00100000), SetCC),
"e2334601 eors r4, r3, #1048576");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r2, Operand(0x01000000), LeaveCC, cs),
"22224401 eorcs r4, r2, #16777216");
COMPARE(eor(r4, r1, Operand(0x10000000), SetCC, cc),
"32314201 eorccs r4, r1, #268435456");
TEST(Type3) {
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(ARMv7)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, ARMv7);
COMPARE(ubfx(r0, r1, 5, 10),
"e7e902d1 ubfx r0, r1, #5, #10");
COMPARE(ubfx(r1, r0, 5, 10),
"e7e912d0 ubfx r1, r0, #5, #10");
COMPARE(ubfx(r0, r1, 31, 1),
"e7e00fd1 ubfx r0, r1, #31, #1");
COMPARE(ubfx(r1, r0, 31, 1),
"e7e01fd0 ubfx r1, r0, #31, #1");
COMPARE(sbfx(r0, r1, 5, 10),
"e7a902d1 sbfx r0, r1, #5, #10");
COMPARE(sbfx(r1, r0, 5, 10),
"e7a912d0 sbfx r1, r0, #5, #10");
COMPARE(sbfx(r0, r1, 31, 1),
"e7a00fd1 sbfx r0, r1, #31, #1");
COMPARE(sbfx(r1, r0, 31, 1),
"e7a01fd0 sbfx r1, r0, #31, #1");
COMPARE(bfc(r0, 5, 10),
"e7ce029f bfc r0, #5, #10");
COMPARE(bfc(r1, 5, 10),
"e7ce129f bfc r1, #5, #10");
COMPARE(bfc(r0, 31, 1),
"e7df0f9f bfc r0, #31, #1");
COMPARE(bfc(r1, 31, 1),
"e7df1f9f bfc r1, #31, #1");
COMPARE(bfi(r0, r1, 5, 10),
"e7ce0291 bfi r0, r1, #5, #10");
COMPARE(bfi(r1, r0, 5, 10),
"e7ce1290 bfi r1, r0, #5, #10");
COMPARE(bfi(r0, r1, 31, 1),
"e7df0f91 bfi r0, r1, #31, #1");
COMPARE(bfi(r1, r0, 31, 1),
"e7df1f90 bfi r1, r0, #31, #1");
COMPARE(pkhbt(r3, r4, Operand(r5, LSL, 17)),
"e6843895 pkhbt r3, r4, r5, lsl #17");
COMPARE(pkhtb(r3, r4, Operand(r5, ASR, 17)),
"e68438d5 pkhtb r3, r4, r5, asr #17");
COMPARE(sxtb(r1, r7, 0, eq), "06af1077 sxtbeq r1, r7");
COMPARE(sxtb(r0, r0, 8, ne), "16af0470 sxtbne r0, r0, ror #8");
COMPARE(sxtb(r9, r10, 16), "e6af987a sxtb r9, r10, ror #16");
COMPARE(sxtb(r4, r3, 24), "e6af4c73 sxtb r4, r3, ror #24");
COMPARE(sxtab(r3, r4, r5), "e6a43075 sxtab r3, r4, r5");
COMPARE(sxth(r5, r0), "e6bf5070 sxth r5, r0");
COMPARE(sxth(r5, r9, 8), "e6bf5479 sxth r5, r9, ror #8");
COMPARE(sxth(r5, r9, 16, hi), "86bf5879 sxthhi r5, r9, ror #16");
COMPARE(sxth(r8, r9, 24, cc), "36bf8c79 sxthcc r8, r9, ror #24");
COMPARE(sxtah(r3, r4, r5, 16), "e6b43875 sxtah r3, r4, r5, ror #16");
COMPARE(uxtb(r9, r10), "e6ef907a uxtb r9, r10");
COMPARE(uxtb(r3, r4, 8), "e6ef3474 uxtb r3, r4, ror #8");
COMPARE(uxtab(r3, r4, r5, 8), "e6e43475 uxtab r3, r4, r5, ror #8");
COMPARE(uxtb16(r3, r4, 8), "e6cf3474 uxtb16 r3, r4, ror #8");
COMPARE(uxth(r9, r10), "e6ff907a uxth r9, r10");
COMPARE(uxth(r3, r4, 8), "e6ff3474 uxth r3, r4, ror #8");
COMPARE(uxtah(r3, r4, r5, 24), "e6f43c75 uxtah r3, r4, r5, ror #24");
COMPARE(rbit(r1, r2), "e6ff1f32 rbit r1, r2");
COMPARE(rbit(r10, ip), "e6ffaf3c rbit r10, ip");
COMPARE(usat(r0, 1, Operand(r1)),
"e6e10011 usat r0, #1, r1");
COMPARE(usat(r2, 7, Operand(lr)),
"e6e7201e usat r2, #7, lr");
COMPARE(usat(r3, 31, Operand(r4, LSL, 31)),
"e6ff3f94 usat r3, #31, r4, lsl #31");
COMPARE(usat(r8, 0, Operand(r5, ASR, 17)),
"e6e088d5 usat r8, #0, r5, asr #17");
COMPARE(smmla(r0, r1, r2, r3), "e7503211 smmla r0, r1, r2, r3");
COMPARE(smmla(r10, r9, r8, r7), "e75a7819 smmla r10, r9, r8, r7");
COMPARE(smmul(r0, r1, r2), "e750f211 smmul r0, r1, r2");
COMPARE(smmul(r8, r9, r10), "e758fa19 smmul r8, r9, r10");
TEST(msr_mrs_disasm) {
SRegisterFieldMask CPSR_all = CPSR_f | CPSR_s | CPSR_x | CPSR_c;
SRegisterFieldMask SPSR_all = SPSR_f | SPSR_s | SPSR_x | SPSR_c;
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_f, Operand(r0)), "e128f000 msr CPSR_f, r0");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_s, Operand(r1)), "e124f001 msr CPSR_s, r1");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_x, Operand(r2)), "e122f002 msr CPSR_x, r2");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_c, Operand(r3)), "e121f003 msr CPSR_c, r3");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_all, Operand(ip)), "e12ff00c msr CPSR_fsxc, ip");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_f, Operand(r0)), "e168f000 msr SPSR_f, r0");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_s, Operand(r1)), "e164f001 msr SPSR_s, r1");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_x, Operand(r2)), "e162f002 msr SPSR_x, r2");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_c, Operand(r3)), "e161f003 msr SPSR_c, r3");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_all, Operand(ip)), "e16ff00c msr SPSR_fsxc, ip");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_f, Operand(r0), eq), "0128f000 msreq CPSR_f, r0");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_s, Operand(r1), ne), "1124f001 msrne CPSR_s, r1");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_x, Operand(r2), cs), "2122f002 msrcs CPSR_x, r2");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_c, Operand(r3), cc), "3121f003 msrcc CPSR_c, r3");
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_all, Operand(ip), mi), "412ff00c msrmi CPSR_fsxc, ip");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_f, Operand(r0), pl), "5168f000 msrpl SPSR_f, r0");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_s, Operand(r1), vs), "6164f001 msrvs SPSR_s, r1");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_x, Operand(r2), vc), "7162f002 msrvc SPSR_x, r2");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_c, Operand(r3), hi), "8161f003 msrhi SPSR_c, r3");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_all, Operand(ip), ls), "916ff00c msrls SPSR_fsxc, ip");
// Other combinations of mask bits.
COMPARE(msr(CPSR_s | CPSR_x, Operand(r4)),
"e126f004 msr CPSR_sx, r4");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_s | SPSR_x | SPSR_c, Operand(r5)),
"e167f005 msr SPSR_sxc, r5");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_s | SPSR_c, Operand(r6)),
"e165f006 msr SPSR_sc, r6");
COMPARE(msr(SPSR_f | SPSR_c, Operand(r7)),
"e169f007 msr SPSR_fc, r7");
// MSR with no mask is UNPREDICTABLE, and checked by the assembler, but check
// that the disassembler does something sensible.
COMPARE(dd(0xE120F008), "e120f008 msr CPSR_(none), r8");
COMPARE(mrs(r0, CPSR), "e10f0000 mrs r0, CPSR");
COMPARE(mrs(r1, SPSR), "e14f1000 mrs r1, SPSR");
COMPARE(mrs(r2, CPSR, ge), "a10f2000 mrsge r2, CPSR");
COMPARE(mrs(r3, SPSR, lt), "b14f3000 mrslt r3, SPSR");
TEST(Vfp) {
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(VFPv3)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, VFPv3);
COMPARE(vmov(d0, r2, r3),
"ec432b10 vmov d0, r2, r3");
COMPARE(vmov(r2, r3, d0),
"ec532b10 vmov r2, r3, d0");
COMPARE(vmov(r4, ip, d1),
"ec5c4b11 vmov r4, ip, d1");
COMPARE(vmov(d0, d1),
"eeb00b41 vmov.f64 d0, d1");
COMPARE(vmov(d3, d3, eq),
"0eb03b43 vmoveq.f64 d3, d3");
COMPARE(vmov(s0, s31),
"eeb00a6f vmov.f32 s0, s31");
COMPARE(vmov(s31, s0),
"eef0fa40 vmov.f32 s31, s0");
COMPARE(vmov(r0, s0),
"ee100a10 vmov r0, s0");
COMPARE(vmov(r10, s31),
"ee1faa90 vmov r10, s31");
COMPARE(vmov(s0, r0),
"ee000a10 vmov s0, r0");
COMPARE(vmov(s31, r10),
"ee0faa90 vmov s31, r10");
COMPARE(vabs(d0, d1),
"eeb00bc1 vabs.f64 d0, d1");
COMPARE(vabs(d3, d4, mi),
"4eb03bc4 vabsmi.f64 d3, d4");
COMPARE(vabs(s0, s1),
"eeb00ae0 vabs.f32 s0, s1");
COMPARE(vabs(s3, s4, mi),
"4ef01ac2 vabsmi.f32 s3, s4");
COMPARE(vneg(d0, d1),
"eeb10b41 vneg.f64 d0, d1");
COMPARE(vneg(d3, d4, mi),
"4eb13b44 vnegmi.f64 d3, d4");
COMPARE(vneg(s0, s1),
"eeb10a60 vneg.f32 s0, s1");
COMPARE(vneg(s3, s4, mi),
"4ef11a42 vnegmi.f32 s3, s4");
COMPARE(vadd(d0, d1, d2),
"ee310b02 vadd.f64 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vadd(d3, d4, d5, mi),
"4e343b05 vaddmi.f64 d3, d4, d5");
COMPARE(vadd(s0, s1, s2),
"ee300a81 vadd.f32 s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(vadd(s3, s4, s5, mi),
"4e721a22 vaddmi.f32 s3, s4, s5");
COMPARE(vsub(d0, d1, d2),
"ee310b42 vsub.f64 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vsub(d3, d4, d5, ne),
"1e343b45 vsubne.f64 d3, d4, d5");
COMPARE(vsub(s0, s1, s2),
"ee300ac1 vsub.f32 s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(vsub(s3, s4, s5, ne),
"1e721a62 vsubne.f32 s3, s4, s5");
COMPARE(vmul(d2, d1, d0),
"ee212b00 vmul.f64 d2, d1, d0");
COMPARE(vmul(d6, d4, d5, cc),
"3e246b05 vmulcc.f64 d6, d4, d5");
COMPARE(vmul(s2, s1, s0),
"ee201a80 vmul.f32 s2, s1, s0");
COMPARE(vmul(s6, s4, s5, cc),
"3e223a22 vmulcc.f32 s6, s4, s5");
COMPARE(vdiv(d2, d2, d2),
"ee822b02 vdiv.f64 d2, d2, d2");
COMPARE(vdiv(d6, d7, d7, hi),
"8e876b07 vdivhi.f64 d6, d7, d7");
COMPARE(vdiv(s2, s2, s2),
"ee811a01 vdiv.f32 s2, s2, s2");
COMPARE(vdiv(s6, s7, s7, hi),
"8e833aa3 vdivhi.f32 s6, s7, s7");
COMPARE(vcmp(d0, d1),
"eeb40b41 vcmp.f64 d0, d1");
COMPARE(vcmp(d0, 0.0),
"eeb50b40 vcmp.f64 d0, #0.0");
COMPARE(vcmp(s0, s1),
"eeb40a60 vcmp.f32 s0, s1");
COMPARE(vcmp(s0, 0.0f),
"eeb50a40 vcmp.f32 s0, #0.0");
COMPARE(vsqrt(d0, d0),
"eeb10bc0 vsqrt.f64 d0, d0");
COMPARE(vsqrt(d2, d3, ne),
"1eb12bc3 vsqrtne.f64 d2, d3");
COMPARE(vsqrt(s0, s0),
"eeb10ac0 vsqrt.f32 s0, s0");
COMPARE(vsqrt(s2, s3, ne),
"1eb11ae1 vsqrtne.f32 s2, s3");
COMPARE(vmov(d0, Double(1.0)),
"eeb70b00 vmov.f64 d0, #1");
COMPARE(vmov(d2, Double(-13.0)),
"eeba2b0a vmov.f64 d2, #-13");
COMPARE(vmov(s1, Float32(-1.0f)),
"eeff0a00 vmov.f32 s1, #-1");
COMPARE(vmov(s3, Float32(13.0f)),
"eef21a0a vmov.f32 s3, #13");
COMPARE(vmov(d0, VmovIndexLo, r0),
"ee000b10 vmov.32 d0[0], r0");
COMPARE(vmov(d0, VmovIndexHi, r0),
"ee200b10 vmov.32 d0[1], r0");
COMPARE(vmov(r2, VmovIndexLo, d15),
"ee1f2b10 vmov.32 r2, d15[0]");
COMPARE(vmov(r3, VmovIndexHi, d14),
"ee3e3b10 vmov.32 r3, d14[1]");
COMPARE(vldr(s0, r0, 0),
"ed900a00 vldr s0, [r0 + 4*0]");
COMPARE(vldr(s1, r1, 4),
"edd10a01 vldr s1, [r1 + 4*1]");
COMPARE(vldr(s15, r4, 16),
"edd47a04 vldr s15, [r4 + 4*4]");
COMPARE(vldr(s16, r5, 20),
"ed958a05 vldr s16, [r5 + 4*5]");
COMPARE(vldr(s31, r10, 1020),
"eddafaff vldr s31, [r10 + 4*255]");
COMPARE(vldr(s31, ip, 1020),
"eddcfaff vldr s31, [ip + 4*255]");
COMPARE(vstr(s0, r0, 0),
"ed800a00 vstr s0, [r0 + 4*0]");
COMPARE(vstr(s1, r1, 4),
"edc10a01 vstr s1, [r1 + 4*1]");
COMPARE(vstr(s15, r8, 8),
"edc87a02 vstr s15, [r8 + 4*2]");
COMPARE(vstr(s16, r9, 12),
"ed898a03 vstr s16, [r9 + 4*3]");
COMPARE(vstr(s31, r10, 1020),
"edcafaff vstr s31, [r10 + 4*255]");
COMPARE(vldr(d0, r0, 0),
"ed900b00 vldr d0, [r0 + 4*0]");
COMPARE(vldr(d1, r1, 4),
"ed911b01 vldr d1, [r1 + 4*1]");
COMPARE(vldr(d15, r10, 1020),
"ed9afbff vldr d15, [r10 + 4*255]");
COMPARE(vstr(d0, r0, 0),
"ed800b00 vstr d0, [r0 + 4*0]");
COMPARE(vstr(d1, r1, 4),
"ed811b01 vstr d1, [r1 + 4*1]");
COMPARE(vstr(d15, r10, 1020),
"ed8afbff vstr d15, [r10 + 4*255]");
"eee15a10 vmsr FPSCR, r5");
COMPARE(vmsr(r10, pl),
"5ee1aa10 vmsrpl FPSCR, r10");
"eee1fa10 vmsr FPSCR, APSR");
"eef15a10 vmrs r5, FPSCR");
COMPARE(vmrs(r10, ge),
"aef1aa10 vmrsge r10, FPSCR");
"eef1fa10 vmrs APSR, FPSCR");
COMPARE(vstm(ia, r0, d1, d3),
"ec801b06 vstmia r0, {d1-d3}");
COMPARE(vldm(ia, r1, d2, d5),
"ec912b08 vldmia r1, {d2-d5}");
COMPARE(vstm(ia, r2, d0, d15),
"ec820b20 vstmia r2, {d0-d15}");
COMPARE(vldm(ia, r3, d0, d15),
"ec930b20 vldmia r3, {d0-d15}");
COMPARE(vstm(ia, r4, s1, s3),
"ecc40a03 vstmia r4, {s1-s3}");
COMPARE(vldm(ia, r5, s2, s5),
"ec951a04 vldmia r5, {s2-s5}");
COMPARE(vstm(ia, r6, s0, s31),
"ec860a20 vstmia r6, {s0-s31}");
COMPARE(vldm(ia, r7, s0, s31),
"ec970a20 vldmia r7, {s0-s31}");
COMPARE(vmla(d2, d1, d0),
"ee012b00 vmla.f64 d2, d1, d0");
COMPARE(vmla(d6, d4, d5, cc),
"3e046b05 vmlacc.f64 d6, d4, d5");
COMPARE(vmla(s2, s1, s0),
"ee001a80 vmla.f32 s2, s1, s0");
COMPARE(vmla(s6, s4, s5, cc),
"3e023a22 vmlacc.f32 s6, s4, s5");
COMPARE(vmls(d2, d1, d0),
"ee012b40 vmls.f64 d2, d1, d0");
COMPARE(vmls(d6, d4, d5, cc),
"3e046b45 vmlscc.f64 d6, d4, d5");
COMPARE(vmls(s2, s1, s0),
"ee001ac0 vmls.f32 s2, s1, s0");
COMPARE(vmls(s6, s4, s5, cc),
"3e023a62 vmlscc.f32 s6, s4, s5");
COMPARE(vcvt_f32_f64(s31, d15),
"eef7fbcf vcvt.f32.f64 s31, d15");
COMPARE(vcvt_f32_s32(s30, s29),
"eeb8faee vcvt.f32.s32 s30, s29");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_f32(d14, s28),
"eeb7eace vcvt.f64.f32 d14, s28");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_s32(d13, s27),
"eeb8dbed vcvt.f64.s32 d13, s27");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_u32(d12, s26),
"eeb8cb4d vcvt.f64.u32 d12, s26");
COMPARE(vcvt_s32_f32(s25, s24),
"eefdcacc vcvt.s32.f32 s25, s24");
COMPARE(vcvt_s32_f64(s23, d11),
"eefdbbcb vcvt.s32.f64 s23, d11");
COMPARE(vcvt_u32_f32(s22, s21),
"eebcbaea vcvt.u32.f32 s22, s21");
COMPARE(vcvt_u32_f64(s20, d10),
"eebcabca vcvt.u32.f64 s20, d10");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_s32(d9, 2),
"eeba9bcf vcvt.f64.s32 d9, d9, #2");
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(VFP32DREGS)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, VFP32DREGS);
COMPARE(vmov(d3, d27),
"eeb03b6b vmov.f64 d3, d27");
COMPARE(vmov(d18, d7),
"eef02b47 vmov.f64 d18, d7");
COMPARE(vmov(d18, r2, r3),
"ec432b32 vmov d18, r2, r3");
COMPARE(vmov(r2, r3, d18),
"ec532b32 vmov r2, r3, d18");
COMPARE(vmov(d20, d31),
"eef04b6f vmov.f64 d20, d31");
COMPARE(vabs(d16, d31),
"eef00bef vabs.f64 d16, d31");
COMPARE(vneg(d16, d31),
"eef10b6f vneg.f64 d16, d31");
COMPARE(vadd(d16, d17, d18),
"ee710ba2 vadd.f64 d16, d17, d18");
COMPARE(vsub(d16, d17, d18),
"ee710be2 vsub.f64 d16, d17, d18");
COMPARE(vmul(d16, d17, d18),
"ee610ba2 vmul.f64 d16, d17, d18");
COMPARE(vdiv(d16, d17, d18),
"eec10ba2 vdiv.f64 d16, d17, d18");
COMPARE(vcmp(d16, d17),
"eef40b61 vcmp.f64 d16, d17");
COMPARE(vcmp(d16, 0.0),
"eef50b40 vcmp.f64 d16, #0.0");
COMPARE(vsqrt(d16, d17),
"eef10be1 vsqrt.f64 d16, d17");
COMPARE(vmov(d30, Double(16.0)),
"eef3eb00 vmov.f64 d30, #16");
COMPARE(vmov(d31, VmovIndexLo, r7),
"ee0f7b90 vmov.32 d31[0], r7");
COMPARE(vmov(d31, VmovIndexHi, r7),
"ee2f7b90 vmov.32 d31[1], r7");
COMPARE(vldr(d25, r0, 0),
"edd09b00 vldr d25, [r0 + 4*0]");
COMPARE(vldr(d26, r1, 4),
"edd1ab01 vldr d26, [r1 + 4*1]");
COMPARE(vldr(d31, r10, 1020),
"eddafbff vldr d31, [r10 + 4*255]");
COMPARE(vstr(d16, r0, 0),
"edc00b00 vstr d16, [r0 + 4*0]");
COMPARE(vstr(d17, r1, 4),
"edc11b01 vstr d17, [r1 + 4*1]");
COMPARE(vstr(d31, r10, 1020),
"edcafbff vstr d31, [r10 + 4*255]");
COMPARE(vstm(ia, r0, d16, d31),
"ecc00b20 vstmia r0, {d16-d31}");
COMPARE(vldm(ia, r3, d16, d31),
"ecd30b20 vldmia r3, {d16-d31}");
COMPARE(vstm(ia, r0, d23, d27),
"ecc07b0a vstmia r0, {d23-d27}");
COMPARE(vldm(ia, r3, d23, d27),
"ecd37b0a vldmia r3, {d23-d27}");
COMPARE(vmla(d16, d17, d18),
"ee410ba2 vmla.f64 d16, d17, d18");
COMPARE(vcvt_f32_f64(s0, d31),
"eeb70bef vcvt.f32.f64 s0, d31");
COMPARE(vcvt_f32_s32(s1, s2),
"eef80ac1 vcvt.f32.s32 s1, s2");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_f32(d30, s3),
"eef7eae1 vcvt.f64.f32 d30, s3");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_s32(d29, s4),
"eef8dbc2 vcvt.f64.s32 d29, s4");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_u32(d28, s5),
"eef8cb62 vcvt.f64.u32 d28, s5");
COMPARE(vcvt_s32_f32(s6, s7),
"eebd3ae3 vcvt.s32.f32 s6, s7");
COMPARE(vcvt_s32_f64(s8, d27),
"eebd4beb vcvt.s32.f64 s8, d27");
COMPARE(vcvt_u32_f32(s9, s10),
"eefc4ac5 vcvt.u32.f32 s9, s10");
COMPARE(vcvt_u32_f64(s11, d26),
"eefc5bea vcvt.u32.f64 s11, d26");
COMPARE(vcvt_f64_s32(d25, 2),
"eefa9bcf vcvt.f64.s32 d25, d25, #2");
TEST(ARMv8_vrintX_disasm) {
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(ARMv8)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, ARMv8);
COMPARE(vrinta(d0, d0), "feb80b40 vrinta.f64.f64 d0, d0");
COMPARE(vrinta(d2, d3), "feb82b43 vrinta.f64.f64 d2, d3");
COMPARE(vrintp(d0, d0), "feba0b40 vrintp.f64.f64 d0, d0");
COMPARE(vrintp(d2, d3), "feba2b43 vrintp.f64.f64 d2, d3");
COMPARE(vrintn(d0, d0), "feb90b40 vrintn.f64.f64 d0, d0");
COMPARE(vrintn(d2, d3), "feb92b43 vrintn.f64.f64 d2, d3");
COMPARE(vrintm(d0, d0), "febb0b40 vrintm.f64.f64 d0, d0");
COMPARE(vrintm(d2, d3), "febb2b43 vrintm.f64.f64 d2, d3");
COMPARE(vrintz(d0, d0), "eeb60bc0 vrintz.f64.f64 d0, d0");
COMPARE(vrintz(d2, d3, ne), "1eb62bc3 vrintzne.f64.f64 d2, d3");
TEST(ARMv8_vminmax_disasm) {
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(ARMv8)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, ARMv8);
COMPARE(vmaxnm(d0, d1, d2), "fe810b02 vmaxnm.f64 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vminnm(d3, d4, d5), "fe843b45 vminnm.f64 d3, d4, d5");
COMPARE(vmaxnm(s6, s7, s8), "fe833a84 vmaxnm.f32 s6, s7, s8");
COMPARE(vminnm(s9, s10, s11), "fec54a65 vminnm.f32 s9, s10, s11");
TEST(ARMv8_vselX_disasm) {
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(ARMv8)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, ARMv8);
// Native instructions.
COMPARE(vsel(eq, d0, d1, d2),
"fe010b02 vseleq.f64 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vsel(eq, s0, s1, s2),
"fe000a81 vseleq.f32 s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(vsel(ge, d0, d1, d2),
"fe210b02 vselge.f64 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vsel(ge, s0, s1, s2),
"fe200a81 vselge.f32 s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(vsel(gt, d0, d1, d2),
"fe310b02 vselgt.f64 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vsel(gt, s0, s1, s2),
"fe300a81 vselgt.f32 s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(vsel(vs, d0, d1, d2),
"fe110b02 vselvs.f64 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vsel(vs, s0, s1, s2),
"fe100a81 vselvs.f32 s0, s1, s2");
// Inverted conditions (and swapped inputs).
COMPARE(vsel(ne, d0, d1, d2),
"fe020b01 vseleq.f64 d0, d2, d1");
COMPARE(vsel(ne, s0, s1, s2),
"fe010a20 vseleq.f32 s0, s2, s1");
COMPARE(vsel(lt, d0, d1, d2),
"fe220b01 vselge.f64 d0, d2, d1");
COMPARE(vsel(lt, s0, s1, s2),
"fe210a20 vselge.f32 s0, s2, s1");
COMPARE(vsel(le, d0, d1, d2),
"fe320b01 vselgt.f64 d0, d2, d1");
COMPARE(vsel(le, s0, s1, s2),
"fe310a20 vselgt.f32 s0, s2, s1");
COMPARE(vsel(vc, d0, d1, d2),
"fe120b01 vselvs.f64 d0, d2, d1");
COMPARE(vsel(vc, s0, s1, s2),
"fe110a20 vselvs.f32 s0, s2, s1");
TEST(Neon) {
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(NEON)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, NEON);
COMPARE(vld1(Neon8, NeonListOperand(d4, 4), NeonMemOperand(r1)),
"f421420f vld1.8 {d4, d5, d6, d7}, [r1]");
COMPARE(vst1(Neon16, NeonListOperand(d17, 4), NeonMemOperand(r9)),
"f449124f vst1.16 {d17, d18, d19, d20}, [r9]");
COMPARE(vmovl(NeonU8, q3, d1), "f3886a11 vmovl.u8 q3, d1");
COMPARE(vmovl(NeonU8, q4, d2), "f3888a12 vmovl.u8 q4, d2");
COMPARE(vmovl(NeonS16, q4, d2), "f2908a12 vmovl.s16 q4, d2");
COMPARE(vmovl(NeonU32, q4, d2), "f3a08a12 vmovl.u32 q4, d2");
COMPARE(vqmovn(NeonU8, d16, q8), "f3f202e0 vqmovn.u16 d16, q8");
COMPARE(vqmovn(NeonS16, d16, q8), "f3f602a0 vqmovn.s32 d16, q8");
COMPARE(vqmovn(NeonU32, d2, q4), "f3ba22c8 vqmovn.u64 d2, q4");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, d0, 0, r0), "ee400b10 vmov.8 d0[0], r0");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, d1, 1, r1), "ee411b30 vmov.8 d1[1], r1");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, d2, 2, r2), "ee422b50 vmov.8 d2[2], r2");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, d3, 3, r8), "ee438b70 vmov.8 d3[3], r8");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, d3, 3, ip), "ee43cb70 vmov.8 d3[3], ip");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, d4, 4, r0), "ee640b10 vmov.8 d4[4], r0");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, d5, 5, r1), "ee651b30 vmov.8 d5[5], r1");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, d6, 6, r2), "ee662b50 vmov.8 d6[6], r2");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, d7, 7, r8), "ee678b70 vmov.8 d7[7], r8");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS16, d0, 0, r0), "ee000b30 vmov.16 d0[0], r0");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS16, d1, 1, r1), "ee011b70 vmov.16 d1[1], r1");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS16, d2, 2, r2), "ee222b30 vmov.16 d2[2], r2");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS16, d3, 3, r7), "ee237b70 vmov.16 d3[3], r7");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS16, d3, 3, ip), "ee23cb70 vmov.16 d3[3], ip");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS32, d0, 0, r0), "ee000b10 vmov.32 d0[0], r0");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU32, d0, 1, r0), "ee200b10 vmov.32 d0[1], r0");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, r0, d0, 0), "ee500b10 vmov.s8 r0, d0[0]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, r1, d1, 1), "eed11b30 vmov.u8 r1, d1[1]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, r2, d2, 2), "ee522b50 vmov.s8 r2, d2[2]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, r8, d3, 3), "eed38b70 vmov.u8 r8, d3[3]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, r0, d4, 4), "ee740b10 vmov.s8 r0, d4[4]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, r1, d5, 5), "eef51b30 vmov.u8 r1, d5[5]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS8, r2, d6, 6), "ee762b50 vmov.s8 r2, d6[6]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, r8, d7, 7), "eef78b70 vmov.u8 r8, d7[7]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU8, ip, d7, 7), "eef7cb70 vmov.u8 ip, d7[7]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS16, r0, d0, 0), "ee100b30 vmov.s16 r0, d0[0]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU16, r1, d1, 1), "ee911b70 vmov.u16 r1, d1[1]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS16, r2, d2, 2), "ee322b30 vmov.s16 r2, d2[2]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonU16, r7, d3, 3), "eeb37b70 vmov.u16 r7, d3[3]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS32, r2, d15, 0), "ee1f2b10 vmov.32 r2, d15[0]");
COMPARE(vmov(NeonS32, r3, d14, 1), "ee3e3b10 vmov.32 r3, d14[1]");
COMPARE(vmov(q0, q15),
"f22e01fe vmov q0, q15");
COMPARE(vmov(q8, q9),
"f26201f2 vmov q8, q9");
COMPARE(vmvn(q0, q15),
"f3b005ee vmvn q0, q15");
COMPARE(vmvn(q8, q9),
"f3f005e2 vmvn q8, q9");
COMPARE(vswp(d0, d31),
"f3b2002f vswp d0, d31");
COMPARE(vswp(d16, d14),
"f3f2000e vswp d16, d14");
COMPARE(vswp(q0, q15),
"f3b2006e vswp q0, q15");
COMPARE(vswp(q8, q9),
"f3f20062 vswp q8, q9");
COMPARE(vdup(Neon8, q0, r0),
"eee00b10 vdup.8 q0, r0");
COMPARE(vdup(Neon16, q1, r4),
"eea24b30 vdup.16 q1, r4");
COMPARE(vdup(Neon32, q15, r1),
"eeae1b90 vdup.32 q15, r1");
COMPARE(vdup(Neon32, q0, d1, 1),
"f3bc0c41 vdup.32 q0, d1[1]");
COMPARE(vdup(Neon32, q15, d1, 0),
"f3f4ec41 vdup.32 q15, d1[0]");
COMPARE(vdup(Neon16, q7, d8, 3),
"f3beec48 vdup.16 q7, d8[3]");
COMPARE(vdup(Neon32, d0, d30, 0),
"f3b40c2e vdup.32 d0, d30[0]");
COMPARE(vcvt_f32_s32(q15, q1),
"f3fbe642 vcvt.f32.s32 q15, q1");
COMPARE(vcvt_f32_u32(q8, q9),
"f3fb06e2 vcvt.f32.u32 q8, q9");
COMPARE(vcvt_s32_f32(q15, q1),
"f3fbe742 vcvt.s32.f32 q15, q1");
COMPARE(vcvt_u32_f32(q8, q9),
"f3fb07e2 vcvt.u32.f32 q8, q9");
COMPARE(vabs(q0, q1),
"f3b90742 vabs.f32 q0, q1");
COMPARE(vabs(Neon8, q6, q7),
"f3b1c34e vabs.s8 q6, q7");
COMPARE(vabs(Neon16, q0, q1),
"f3b50342 vabs.s16 q0, q1");
COMPARE(vabs(Neon32, q0, q1),
"f3b90342 vabs.s32 q0, q1");
COMPARE(vneg(q0, q1),
"f3b907c2 vneg.f32 q0, q1");
COMPARE(vneg(Neon8, q6, q7),
"f3b1c3ce vneg.s8 q6, q7");
COMPARE(vneg(Neon16, q0, q1),
"f3b503c2 vneg.s16 q0, q1");
COMPARE(vneg(Neon32, q0, q1),
"f3b903c2 vneg.s32 q0, q1");
COMPARE(veor(d0, d1, d2),
"f3010112 veor d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(veor(d0, d30, d31),
"f30e01bf veor d0, d30, d31");
COMPARE(veor(q0, q1, q2),
"f3020154 veor q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(veor(q15, q0, q8),
"f340e170 veor q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vand(q15, q0, q8),
"f240e170 vand q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vorr(q15, q0, q8),
"f260e170 vorr q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vmin(q15, q0, q8),
"f260ef60 vmin.f32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vmax(q15, q0, q8),
"f240ef60 vmax.f32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vmax(NeonS8, q0, q1, q2),
"f2020644 vmax.s8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vmin(NeonU16, q1, q2, q8),
"f3142670 vmin.u16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vmax(NeonS32, q15, q0, q8),
"f260e660 vmax.s32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vpadd(d0, d1, d2),
"f3010d02 vpadd.f32 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vpadd(Neon8, d0, d1, d2),
"f2010b12 vpadd.i8 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vpadd(Neon16, d0, d1, d2),
"f2110b12 vpadd.i16 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vpadd(Neon32, d0, d1, d2),
"f2210b12 vpadd.i32 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vpmax(NeonS8, d0, d1, d2),
"f2010a02 vpmax.s8 d0, d1, d2");
COMPARE(vpmin(NeonU16, d1, d2, d8),
"f3121a18 vpmin.u16 d1, d2, d8");
COMPARE(vpmax(NeonS32, d15, d0, d8),
"f220fa08 vpmax.s32 d15, d0, d8");
COMPARE(vadd(q15, q0, q8),
"f240ed60 vadd.f32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vadd(Neon8, q0, q1, q2),
"f2020844 vadd.i8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vadd(Neon16, q1, q2, q8),
"f2142860 vadd.i16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vadd(Neon32, q15, q0, q8),
"f260e860 vadd.i32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vqadd(NeonU8, q0, q1, q2),
"f3020054 vqadd.u8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vqadd(NeonS16, q1, q2, q8),
"f2142070 vqadd.s16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vqadd(NeonU32, q15, q0, q8),
"f360e070 vqadd.u32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vsub(q15, q0, q8),
"f260ed60 vsub.f32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vsub(Neon8, q0, q1, q2),
"f3020844 vsub.i8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vsub(Neon16, q1, q2, q8),
"f3142860 vsub.i16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vsub(Neon32, q15, q0, q8),
"f360e860 vsub.i32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vqsub(NeonU8, q0, q1, q2),
"f3020254 vqsub.u8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vqsub(NeonS16, q1, q2, q8),
"f2142270 vqsub.s16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vqsub(NeonU32, q15, q0, q8),
"f360e270 vqsub.u32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vmul(q0, q1, q2),
"f3020d54 vmul.f32 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vmul(Neon8, q0, q1, q2),
"f2020954 vmul.i8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vmul(Neon16, q1, q2, q8),
"f2142970 vmul.i16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vmul(Neon32, q15, q0, q8),
"f260e970 vmul.i32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vshl(NeonS8, q15, q0, 6),
"f2cee550 vshl.i8 q15, q0, #6");
COMPARE(vshl(NeonU16, q15, q0, 10),
"f2dae550 vshl.i16 q15, q0, #10");
COMPARE(vshl(NeonS32, q15, q0, 17),
"f2f1e550 vshl.i32 q15, q0, #17");
COMPARE(vshr(NeonS8, q15, q0, 6),
"f2cae050 vshr.s8 q15, q0, #6");
COMPARE(vshr(NeonU16, q15, q0, 10),
"f3d6e050 vshr.u16 q15, q0, #10");
COMPARE(vshr(NeonS32, q15, q0, 17),
"f2efe050 vshr.s32 q15, q0, #17");
COMPARE(vsli(Neon64, d2, d0, 32),
"f3a02590 vsli.64 d2, d0, #32");
COMPARE(vsli(Neon32, d7, d8, 17),
"f3b17518 vsli.32 d7, d8, #17");
COMPARE(vsri(Neon64, d2, d0, 32),
"f3a02490 vsri.64 d2, d0, #32");
COMPARE(vsri(Neon16, d7, d8, 8),
"f3987418 vsri.16 d7, d8, #8");
COMPARE(vrecpe(q15, q0),
"f3fbe540 vrecpe.f32 q15, q0");
COMPARE(vrecps(q15, q0, q8),
"f240ef70 vrecps.f32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vrsqrte(q15, q0),
"f3fbe5c0 vrsqrte.f32 q15, q0");
COMPARE(vrsqrts(q15, q0, q8),
"f260ef70 vrsqrts.f32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vtst(Neon8, q0, q1, q2),
"f2020854 vtst.i8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vtst(Neon16, q1, q2, q8),
"f2142870 vtst.i16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vtst(Neon32, q15, q0, q8),
"f260e870 vtst.i32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vceq(q0, q1, q2),
"f2020e44 vceq.f32 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vcge(q0, q1, q2),
"f3020e44 vcge.f32 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vcgt(q0, q1, q2),
"f3220e44 vcgt.f32 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vceq(Neon8, q0, q1, q2),
"f3020854 vceq.i8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vceq(Neon16, q1, q2, q8),
"f3142870 vceq.i16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vceq(Neon32, q15, q0, q8),
"f360e870 vceq.i32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vcge(NeonS8, q0, q1, q2),
"f2020354 vcge.s8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vcge(NeonU16, q1, q2, q8),
"f3142370 vcge.u16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vcge(NeonS32, q15, q0, q8),
"f260e370 vcge.s32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vcgt(NeonS8, q0, q1, q2),
"f2020344 vcgt.s8 q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vcgt(NeonU16, q1, q2, q8),
"f3142360 vcgt.u16 q1, q2, q8");
COMPARE(vcgt(NeonS32, q15, q0, q8),
"f260e360 vcgt.s32 q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vbsl(q0, q1, q2),
"f3120154 vbsl q0, q1, q2");
COMPARE(vbsl(q15, q0, q8),
"f350e170 vbsl q15, q0, q8");
COMPARE(vext(q15, q0, q8, 3),
"f2f0e360 vext.8 q15, q0, q8, #3");
COMPARE(vzip(Neon16, d15, d0),
"f3b6f180 vzip.16 d15, d0");
COMPARE(vzip(Neon16, q15, q0),
"f3f6e1c0 vzip.16 q15, q0");
COMPARE(vuzp(Neon16, d15, d0),
"f3b6f100 vuzp.16 d15, d0");
COMPARE(vuzp(Neon16, q15, q0),
"f3f6e140 vuzp.16 q15, q0");
COMPARE(vrev64(Neon8, q15, q0),
"f3f0e040 vrev64.8 q15, q0");
COMPARE(vtrn(Neon16, d15, d0),
"f3b6f080 vtrn.16 d15, d0");
COMPARE(vtrn(Neon16, q15, q0),
"f3f6e0c0 vtrn.16 q15, q0");
COMPARE(vtbl(d0, NeonListOperand(d1, 1), d2),
"f3b10802 vtbl.8 d0, {d1}, d2");
COMPARE(vtbl(d31, NeonListOperand(d0, 2), d4),
"f3f0f904 vtbl.8 d31, {d0, d1}, d4");
COMPARE(vtbl(d15, NeonListOperand(d1, 3), d5),
"f3b1fa05 vtbl.8 d15, {d1, d2, d3}, d5");
COMPARE(vtbl(d15, NeonListOperand(d1, 4), d5),
"f3b1fb05 vtbl.8 d15, {d1, d2, d3, d4}, d5");
COMPARE(vtbx(d0, NeonListOperand(d1, 1), d2),
"f3b10842 vtbx.8 d0, {d1}, d2");
COMPARE(vtbx(d31, NeonListOperand(d0, 2), d4),
"f3f0f944 vtbx.8 d31, {d0, d1}, d4");
COMPARE(vtbx(d15, NeonListOperand(d1, 3), d5),
"f3b1fa45 vtbx.8 d15, {d1, d2, d3}, d5");
COMPARE(vtbx(d15, NeonListOperand(d1, 4), d5),
"f3b1fb45 vtbx.8 d15, {d1, d2, d3, d4}, d5");
TEST(LoadStore) {
COMPARE(ldrb(r0, MemOperand(r1)),
"e5d10000 ldrb r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(ldrb(r2, MemOperand(r3, 42)),
"e5d3202a ldrb r2, [r3, #+42]");
COMPARE(ldrb(r4, MemOperand(r5, -42)),
"e555402a ldrb r4, [r5, #-42]");
COMPARE(ldrb(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42, PostIndex)),
"e4d7602a ldrb r6, [r7], #+42");
COMPARE(ldrb(r8, MemOperand(r9, -42, PostIndex)),
"e459802a ldrb r8, [r9], #-42");
COMPARE(ldrb(r10, MemOperand(fp, 42, PreIndex)),
"e5fba02a ldrb r10, [fp, #+42]!");
COMPARE(ldrb(ip, MemOperand(sp, -42, PreIndex)),
"e57dc02a ldrb ip, [sp, #-42]!");
COMPARE(ldrb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2)),
"e7d10002 ldrb r0, [r1, +r2]");
COMPARE(ldrb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegOffset)),
"e7510002 ldrb r0, [r1, -r2]");
COMPARE(ldrb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PostIndex)),
"e6d10002 ldrb r0, [r1], +r2");
COMPARE(ldrb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPostIndex)),
"e6510002 ldrb r0, [r1], -r2");
COMPARE(ldrb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PreIndex)),
"e7f10002 ldrb r0, [r1, +r2]!");
COMPARE(ldrb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPreIndex)),
"e7710002 ldrb r0, [r1, -r2]!");
COMPARE(strb(r0, MemOperand(r1)),
"e5c10000 strb r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(strb(r2, MemOperand(r3, 42)),
"e5c3202a strb r2, [r3, #+42]");
COMPARE(strb(r4, MemOperand(r5, -42)),
"e545402a strb r4, [r5, #-42]");
COMPARE(strb(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42, PostIndex)),
"e4c7602a strb r6, [r7], #+42");
COMPARE(strb(r8, MemOperand(r9, -42, PostIndex)),
"e449802a strb r8, [r9], #-42");
COMPARE(strb(r10, MemOperand(fp, 42, PreIndex)),
"e5eba02a strb r10, [fp, #+42]!");
COMPARE(strb(ip, MemOperand(sp, -42, PreIndex)),
"e56dc02a strb ip, [sp, #-42]!");
COMPARE(strb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2)),
"e7c10002 strb r0, [r1, +r2]");
COMPARE(strb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegOffset)),
"e7410002 strb r0, [r1, -r2]");
COMPARE(strb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PostIndex)),
"e6c10002 strb r0, [r1], +r2");
COMPARE(strb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPostIndex)),
"e6410002 strb r0, [r1], -r2");
COMPARE(strb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PreIndex)),
"e7e10002 strb r0, [r1, +r2]!");
COMPARE(strb(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPreIndex)),
"e7610002 strb r0, [r1, -r2]!");
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1)),
"e1d100b0 ldrh r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(ldrh(r2, MemOperand(r3, 42)),
"e1d322ba ldrh r2, [r3, #+42]");
COMPARE(ldrh(r4, MemOperand(r5, -42)),
"e15542ba ldrh r4, [r5, #-42]");
COMPARE(ldrh(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42, PostIndex)),
"e0d762ba ldrh r6, [r7], #+42");
COMPARE(ldrh(r8, MemOperand(r9, -42, PostIndex)),
"e05982ba ldrh r8, [r9], #-42");
COMPARE(ldrh(r10, MemOperand(fp, 42, PreIndex)),
"e1fba2ba ldrh r10, [fp, #+42]!");
COMPARE(ldrh(ip, MemOperand(sp, -42, PreIndex)),
"e17dc2ba ldrh ip, [sp, #-42]!");
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2)),
"e19100b2 ldrh r0, [r1, +r2]");
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegOffset)),
"e11100b2 ldrh r0, [r1, -r2]");
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PostIndex)),
"e09100b2 ldrh r0, [r1], +r2");
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPostIndex)),
"e01100b2 ldrh r0, [r1], -r2");
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PreIndex)),
"e1b100b2 ldrh r0, [r1, +r2]!");
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPreIndex)),
"e13100b2 ldrh r0, [r1, -r2]!");
COMPARE(strh(r0, MemOperand(r1)),
"e1c100b0 strh r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(strh(r2, MemOperand(r3, 42)),
"e1c322ba strh r2, [r3, #+42]");
COMPARE(strh(r4, MemOperand(r5, -42)),
"e14542ba strh r4, [r5, #-42]");
COMPARE(strh(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42, PostIndex)),
"e0c762ba strh r6, [r7], #+42");
COMPARE(strh(r8, MemOperand(r9, -42, PostIndex)),
"e04982ba strh r8, [r9], #-42");
COMPARE(strh(r10, MemOperand(fp, 42, PreIndex)),
"e1eba2ba strh r10, [fp, #+42]!");
COMPARE(strh(ip, MemOperand(sp, -42, PreIndex)),
"e16dc2ba strh ip, [sp, #-42]!");
COMPARE(strh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2)),
"e18100b2 strh r0, [r1, +r2]");
COMPARE(strh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegOffset)),
"e10100b2 strh r0, [r1, -r2]");
COMPARE(strh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PostIndex)),
"e08100b2 strh r0, [r1], +r2");
COMPARE(strh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPostIndex)),
"e00100b2 strh r0, [r1], -r2");
COMPARE(strh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PreIndex)),
"e1a100b2 strh r0, [r1, +r2]!");
COMPARE(strh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPreIndex)),
"e12100b2 strh r0, [r1, -r2]!");
COMPARE(ldr(r0, MemOperand(r1)),
"e5910000 ldr r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(ldr(r2, MemOperand(r3, 42)),
"e593202a ldr r2, [r3, #+42]");
COMPARE(ldr(r4, MemOperand(r5, -42)),
"e515402a ldr r4, [r5, #-42]");
COMPARE(ldr(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42, PostIndex)),
"e497602a ldr r6, [r7], #+42");
COMPARE(ldr(r8, MemOperand(r9, -42, PostIndex)),
"e419802a ldr r8, [r9], #-42");
COMPARE(ldr(r10, MemOperand(fp, 42, PreIndex)),
"e5bba02a ldr r10, [fp, #+42]!");
COMPARE(ldr(ip, MemOperand(sp, -42, PreIndex)),
"e53dc02a ldr ip, [sp, #-42]!");
COMPARE(ldr(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2)),
"e7910002 ldr r0, [r1, +r2]");
COMPARE(ldr(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegOffset)),
"e7110002 ldr r0, [r1, -r2]");
COMPARE(ldr(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PostIndex)),
"e6910002 ldr r0, [r1], +r2");
COMPARE(ldr(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPostIndex)),
"e6110002 ldr r0, [r1], -r2");
COMPARE(ldr(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PreIndex)),
"e7b10002 ldr r0, [r1, +r2]!");
COMPARE(ldr(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPreIndex)),
"e7310002 ldr r0, [r1, -r2]!");
COMPARE(str(r0, MemOperand(r1)),
"e5810000 str r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(str(r2, MemOperand(r3, 42)),
"e583202a str r2, [r3, #+42]");
COMPARE(str(r4, MemOperand(r5, -42)),
"e505402a str r4, [r5, #-42]");
COMPARE(str(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42, PostIndex)),
"e487602a str r6, [r7], #+42");
COMPARE(str(r8, MemOperand(r9, -42, PostIndex)),
"e409802a str r8, [r9], #-42");
COMPARE(str(r10, MemOperand(fp, 42, PreIndex)),
"e5aba02a str r10, [fp, #+42]!");
COMPARE(str(ip, MemOperand(sp, -42, PreIndex)),
"e52dc02a str ip, [sp, #-42]!");
COMPARE(str(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2)),
"e7810002 str r0, [r1, +r2]");
COMPARE(str(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegOffset)),
"e7010002 str r0, [r1, -r2]");
COMPARE(str(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PostIndex)),
"e6810002 str r0, [r1], +r2");
COMPARE(str(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPostIndex)),
"e6010002 str r0, [r1], -r2");
COMPARE(str(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, PreIndex)),
"e7a10002 str r0, [r1, +r2]!");
COMPARE(str(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, NegPreIndex)),
"e7210002 str r0, [r1, -r2]!");
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(ARMv7)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, ARMv7);
COMPARE(ldrd(r0, r1, MemOperand(r1)),
"e1c100d0 ldrd r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(ldrd(r2, r3, MemOperand(r3, 127)),
"e1c327df ldrd r2, [r3, #+127]");
COMPARE(ldrd(r4, r5, MemOperand(r5, -127)),
"e14547df ldrd r4, [r5, #-127]");
COMPARE(ldrd(r6, r7, MemOperand(r7, 127, PostIndex)),
"e0c767df ldrd r6, [r7], #+127");
COMPARE(ldrd(r8, r9, MemOperand(r9, -127, PostIndex)),
"e04987df ldrd r8, [r9], #-127");
COMPARE(ldrd(r10, fp, MemOperand(fp, 127, PreIndex)),
"e1eba7df ldrd r10, [fp, #+127]!");
COMPARE(ldrd(ip, sp, MemOperand(sp, -127, PreIndex)),
"e16dc7df ldrd ip, [sp, #-127]!");
COMPARE(strd(r0, r1, MemOperand(r1)),
"e1c100f0 strd r0, [r1, #+0]");
COMPARE(strd(r2, r3, MemOperand(r3, 127)),
"e1c327ff strd r2, [r3, #+127]");
COMPARE(strd(r4, r5, MemOperand(r5, -127)),
"e14547ff strd r4, [r5, #-127]");
COMPARE(strd(r6, r7, MemOperand(r7, 127, PostIndex)),
"e0c767ff strd r6, [r7], #+127");
COMPARE(strd(r8, r9, MemOperand(r9, -127, PostIndex)),
"e04987ff strd r8, [r9], #-127");
COMPARE(strd(r10, fp, MemOperand(fp, 127, PreIndex)),
"e1eba7ff strd r10, [fp, #+127]!");
COMPARE(strd(ip, sp, MemOperand(sp, -127, PreIndex)),
"e16dc7ff strd ip, [sp, #-127]!");
COMPARE(pld(MemOperand(r1, 0)),
"f5d1f000 pld [r1]");
COMPARE(pld(MemOperand(ip, 64)),
"f5dcf040 pld [ip, #+64]");
COMPARE(pld(MemOperand(r2, 128)),
"f5d2f080 pld [r2, #+128]");
// Test out-of-bound immediates.
COMPARE(ldrb(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42 << 12)),
"e3a06a2a mov r6, #172032",
"e7d76006 ldrb r6, [r7, +r6]");
COMPARE(ldrh(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42 << 8, PostIndex)),
"e3a06c2a mov r6, #10752",
"e09760b6 ldrh r6, [r7], +r6");
// Make sure ip is used if the destination is the same as the base.
COMPARE(ldr(r8, MemOperand(r8, 42 << 12, PreIndex)),
"e3a0ca2a mov ip, #172032",
"e7b8800c ldr r8, [r8, +ip]!");
COMPARE(strb(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42 << 12)),
"e3a0ca2a mov ip, #172032",
"e7c7600c strb r6, [r7, +ip]");
COMPARE(strh(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42 << 8, PostIndex)),
"e3a0cc2a mov ip, #10752",
"e08760bc strh r6, [r7], +ip");
COMPARE(str(r6, MemOperand(r7, 42 << 12, PreIndex)),
"e3a0ca2a mov ip, #172032",
"e7a7600c str r6, [r7, +ip]!");
// Test scaled operands for instructions that do not support it natively.
COMPARE(ldrh(r0, MemOperand(r1, r2, LSL, 2)),
"e1a00102 mov r0, r2, lsl #2",
"e19100b0 ldrh r0, [r1, +r0]");
COMPARE(strh(r3, MemOperand(r4, r5, LSR, 3)),
"e1a0c1a5 mov ip, r5, lsr #3",
"e18430bc strh r3, [r4, +ip]");
// Make sure ip is used if the destination is the same as the base.
COMPARE(ldrsb(r6, MemOperand(r6, r8, ASR, 4)),
"e1a0c248 mov ip, r8, asr #4",
"e19660dc ldrsb r6, [r6, +ip]");
COMPARE(ldrsh(r9, MemOperand(sp, r10, ROR, 5)),
"e1a092ea mov r9, r10, ror #5",
"e19d90f9 ldrsh r9, [sp, +r9]");
static void TestLoadLiteral(byte* buffer, Assembler* assm, bool* failure,
int offset) {
int pc_offset = assm->pc_offset();
byte *progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset];
assm->ldr_pcrel(r0, offset);
const char *expected_string_template =
(offset >= 0) ?
"e59f0%03x ldr r0, [pc, #+%d] (addr %p)" :
"e51f0%03x ldr r0, [pc, #%d] (addr %p)";
char expected_string[80];
snprintf(expected_string, sizeof(expected_string), expected_string_template,
abs(offset), offset,
progcounter + Instruction::kPCReadOffset + offset);
if (!DisassembleAndCompare(progcounter, expected_string)) *failure = true;
TEST(LoadLiteral) {
TestLoadLiteral(buffer, &assm, &failure, 0);
TestLoadLiteral(buffer, &assm, &failure, 1);
TestLoadLiteral(buffer, &assm, &failure, 4);
TestLoadLiteral(buffer, &assm, &failure, 4095);
TestLoadLiteral(buffer, &assm, &failure, -1);
TestLoadLiteral(buffer, &assm, &failure, -4);
TestLoadLiteral(buffer, &assm, &failure, -4095);
TEST(Barrier) {
if (CpuFeatures::IsSupported(ARMv7)) {
CpuFeatureScope scope(&assm, ARMv7);
"f57ff051 dmb oshld");
"f57ff052 dmb oshst");
"f57ff053 dmb osh");
"f57ff055 dmb nshld");
"f57ff056 dmb nshst");
"f57ff057 dmb nsh");
"f57ff059 dmb ishld");
"f57ff05a dmb ishst");
"f57ff05b dmb ish");
"f57ff05d dmb ld");
"f57ff05e dmb st");
"f57ff05f dmb sy");
"f57ff04b dsb ish");
"f57ff06f isb sy");
} else {
// ARMv6 uses CP15 to implement barriers. The BarrierOption argument is
// ignored.
"ee070fba mcr (CP15DMB)");
"ee070f9a mcr (CP15DSB)");
"ee070f95 mcr (CP15ISB)");
// ARMv6 barriers.
// Details available in ARM DDI 0406C.b, B3-1750.
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, r0, cr7, cr10, 5), "ee070fba mcr (CP15DMB)");
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, r0, cr7, cr10, 4), "ee070f9a mcr (CP15DSB)");
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, r0, cr7, cr5, 4), "ee070f95 mcr (CP15ISB)");
// Rt is ignored.
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, lr, cr7, cr10, 5), "ee07efba mcr (CP15DMB)");
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, lr, cr7, cr10, 4), "ee07ef9a mcr (CP15DSB)");
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, lr, cr7, cr5, 4), "ee07ef95 mcr (CP15ISB)");
// The mcr instruction can be conditional.
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, r0, cr7, cr10, 5, eq), "0e070fba mcreq (CP15DMB)");
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, r0, cr7, cr10, 4, ne), "1e070f9a mcrne (CP15DSB)");
COMPARE(mcr(p15, 0, r0, cr7, cr5, 4, mi), "4e070f95 mcrmi (CP15ISB)");
TEST(LoadStoreExclusive) {
COMPARE(ldrexb(r0, r1), "e1d10f9f ldrexb r0, [r1]");
COMPARE(strexb(r0, r1, r2), "e1c20f91 strexb r0, r1, [r2]");
COMPARE(ldrexh(r0, r1), "e1f10f9f ldrexh r0, [r1]");
COMPARE(strexh(r0, r1, r2), "e1e20f91 strexh r0, r1, [r2]");
COMPARE(ldrex(r0, r1), "e1910f9f ldrex r0, [r1]");
COMPARE(strex(r0, r1, r2), "e1820f91 strex r0, r1, [r2]");
TEST(SplitAddImmediate) {
// Re-use the destination as a scratch.
COMPARE(add(r0, r1, Operand(0x12345678)),
"e3050678 movw r0, #22136",
"e3410234 movt r0, #4660",
"e0810000 add r0, r1, r0");
// Use ip as a scratch.
COMPARE(add(r0, r0, Operand(0x12345678)),
"e305c678 movw ip, #22136",
"e341c234 movt ip, #4660",
"e080000c add r0, r0, ip");
// If ip is not available, split the operation into multiple additions.
UseScratchRegisterScope temps(&assm);
Register reserved = temps.Acquire();
COMPARE(add(r2, r2, Operand(0x12345678)),
"e2822f9e add r2, r2, #632",
"e2822b15 add r2, r2, #21504",
"e282278d add r2, r2, #36962304",
"e2822201 add r2, r2, #268435456");
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8