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// Copyright 2012 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without
// modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are
// met:
// * Redistributions of source code must retain the above copyright
// notice, this list of conditions and the following disclaimer.
// * Redistributions in binary form must reproduce the above
// copyright notice, this list of conditions and the following
// disclaimer in the documentation and/or other materials provided
// with the distribution.
// * Neither the name of Google Inc. nor the names of its
// contributors may be used to endorse or promote products derived
// from this software without specific prior written permission.
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "src/v8.h"
#include "src/debug/debug.h"
#include "src/disasm.h"
#include "src/disassembler.h"
#include "src/frames-inl.h"
#include "src/macro-assembler.h"
#include "test/cctest/cctest.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
bool prev_instr_compact_branch = false;
bool DisassembleAndCompare(byte* pc, const char* compare_string) {
disasm::NameConverter converter;
disasm::Disassembler disasm(converter);
EmbeddedVector<char, 128> disasm_buffer;
if (prev_instr_compact_branch) {
disasm.InstructionDecode(disasm_buffer, pc);
pc += 4;
disasm.InstructionDecode(disasm_buffer, pc);
if (strcmp(compare_string, disasm_buffer.start()) != 0) {
"expected: \n"
"disassembled: \n"
compare_string, disasm_buffer.start());
return false;
return true;
// Set up V8 to a state where we can at least run the assembler and
// disassembler. Declare the variables and allocate the data structures used
// in the rest of the macros.
#define SET_UP() \
CcTest::InitializeVM(); \
Isolate* isolate = CcTest::i_isolate(); \
HandleScope scope(isolate); \
byte *buffer = reinterpret_cast<byte*>(malloc(4*1024)); \
Assembler assm(isolate, buffer, 4*1024); \
bool failure = false;
// This macro assembles one instruction using the preallocated assembler and
// disassembles the generated instruction, comparing the output to the expected
// value. If the comparison fails an error message is printed, but the test
// continues to run until the end.
#define COMPARE(asm_, compare_string) \
{ \
int pc_offset = assm.pc_offset(); \
byte *progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset]; \
assm.asm_; \
if (!DisassembleAndCompare(progcounter, compare_string)) failure = true; \
// Verify that all invocations of the COMPARE macro passed successfully.
// Exit with a failure if at least one of the tests failed.
#define VERIFY_RUN() \
if (failure) { \
V8_Fatal(__FILE__, __LINE__, "MIPS Disassembler tests failed.\n"); \
#define COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(asm_, compare_string, offset) \
{ \
int pc_offset = assm.pc_offset(); \
byte *progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset]; \
char str_with_address[100]; \
prev_instr_compact_branch = assm.IsPrevInstrCompactBranch(); \
if (prev_instr_compact_branch) { \
snprintf(str_with_address, sizeof(str_with_address), "%s -> %p", \
compare_string, \
static_cast<void *>(progcounter + 8 + (offset * 4))); \
} else { \
snprintf(str_with_address, sizeof(str_with_address), "%s -> %p", \
compare_string, \
static_cast<void *>(progcounter + 4 + (offset * 4))); \
} \
assm.asm_; \
if (!DisassembleAndCompare(progcounter, str_with_address)) failure = true; \
#define COMPARE_PC_REL(asm_, compare_string, offset) \
{ \
int pc_offset = assm.pc_offset(); \
byte *progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset]; \
char str_with_address[100]; \
snprintf(str_with_address, sizeof(str_with_address), "%s -> %p", \
compare_string, static_cast<void *>(progcounter + (offset * 4))); \
assm.asm_; \
if (!DisassembleAndCompare(progcounter, str_with_address)) failure = true; \
#define COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(asm_, compare_string, offset) \
{ \
int pc_offset = assm.pc_offset(); \
byte* progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset]; \
char str_with_address[100]; \
snprintf(str_with_address, sizeof(str_with_address), "%s -> %p", \
compare_string, \
static_cast<void*>(progcounter + 4 + (offset * 4))); \
assm.asm_; \
if (!DisassembleAndCompare(progcounter, str_with_address)) failure = true; \
#define COMPARE_PC_JUMP(asm_, compare_string, target) \
{ \
int pc_offset = assm.pc_offset(); \
byte* progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset]; \
char str_with_address[100]; \
int instr_index = (target >> 2) & kImm26Mask; \
snprintf( \
str_with_address, sizeof(str_with_address), "%s %p -> %p", \
compare_string, reinterpret_cast<void*>(target), \
reinterpret_cast<void*>(((uint32_t)(progcounter + 4) & ~0xFFFFFFF) | \
(instr_index << 2))); \
assm.asm_; \
if (!DisassembleAndCompare(progcounter, str_with_address)) failure = true; \
#define GET_PC_REGION(pc_region) \
{ \
int pc_offset = assm.pc_offset(); \
byte* progcounter = &buffer[pc_offset]; \
pc_region = reinterpret_cast<int32_t>(progcounter + 4) & ~0xFFFFFFF; \
TEST(Type0) {
COMPARE(addu(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62021 addu a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(addu(t2, t3, t4),
"016c5021 addu t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(addu(v0, v1, s0),
"00701021 addu v0, v1, s0");
COMPARE(subu(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62023 subu a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(subu(t2, t3, t4),
"016c5023 subu t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(subu(v0, v1, s0),
"00701023 subu v0, v1, s0");
if (!IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(mult(a0, a1),
"00850018 mult a0, a1");
COMPARE(mult(t2, t3),
"014b0018 mult t2, t3");
COMPARE(mult(v0, v1),
"00430018 mult v0, v1");
COMPARE(multu(a0, a1),
"00850019 multu a0, a1");
COMPARE(multu(t2, t3),
"014b0019 multu t2, t3");
COMPARE(multu(v0, v1),
"00430019 multu v0, v1");
COMPARE(div(a0, a1),
"0085001a div a0, a1");
COMPARE(div(t2, t3),
"014b001a div t2, t3");
COMPARE(div(v0, v1),
"0043001a div v0, v1");
COMPARE(divu(a0, a1),
"0085001b divu a0, a1");
COMPARE(divu(t2, t3),
"014b001b divu t2, t3");
COMPARE(divu(v0, v1),
"0043001b divu v0, v1");
if (!IsMipsArchVariant(kLoongson)) {
COMPARE(mul(a0, a1, a2),
"70a62002 mul a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(mul(t2, t3, t4),
"716c5002 mul t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(mul(v0, v1, s0),
"70701002 mul v0, v1, s0");
} else { // MIPS32r6.
COMPARE(mul(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62098 mul a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(muh(a0, a1, a2),
"00a620d8 muh a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(mul(t1, t2, t3),
"014b4898 mul t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(muh(t1, t2, t3),
"014b48d8 muh t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(mul(v0, v1, a0),
"00641098 mul v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE(muh(v0, v1, a0),
"006410d8 muh v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE(mulu(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62099 mulu a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(muhu(a0, a1, a2),
"00a620d9 muhu a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(mulu(t1, t2, t3),
"014b4899 mulu t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(muhu(t1, t2, t3),
"014b48d9 muhu t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(mulu(v0, v1, a0),
"00641099 mulu v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE(muhu(v0, v1, a0),
"006410d9 muhu v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE(div(a0, a1, a2),
"00a6209a div a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(mod(a0, a1, a2),
"00a620da mod a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(div(t1, t2, t3),
"014b489a div t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(mod(t1, t2, t3),
"014b48da mod t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(div(v0, v1, a0),
"0064109a div v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE(mod(v0, v1, a0),
"006410da mod v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE(divu(a0, a1, a2),
"00a6209b divu a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(modu(a0, a1, a2),
"00a620db modu a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(divu(t1, t2, t3),
"014b489b divu t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(modu(t1, t2, t3),
"014b48db modu t1, t2, t3");
COMPARE(divu(v0, v1, a0),
"0064109b divu v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE(modu(v0, v1, a0),
"006410db modu v0, v1, a0");
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bovc(a0, a0, static_cast<int16_t>(0)),
"20840000 bovc a0, a0, 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bovc(a1, a0, static_cast<int16_t>(0)),
"20a40000 bovc a1, a0, 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bovc(a1, a0, 32767),
"20a47fff bovc a1, a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bovc(a1, a0, -32768),
"20a48000 bovc a1, a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnvc(a0, a0, static_cast<int16_t>(0)),
"60840000 bnvc a0, a0, 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnvc(a1, a0, static_cast<int16_t>(0)),
"60a40000 bnvc a1, a0, 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnvc(a1, a0, 32767),
"60a47fff bnvc a1, a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnvc(a1, a0, -32768),
"60a48000 bnvc a1, a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqzc(a0, -1048576),
"d8900000 beqzc a0, -1048576", -1048576);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqzc(a0, -1), "d89fffff beqzc a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqzc(a0, 0), "d8800000 beqzc a0, 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqzc(a0, 1), "d8800001 beqzc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqzc(a0, 1048575),
"d88fffff beqzc a0, 1048575", 1048575);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnezc(a0, 0), "f8800000 bnezc a0, 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnezc(a0, 1048575), // int21 maximal value.
"f88fffff bnezc a0, 1048575", 1048575);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnezc(a0, -1048576), // int21 minimal value.
"f8900000 bnezc a0, -1048576", -1048576);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc(-33554432), "ca000000 bc -33554432",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc(-1), "cbffffff bc -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc(0), "c8000000 bc 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc(1), "c8000001 bc 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc(33554431), "c9ffffff bc 33554431",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(balc(-33554432), "ea000000 balc -33554432",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(balc(-1), "ebffffff balc -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(balc(0), "e8000000 balc 0", 0);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(balc(1), "e8000001 balc 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(balc(33554431), "e9ffffff balc 33554431",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgeuc(a0, a1, -32768),
"18858000 bgeuc a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgeuc(a0, a1, -1),
"1885ffff bgeuc a0, a1, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgeuc(a0, a1, 1), "18850001 bgeuc a0, a1, 1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgeuc(a0, a1, 32767),
"18857fff bgeuc a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezalc(a0, -32768),
"18848000 bgezalc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezalc(a0, -1), "1884ffff bgezalc a0, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezalc(a0, 1), "18840001 bgezalc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezalc(a0, 32767),
"18847fff bgezalc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezalc(a0, -32768),
"18048000 blezalc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezalc(a0, -1), "1804ffff blezalc a0, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezalc(a0, 1), "18040001 blezalc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezalc(a0, 32767),
"18047fff blezalc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltuc(a0, a1, -32768),
"1c858000 bltuc a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltuc(a0, a1, -1),
"1c85ffff bltuc a0, a1, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltuc(a0, a1, 1), "1c850001 bltuc a0, a1, 1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltuc(a0, a1, 32767),
"1c857fff bltuc a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzalc(a0, -32768),
"1c848000 bltzalc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzalc(a0, -1), "1c84ffff bltzalc a0, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzalc(a0, 1), "1c840001 bltzalc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzalc(a0, 32767),
"1c847fff bltzalc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzalc(a0, -32768),
"1c048000 bgtzalc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzalc(a0, -1), "1c04ffff bgtzalc a0, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzalc(a0, 1), "1c040001 bgtzalc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzalc(a0, 32767),
"1c047fff bgtzalc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezc(a0, -32768),
"58848000 bgezc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezc(a0, -1), "5884ffff bgezc a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezc(a0, 1), "58840001 bgezc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgezc(a0, 32767),
"58847fff bgezc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgec(a0, a1, -32768),
"58858000 bgec a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgec(a0, a1, -1),
"5885ffff bgec a0, a1, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgec(a0, a1, 1), "58850001 bgec a0, a1, 1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgec(a0, a1, 32767),
"58857fff bgec a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezc(a0, -32768),
"58048000 blezc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezc(a0, -1), "5804ffff blezc a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezc(a0, 1), "58040001 blezc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blezc(a0, 32767),
"58047fff blezc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzc(a0, -32768),
"5c848000 bltzc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzc(a0, -1), "5c84ffff bltzc a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzc(a0, 1), "5c840001 bltzc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltzc(a0, 32767),
"5c847fff bltzc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltc(a0, a1, -32768),
"5c858000 bltc a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltc(a0, a1, -1),
"5c85ffff bltc a0, a1, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltc(a0, a1, 1), "5c850001 bltc a0, a1, 1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltc(a0, a1, 32767),
"5c857fff bltc a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzc(a0, -32768),
"5c048000 bgtzc a0, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzc(a0, -1), "5c04ffff bgtzc a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzc(a0, 1), "5c040001 bgtzc a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtzc(a0, 32767),
"5c047fff bgtzc a0, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1eqz(-32768, f1),
"45218000 bc1eqz f1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1eqz(-1, f1), "4521ffff bc1eqz f1, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1eqz(1, f1), "45210001 bc1eqz f1, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1eqz(32767, f1),
"45217fff bc1eqz f1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1nez(-32768, f1),
"45a18000 bc1nez f1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1nez(-1, f1), "45a1ffff bc1nez f1, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1nez(1, f1), "45a10001 bc1nez f1, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bc1nez(32767, f1),
"45a17fff bc1nez f1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bovc(a1, a0, -1), "20a4ffff bovc a1, a0, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bovc(a0, a0, 1), "20840001 bovc a0, a0, 1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqc(a0, a1, -32768),
"20858000 beqc a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqc(a0, a1, -1),
"2085ffff beqc a0, a1, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqc(a0, a1, 1), "20850001 beqc a0, a1, 1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beqc(a0, a1, 32767),
"20857fff beqc a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnec(a0, a1, -32768),
"60858000 bnec a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnec(a0, a1, -1), "6085ffff bnec a0, a1, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnec(a0, a1, 1), "60850001 bnec a0, a1, 1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bnec(a0, a1, 32767),
"60857fff bnec a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bne(a0, a1, -32768),
"14858000 bne a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bne(a0, a1, -1), "1485ffff bne a0, a1, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bne(a0, a1, 1), "14850001 bne a0, a1, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bne(a0, a1, 32767),
"14857fff bne a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beq(a0, a1, -32768),
"10858000 beq a0, a1, -32768", -32768);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beq(a0, a1, -1), "1085ffff beq a0, a1, -1",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beq(a0, a1, 1), "10850001 beq a0, a1, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(beq(a0, a1, 32767),
"10857fff beq a0, a1, 32767", 32767);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltz(a0, -32768), "04808000 bltz a0, -32768",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltz(a0, -1), "0480ffff bltz a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltz(a0, 1), "04800001 bltz a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bltz(a0, 32767), "04807fff bltz a0, 32767",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgez(a0, -32768), "04818000 bgez a0, -32768",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgez(a0, -1), "0481ffff bgez a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgez(a0, 1), "04810001 bgez a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgez(a0, 32767), "04817fff bgez a0, 32767",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blez(a0, -32768), "18808000 blez a0, -32768",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blez(a0, -1), "1880ffff blez a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blez(a0, 1), "18800001 blez a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(blez(a0, 32767), "18807fff blez a0, 32767",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtz(a0, -32768), "1c808000 bgtz a0, -32768",
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtz(a0, -1), "1c80ffff bgtz a0, -1", -1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtz(a0, 1), "1c800001 bgtz a0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_PC_REL_COMPACT(bgtz(a0, 32767), "1c807fff bgtz a0, 32767",
int32_t pc_region;
int32_t target = pc_region | 0x4;
COMPARE_PC_JUMP(j(target), "08000001 j ", target);
target = pc_region | 0xFFFFFFC;
COMPARE_PC_JUMP(j(target), "0bffffff j ", target);
target = pc_region | 0x4;
COMPARE_PC_JUMP(jal(target), "0c000001 jal ", target);
target = pc_region | 0xFFFFFFC;
COMPARE_PC_JUMP(jal(target), "0fffffff jal ", target);
COMPARE(addiu(a0, a1, 0x0),
"24a40000 addiu a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(addiu(s0, s1, 32767),
"26307fff addiu s0, s1, 32767");
COMPARE(addiu(t2, t3, -32768),
"256a8000 addiu t2, t3, -32768");
COMPARE(addiu(v0, v1, -1),
"2462ffff addiu v0, v1, -1");
COMPARE(and_(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62024 and a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(and_(s0, s1, s2),
"02328024 and s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(and_(t2, t3, t4),
"016c5024 and t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(and_(v0, v1, a2),
"00661024 and v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(or_(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62025 or a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(or_(s0, s1, s2),
"02328025 or s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(or_(t2, t3, t4),
"016c5025 or t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(or_(v0, v1, a2),
"00661025 or v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(xor_(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62026 xor a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(xor_(s0, s1, s2),
"02328026 xor s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(xor_(t2, t3, t4),
"016c5026 xor t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(xor_(v0, v1, a2),
"00661026 xor v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(nor(a0, a1, a2),
"00a62027 nor a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(nor(s0, s1, s2),
"02328027 nor s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(nor(t2, t3, t4),
"016c5027 nor t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(nor(v0, v1, a2),
"00661027 nor v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(andi(a0, a1, 0x1),
"30a40001 andi a0, a1, 0x1");
COMPARE(andi(v0, v1, 0xffff),
"3062ffff andi v0, v1, 0xffff");
COMPARE(ori(a0, a1, 0x1),
"34a40001 ori a0, a1, 0x1");
COMPARE(ori(v0, v1, 0xffff),
"3462ffff ori v0, v1, 0xffff");
COMPARE(xori(a0, a1, 0x1),
"38a40001 xori a0, a1, 0x1");
COMPARE(xori(v0, v1, 0xffff),
"3862ffff xori v0, v1, 0xffff");
COMPARE(lui(a0, 0x1),
"3c040001 lui a0, 0x1");
COMPARE(lui(v0, 0xffff),
"3c02ffff lui v0, 0xffff");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(aui(a0, a1, 0x1), "3ca40001 aui a0, a1, 0x1");
COMPARE(aui(v0, v1, 0xffff), "3c62ffff aui v0, v1, 0xffff");
COMPARE(sll(a0, a1, 0),
"00052000 sll a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(sll(s0, s1, 8),
"00118200 sll s0, s1, 8");
COMPARE(sll(t2, t3, 24),
"000b5600 sll t2, t3, 24");
COMPARE(sll(v0, v1, 31),
"000317c0 sll v0, v1, 31");
COMPARE(sllv(a0, a1, a2),
"00c52004 sllv a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(sllv(s0, s1, s2),
"02518004 sllv s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(sllv(t2, t3, t4),
"018b5004 sllv t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(sllv(v0, v1, fp),
"03c31004 sllv v0, v1, fp");
COMPARE(srl(a0, a1, 0),
"00052002 srl a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(srl(s0, s1, 8),
"00118202 srl s0, s1, 8");
COMPARE(srl(t2, t3, 24),
"000b5602 srl t2, t3, 24");
COMPARE(srl(v0, v1, 31),
"000317c2 srl v0, v1, 31");
COMPARE(srlv(a0, a1, a2),
"00c52006 srlv a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(srlv(s0, s1, s2),
"02518006 srlv s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(srlv(t2, t3, t4),
"018b5006 srlv t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(srlv(v0, v1, fp),
"03c31006 srlv v0, v1, fp");
COMPARE(sra(a0, a1, 0),
"00052003 sra a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(sra(s0, s1, 8),
"00118203 sra s0, s1, 8");
COMPARE(sra(t2, t3, 24),
"000b5603 sra t2, t3, 24");
COMPARE(sra(v0, v1, 31),
"000317c3 sra v0, v1, 31");
COMPARE(srav(a0, a1, a2),
"00c52007 srav a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(srav(s0, s1, s2),
"02518007 srav s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(srav(t2, t3, t4),
"018b5007 srav t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(srav(v0, v1, fp),
"03c31007 srav v0, v1, fp");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2)) {
COMPARE(rotr(a0, a1, 0),
"00252002 rotr a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(rotr(s0, s1, 8),
"00318202 rotr s0, s1, 8");
COMPARE(rotr(t2, t3, 24),
"002b5602 rotr t2, t3, 24");
COMPARE(rotr(v0, v1, 31),
"002317c2 rotr v0, v1, 31");
COMPARE(rotrv(a0, a1, a2),
"00c52046 rotrv a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(rotrv(s0, s1, s2),
"02518046 rotrv s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(rotrv(t2, t3, t4),
"018b5046 rotrv t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(rotrv(v0, v1, fp),
"03c31046 rotrv v0, v1, fp");
"0000000d break, code: 0x00000 (0)");
"00ff000d break, code: 0x3fc00 (261120)");
"03ff000d break, code: 0xffc00 (1047552)");
COMPARE(tge(a0, a1, 0),
"00850030 tge a0, a1, code: 0x000");
COMPARE(tge(s0, s1, 1023),
"0211fff0 tge s0, s1, code: 0x3ff");
COMPARE(tgeu(a0, a1, 0),
"00850031 tgeu a0, a1, code: 0x000");
COMPARE(tgeu(s0, s1, 1023),
"0211fff1 tgeu s0, s1, code: 0x3ff");
COMPARE(tlt(a0, a1, 0),
"00850032 tlt a0, a1, code: 0x000");
COMPARE(tlt(s0, s1, 1023),
"0211fff2 tlt s0, s1, code: 0x3ff");
COMPARE(tltu(a0, a1, 0),
"00850033 tltu a0, a1, code: 0x000");
COMPARE(tltu(s0, s1, 1023),
"0211fff3 tltu s0, s1, code: 0x3ff");
COMPARE(teq(a0, a1, 0),
"00850034 teq a0, a1, code: 0x000");
COMPARE(teq(s0, s1, 1023),
"0211fff4 teq s0, s1, code: 0x3ff");
COMPARE(tne(a0, a1, 0),
"00850036 tne a0, a1, code: 0x000");
COMPARE(tne(s0, s1, 1023),
"0211fff6 tne s0, s1, code: 0x3ff");
"00002010 mfhi a0");
"00009010 mfhi s2");
"00006010 mfhi t4");
"00001810 mfhi v1");
"00002012 mflo a0");
"00009012 mflo s2");
"00006012 mflo t4");
"00001812 mflo v1");
COMPARE(slt(a0, a1, a2),
"00a6202a slt a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(slt(s0, s1, s2),
"0232802a slt s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(slt(t2, t3, t4),
"016c502a slt t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(slt(v0, v1, a2),
"0066102a slt v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(sltu(a0, a1, a2),
"00a6202b sltu a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(sltu(s0, s1, s2),
"0232802b sltu s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(sltu(t2, t3, t4),
"016c502b sltu t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(sltu(v0, v1, a2),
"0066102b sltu v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(slti(a0, a1, 0),
"28a40000 slti a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(slti(s0, s1, 32767),
"2a307fff slti s0, s1, 32767");
COMPARE(slti(t2, t3, -32768),
"296a8000 slti t2, t3, -32768");
COMPARE(slti(v0, v1, -1),
"2862ffff slti v0, v1, -1");
COMPARE(sltiu(a0, a1, 0),
"2ca40000 sltiu a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(sltiu(s0, s1, 32767),
"2e307fff sltiu s0, s1, 32767");
COMPARE(sltiu(t2, t3, -32768),
"2d6a8000 sltiu t2, t3, -32768");
COMPARE(sltiu(v0, v1, -1),
"2c62ffff sltiu v0, v1, -1");
if (!IsMipsArchVariant(kLoongson)) {
COMPARE(movz(a0, a1, a2),
"00a6200a movz a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(movz(s0, s1, s2),
"0232800a movz s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(movz(t2, t3, t4),
"016c500a movz t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(movz(v0, v1, a2),
"0066100a movz v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(movn(a0, a1, a2),
"00a6200b movn a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(movn(s0, s1, s2),
"0232800b movn s0, s1, s2");
COMPARE(movn(t2, t3, t4),
"016c500b movn t2, t3, t4");
COMPARE(movn(v0, v1, a2),
"0066100b movn v0, v1, a2");
COMPARE(movt(a0, a1, 1),
"00a52001 movt a0, a1, 1");
COMPARE(movt(s0, s1, 2),
"02298001 movt s0, s1, 2");
COMPARE(movt(t2, t3, 3),
"016d5001 movt t2, t3, 3");
COMPARE(movt(v0, v1, 7),
"007d1001 movt v0, v1, 7");
COMPARE(movf(a0, a1, 0),
"00a02001 movf a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(movf(s0, s1, 4),
"02308001 movf s0, s1, 4");
COMPARE(movf(t2, t3, 5),
"01745001 movf t2, t3, 5");
COMPARE(movf(v0, v1, 6),
"00781001 movf v0, v1, 6");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(clz(a0, a1),
"00a02050 clz a0, a1");
COMPARE(clz(s6, s7),
"02e0b050 clz s6, s7");
COMPARE(clz(v0, v1),
"00601050 clz v0, v1");
} else {
COMPARE(clz(a0, a1),
"70a42020 clz a0, a1");
COMPARE(clz(s6, s7),
"72f6b020 clz s6, s7");
COMPARE(clz(v0, v1),
"70621020 clz v0, v1");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2) || IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(seb(a0, a1), "7c052420 seb a0, a1");
COMPARE(seb(s6, s7), "7c17b420 seb s6, s7");
COMPARE(seb(v0, v1), "7c031420 seb v0, v1");
COMPARE(seh(a0, a1), "7c052620 seh a0, a1");
COMPARE(seh(s6, s7), "7c17b620 seh s6, s7");
COMPARE(seh(v0, v1), "7c031620 seh v0, v1");
COMPARE(wsbh(a0, a1), "7c0520a0 wsbh a0, a1");
COMPARE(wsbh(s6, s7), "7c17b0a0 wsbh s6, s7");
COMPARE(wsbh(v0, v1), "7c0310a0 wsbh v0, v1");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2) || IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(ins_(a0, a1, 31, 1),
"7ca4ffc4 ins a0, a1, 31, 1");
COMPARE(ins_(s6, s7, 30, 2),
"7ef6ff84 ins s6, s7, 30, 2");
COMPARE(ins_(v0, v1, 0, 32),
"7c62f804 ins v0, v1, 0, 32");
COMPARE(ext_(a0, a1, 31, 1),
"7ca407c0 ext a0, a1, 31, 1");
COMPARE(ext_(s6, s7, 30, 2),
"7ef60f80 ext s6, s7, 30, 2");
COMPARE(ext_(v0, v1, 0, 32),
"7c62f800 ext v0, v1, 0, 32");
COMPARE(add_s(f4, f6, f8), "46083100 add.s f4, f6, f8");
COMPARE(add_d(f12, f14, f16), "46307300 add.d f12, f14, f16");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(bitswap(a0, a1), "7c052020 bitswap a0, a1");
COMPARE(bitswap(t8, s0), "7c10c020 bitswap t8, s0");
COMPARE(abs_s(f6, f8), "46004185 abs.s f6, f8");
COMPARE(abs_d(f10, f12), "46206285 abs.d f10, f12");
COMPARE(div_s(f2, f4, f6), "46062083 div.s f2, f4, f6");
COMPARE(div_d(f2, f4, f6), "46262083 div.d f2, f4, f6");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(align(v0, a0, a1, 0), "7c851220 align v0, a0, a1, 0");
COMPARE(align(v0, a0, a1, 1), "7c851260 align v0, a0, a1, 1");
COMPARE(align(v0, a0, a1, 2), "7c8512a0 align v0, a0, a1, 2");
COMPARE(align(v0, a0, a1, 3), "7c8512e0 align v0, a0, a1, 3");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(aluipc(v0, 0), "ec5f0000 aluipc v0, 0");
COMPARE(aluipc(v0, 1), "ec5f0001 aluipc v0, 1");
COMPARE(aluipc(v0, 32767), "ec5f7fff aluipc v0, 32767");
COMPARE(aluipc(v0, -32768), "ec5f8000 aluipc v0, -32768");
COMPARE(aluipc(v0, -1), "ec5fffff aluipc v0, -1");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(auipc(t8, 0), "ef1e0000 auipc t8, 0");
COMPARE(auipc(t8, 1), "ef1e0001 auipc t8, 1");
COMPARE(auipc(t8, 32767), "ef1e7fff auipc t8, 32767");
COMPARE(auipc(t8, -32768), "ef1e8000 auipc t8, -32768");
COMPARE(auipc(t8, -1), "ef1effff auipc t8, -1");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(lwpc(t1, 0), "ed280000 lwpc t1, 0");
COMPARE(lwpc(t1, 4), "ed280004 lwpc t1, 4");
COMPARE(lwpc(t1, -4), "ed2ffffc lwpc t1, -4");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(jic(t0, -32768), "d8088000 jic t0, -32768");
COMPARE(jic(t0, -1), "d808ffff jic t0, -1");
COMPARE(jic(t0, 0), "d8080000 jic t0, 0");
COMPARE(jic(t0, 4), "d8080004 jic t0, 4");
COMPARE(jic(t0, 32767), "d8087fff jic t0, 32767");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(addiupc(a0, 262143), "ec83ffff addiupc a0, 262143");
COMPARE(addiupc(a0, -1), "ec87ffff addiupc a0, -1");
COMPARE(addiupc(v0, 0), "ec400000 addiupc v0, 0");
COMPARE(addiupc(s1, 1), "ee200001 addiupc s1, 1");
COMPARE(addiupc(a0, -262144), "ec840000 addiupc a0, -262144");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(jialc(a0, -32768), "f8048000 jialc a0, -32768");
COMPARE(jialc(a0, -1), "f804ffff jialc a0, -1");
COMPARE(jialc(v0, 0), "f8020000 jialc v0, 0");
COMPARE(jialc(s1, 1), "f8110001 jialc s1, 1");
COMPARE(jialc(a0, 32767), "f8047fff jialc a0, 32767");
TEST(Type1) {
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(seleqz(a0, a1, a2), "00a62035 seleqz a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(selnez(a0, a1, a2), "00a62037 selnez a0, a1, a2");
COMPARE(seleqz_d(f3, f4, f5), "462520d4 seleqz.d f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(selnez_d(f3, f4, f5), "462520d7 selnez.d f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(seleqz_s(f3, f4, f5), "460520d4 seleqz.s f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(selnez_s(f3, f4, f5), "460520d7 selnez.s f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(min_d(f3, f4, f5), "462520dc min.d f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(max_d(f3, f4, f5), "462520de max.d f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(sel_s(f3, f4, f5), "460520d0 sel.s f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(sel_d(f3, f4, f5), "462520d0 sel.d f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(rint_d(f8, f6), "4620321a rint.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(rint_s(f8, f6), "4600321a rint.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(min_s(f3, f4, f5), "460520dc min.s f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(max_s(f3, f4, f5), "460520de max.s f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(mina_d(f3, f4, f5), "462520dd mina.d f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(mina_s(f3, f4, f5), "460520dd mina.s f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(maxa_d(f3, f4, f5), "462520df maxa.d f3, f4, f5");
COMPARE(maxa_s(f3, f4, f5), "460520df maxa.s f3, f4, f5");
if ((IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2) || IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) &&
IsFp64Mode()) {
COMPARE(trunc_l_d(f8, f6), "46203209 trunc.l.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(trunc_l_s(f8, f6), "46003209 trunc.l.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(round_l_s(f8, f6), "46003208 round.l.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(round_l_d(f8, f6), "46203208 round.l.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(floor_l_s(f8, f6), "4600320b floor.l.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(floor_l_d(f8, f6), "4620320b floor.l.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(ceil_l_s(f8, f6), "4600320a ceil.l.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(ceil_l_d(f8, f6), "4620320a ceil.l.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(trunc_w_d(f8, f6), "4620320d trunc.w.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(trunc_w_s(f8, f6), "4600320d trunc.w.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(round_w_s(f8, f6), "4600320c round.w.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(round_w_d(f8, f6), "4620320c round.w.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(floor_w_s(f8, f6), "4600320f floor.w.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(floor_w_d(f8, f6), "4620320f floor.w.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(ceil_w_s(f8, f6), "4600320e ceil.w.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(ceil_w_d(f8, f6), "4620320e ceil.w.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(sub_s(f10, f8, f6), "46064281 sub.s f10, f8, f6");
COMPARE(sub_d(f10, f8, f6), "46264281 sub.d f10, f8, f6");
COMPARE(sqrt_s(f8, f6), "46003204 sqrt.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(sqrt_d(f8, f6), "46203204 sqrt.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(neg_s(f8, f6), "46003207 neg.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(neg_d(f8, f6), "46203207 neg.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(mul_s(f8, f6, f4), "46043202 mul.s f8, f6, f4");
COMPARE(mul_d(f8, f6, f4), "46243202 mul.d f8, f6, f4");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2) || IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(rsqrt_s(f8, f6), "46003216 rsqrt.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(rsqrt_d(f8, f6), "46203216 rsqrt.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(recip_s(f8, f6), "46003215 recip.s f8, f6");
COMPARE(recip_d(f8, f6), "46203215 recip.d f8, f6");
COMPARE(mov_s(f6, f4), "46002186 mov.s f6, f4");
COMPARE(mov_d(f6, f4), "46202186 mov.d f6, f4");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2)) {
COMPARE(movz_s(f6, f4, t0), "46082192 movz.s f6, f4, t0");
COMPARE(movz_d(f6, f4, t0), "46282192 movz.d f6, f4, t0");
COMPARE(movt_s(f6, f4, 4), "46112191 movt.s f6, f4, cc(1)");
COMPARE(movt_d(f6, f4, 4), "46312191 movt.d f6, f4, cc(1)");
COMPARE(movf_s(f6, f4, 4), "46102191 movf.s f6, f4, cc(1)");
COMPARE(movf_d(f6, f4, 4), "46302191 movf.d f6, f4, cc(1)");
COMPARE(movn_s(f6, f4, t0), "46082193 movn.s f6, f4, t0");
COMPARE(movn_d(f6, f4, t0), "46282193 movn.d f6, f4, t0");
TEST(Type2) {
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(class_s(f3, f4), "460020db class.s f3, f4");
COMPARE(class_d(f2, f3), "4620189b class.d f2, f3");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r1) || IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2)) {
COMPARE(c_s(F, f8, f10, 0), "460a4030 c.f.s f8, f10, cc(0)");
COMPARE(c_d(F, f8, f10, 0), "462a4030 c.f.d f8, f10, cc(0)");
COMPARE(c_s(UN, f8, f10, 2), "460a4231 c.un.s f8, f10, cc(2)");
COMPARE(c_d(UN, f8, f10, 2), "462a4231 c.un.d f8, f10, cc(2)");
COMPARE(c_s(EQ, f8, f10, 4), "460a4432 c.eq.s f8, f10, cc(4)");
COMPARE(c_d(EQ, f8, f10, 4), "462a4432 c.eq.d f8, f10, cc(4)");
COMPARE(c_s(UEQ, f8, f10, 6), "460a4633 c.ueq.s f8, f10, cc(6)");
COMPARE(c_d(UEQ, f8, f10, 6), "462a4633 c.ueq.d f8, f10, cc(6)");
COMPARE(c_s(OLT, f8, f10, 0), "460a4034 c.olt.s f8, f10, cc(0)");
COMPARE(c_d(OLT, f8, f10, 0), "462a4034 c.olt.d f8, f10, cc(0)");
COMPARE(c_s(ULT, f8, f10, 2), "460a4235 c.ult.s f8, f10, cc(2)");
COMPARE(c_d(ULT, f8, f10, 2), "462a4235 c.ult.d f8, f10, cc(2)");
COMPARE(c_s(OLE, f8, f10, 4), "460a4436 c.ole.s f8, f10, cc(4)");
COMPARE(c_d(OLE, f8, f10, 4), "462a4436 c.ole.d f8, f10, cc(4)");
COMPARE(c_s(ULE, f8, f10, 6), "460a4637 c.ule.s f8, f10, cc(6)");
COMPARE(c_d(ULE, f8, f10, 6), "462a4637 c.ule.d f8, f10, cc(6)");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(cmp_s(F, f6, f8, f10), "468a4180 f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(F, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4180 f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(UN, f6, f8, f10), "468a4181 cmp.un.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(UN, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4181 cmp.un.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(EQ, f6, f8, f10), "468a4182 cmp.eq.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(EQ, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4182 cmp.eq.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(UEQ, f6, f8, f10), "468a4183 cmp.ueq.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(UEQ, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4183 cmp.ueq.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(LT, f6, f8, f10), "468a4184 f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(LT, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4184 f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(ULT, f6, f8, f10), "468a4185 cmp.ult.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(ULT, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4185 cmp.ult.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(LE, f6, f8, f10), "468a4186 cmp.le.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(LE, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4186 cmp.le.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(ULE, f6, f8, f10), "468a4187 cmp.ule.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(ULE, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4187 cmp.ule.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(ORD, f6, f8, f10), "468a4191 cmp.or.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(ORD, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4191 cmp.or.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(UNE, f6, f8, f10), "468a4192 cmp.une.s f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(UNE, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4192 cmp.une.d f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_s(NE, f6, f8, f10), "468a4193 f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cmp_d(NE, f6, f8, f10), "46aa4193 f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(cvt_d_s(f22, f24), "4600c5a1 cvt.d.s f22, f24");
COMPARE(cvt_d_w(f22, f24), "4680c5a1 cvt.d.w f22, f24");
COMPARE(cvt_s_d(f22, f24), "4620c5a0 cvt.s.d f22, f24");
COMPARE(cvt_s_w(f22, f24), "4680c5a0 cvt.s.w f22, f24");
if ((IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2) || IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) &&
IsFp64Mode()) {
COMPARE(cvt_d_l(f22, f24), "46a0c5a1 cvt.d.l f22, f24");
COMPARE(cvt_l_d(f22, f24), "4620c5a5 cvt.l.d f22, f24");
COMPARE(cvt_s_l(f22, f24), "46a0c5a0 cvt.s.l f22, f24");
COMPARE(cvt_l_s(f22, f24), "4600c5a5 cvt.l.s f22, f24");
TEST(ctc1_cfc1_disasm) {
COMPARE(abs_d(f10, f31), "4620fa85 abs.d f10, f31");
COMPARE(ceil_w_s(f8, f31), "4600fa0e ceil.w.s f8, f31");
COMPARE(ctc1(a0, FCSR), "44c4f800 ctc1 a0, FCSR");
COMPARE(cfc1(a0, FCSR), "4444f800 cfc1 a0, FCSR");
TEST(madd_msub_maddf_msubf) {
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r2)) {
COMPARE(madd_s(f4, f6, f8, f10), "4cca4120 madd.s f4, f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(madd_d(f4, f6, f8, f10), "4cca4121 madd.d f4, f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(msub_s(f4, f6, f8, f10), "4cca4128 msub.s f4, f6, f8, f10");
COMPARE(msub_d(f4, f6, f8, f10), "4cca4129 msub.d f4, f6, f8, f10");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(maddf_s(f4, f8, f10), "460a4118 maddf.s f4, f8, f10");
COMPARE(maddf_d(f4, f8, f10), "462a4118 maddf.d f4, f8, f10");
COMPARE(msubf_s(f4, f8, f10), "460a4119 msubf.s f4, f8, f10");
COMPARE(msubf_d(f4, f8, f10), "462a4119 msubf.d f4, f8, f10");
TEST(atomic_load_store) {
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6)) {
COMPARE(ll(v0, MemOperand(v1, -1)), "7c62ffb6 ll v0, -1(v1)");
COMPARE(sc(v0, MemOperand(v1, 1)), "7c6200a6 sc v0, 1(v1)");
} else {
COMPARE(ll(v0, MemOperand(v1, -1)), "c062ffff ll v0, -1(v1)");
COMPARE(sc(v0, MemOperand(v1, 1)), "e0620001 sc v0, 1(v1)");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bnz_b(w0, 1), "47800001 bnz.b w0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bnz_h(w1, -1), "47a1ffff bnz.h w1, -1", -1);
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bnz_w(w2, 32767), "47c27fff bnz.w w2, 32767",
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bnz_d(w3, -32768), "47e38000 bnz.d w3, -32768",
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bnz_v(w0, static_cast<int16_t>(0)),
"45e00000 bnz.v w0, 0", 0);
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bz_b(w0, 1), "47000001 bz.b w0, 1", 1);
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bz_h(w1, -1), "4721ffff bz.h w1, -1", -1);
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bz_w(w2, 32767), "47427fff bz.w w2, 32767",
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bz_d(w3, -32768), "47638000 bz.d w3, -32768",
COMPARE_MSA_BRANCH(bz_v(w0, static_cast<int16_t>(0)),
"45600000 bz.v w0, 0", 0);
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(ld_b(w0, MemOperand(at, -512)),
"7a000820 ld.b w0, -512(at)");
COMPARE(ld_b(w1, MemOperand(v0, 0)), "78001060 ld.b w1, 0(v0)");
COMPARE(ld_b(w2, MemOperand(v1, 511)), "79ff18a0 ld.b w2, 511(v1)");
COMPARE(ld_h(w4, MemOperand(a1, -512)),
"7a002921 ld.h w4, -512(a1)");
COMPARE(ld_h(w5, MemOperand(a2, 64)), "78403161 ld.h w5, 64(a2)");
COMPARE(ld_h(w6, MemOperand(a3, 511)), "79ff39a1 ld.h w6, 511(a3)");
COMPARE(ld_w(w10, MemOperand(t3, -512)),
"7a005aa2 ld.w w10, -512(t3)");
COMPARE(ld_w(w11, MemOperand(t4, 511)),
"79ff62e2 ld.w w11, 511(t4)");
COMPARE(ld_w(w12, MemOperand(t5, -128)),
"7b806b22 ld.w w12, -128(t5)");
COMPARE(ld_d(w17, MemOperand(s2, -512)),
"7a009463 ld.d w17, -512(s2)");
COMPARE(ld_d(w18, MemOperand(s3, 128)),
"78809ca3 ld.d w18, 128(s3)");
COMPARE(ld_d(w19, MemOperand(s4, 511)),
"79ffa4e3 ld.d w19, 511(s4)");
COMPARE(st_b(w0, MemOperand(at, -512)),
"7a000824 st.b w0, -512(at)");
COMPARE(st_b(w1, MemOperand(v0, 0)), "78001064 st.b w1, 0(v0)");
COMPARE(st_b(w2, MemOperand(v1, 511)), "79ff18a4 st.b w2, 511(v1)");
COMPARE(st_h(w4, MemOperand(a1, -512)),
"7a002925 st.h w4, -512(a1)");
COMPARE(st_h(w5, MemOperand(a2, 64)), "78403165 st.h w5, 64(a2)");
COMPARE(st_h(w6, MemOperand(a3, 511)), "79ff39a5 st.h w6, 511(a3)");
COMPARE(st_w(w10, MemOperand(t3, -512)),
"7a005aa6 st.w w10, -512(t3)");
COMPARE(st_w(w11, MemOperand(t4, 511)),
"79ff62e6 st.w w11, 511(t4)");
COMPARE(st_w(w12, MemOperand(t5, -128)),
"7b806b26 st.w w12, -128(t5)");
COMPARE(st_d(w17, MemOperand(s2, -512)),
"7a009467 st.d w17, -512(s2)");
COMPARE(st_d(w18, MemOperand(s3, 128)),
"78809ca7 st.d w18, 128(s3)");
COMPARE(st_d(w19, MemOperand(s4, 511)),
"79ffa4e7 st.d w19, 511(s4)");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(addvi_b(w3, w31, 30), "781ef8c6 addvi.b w3, w31, 30");
COMPARE(addvi_h(w24, w13, 26), "783a6e06 addvi.h w24, w13, 26");
COMPARE(addvi_w(w26, w20, 26), "785aa686 addvi.w w26, w20, 26");
COMPARE(addvi_d(w16, w1, 21), "78750c06 addvi.d w16, w1, 21");
COMPARE(ceqi_b(w24, w21, -8), "7818ae07 ceqi.b w24, w21, -8");
COMPARE(ceqi_h(w31, w15, 2), "78227fc7 ceqi.h w31, w15, 2");
COMPARE(ceqi_w(w12, w1, -1), "785f0b07 ceqi.w w12, w1, -1");
COMPARE(ceqi_d(w24, w22, 7), "7867b607 ceqi.d w24, w22, 7");
COMPARE(clei_s_b(w12, w16, 1), "7a018307 clei_s.b w12, w16, 1");
COMPARE(clei_s_h(w2, w10, -9), "7a375087 clei_s.h w2, w10, -9");
COMPARE(clei_s_w(w4, w11, -10), "7a565907 clei_s.w w4, w11, -10");
COMPARE(clei_s_d(w0, w29, -10), "7a76e807 clei_s.d w0, w29, -10");
COMPARE(clei_u_b(w21, w17, 3), "7a838d47 clei_u.b w21, w17, 3");
COMPARE(clei_u_h(w29, w7, 17), "7ab13f47 clei_u.h w29, w7, 17");
COMPARE(clei_u_w(w1, w1, 2), "7ac20847 clei_u.w w1, w1, 2");
COMPARE(clei_u_d(w27, w27, 29), "7afddec7 clei_u.d w27, w27, 29");
COMPARE(clti_s_b(w19, w13, -7), "79196cc7 clti_s.b w19, w13, -7");
COMPARE(clti_s_h(w15, w10, -12), "793453c7 clti_s.h w15, w10, -12");
COMPARE(clti_s_w(w12, w12, 11), "794b6307 clti_s.w w12, w12, 11");
COMPARE(clti_s_d(w29, w20, -15), "7971a747 clti_s.d w29, w20, -15");
COMPARE(clti_u_b(w14, w9, 29), "799d4b87 clti_u.b w14, w9, 29");
COMPARE(clti_u_h(w24, w25, 25), "79b9ce07 clti_u.h w24, w25, 25");
COMPARE(clti_u_w(w1, w1, 22), "79d60847 clti_u.w w1, w1, 22");
COMPARE(clti_u_d(w21, w25, 1), "79e1cd47 clti_u.d w21, w25, 1");
COMPARE(maxi_s_b(w22, w21, 1), "7901ad86 maxi_s.b w22, w21, 1");
COMPARE(maxi_s_h(w29, w5, -8), "79382f46 maxi_s.h w29, w5, -8");
COMPARE(maxi_s_w(w1, w10, -12), "79545046 maxi_s.w w1, w10, -12");
COMPARE(maxi_s_d(w13, w29, -16), "7970eb46 maxi_s.d w13, w29, -16");
COMPARE(maxi_u_b(w20, w0, 12), "798c0506 maxi_u.b w20, w0, 12");
COMPARE(maxi_u_h(w1, w14, 3), "79a37046 maxi_u.h w1, w14, 3");
COMPARE(maxi_u_w(w27, w22, 11), "79cbb6c6 maxi_u.w w27, w22, 11");
COMPARE(maxi_u_d(w26, w6, 4), "79e43686 maxi_u.d w26, w6, 4");
COMPARE(mini_s_b(w4, w1, 1), "7a010906 mini_s.b w4, w1, 1");
COMPARE(mini_s_h(w27, w27, -9), "7a37dec6 mini_s.h w27, w27, -9");
COMPARE(mini_s_w(w28, w11, 9), "7a495f06 mini_s.w w28, w11, 9");
COMPARE(mini_s_d(w11, w10, 10), "7a6a52c6 mini_s.d w11, w10, 10");
COMPARE(mini_u_b(w18, w23, 27), "7a9bbc86 mini_u.b w18, w23, 27");
COMPARE(mini_u_h(w7, w26, 18), "7ab2d1c6 mini_u.h w7, w26, 18");
COMPARE(mini_u_w(w11, w12, 26), "7ada62c6 mini_u.w w11, w12, 26");
COMPARE(mini_u_d(w11, w15, 2), "7ae27ac6 mini_u.d w11, w15, 2");
COMPARE(subvi_b(w24, w20, 19), "7893a606 subvi.b w24, w20, 19");
COMPARE(subvi_h(w11, w19, 4), "78a49ac6 subvi.h w11, w19, 4");
COMPARE(subvi_w(w12, w10, 11), "78cb5306 subvi.w w12, w10, 11");
COMPARE(subvi_d(w19, w16, 7), "78e784c6 subvi.d w19, w16, 7");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(ldi_b(w8, 198), "7b063207 ldi.b w8, 198");
COMPARE(ldi_h(w20, 313), "7b29cd07 ldi.h w20, 313");
COMPARE(ldi_w(w24, 492), "7b4f6607 ldi.w w24, 492");
COMPARE(ldi_d(w27, -180), "7b7a66c7 ldi.d w27, -180");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(andi_b(w2, w29, 48), "7830e880 andi.b w2, w29, 48");
COMPARE(bmnzi_b(w6, w22, 126), "787eb181 bmnzi.b w6, w22, 126");
COMPARE(bmzi_b(w27, w1, 88), "79580ec1 bmzi.b w27, w1, 88");
COMPARE(bseli_b(w29, w3, 189), "7abd1f41 bseli.b w29, w3, 189");
COMPARE(nori_b(w1, w17, 56), "7a388840 nori.b w1, w17, 56");
COMPARE(ori_b(w26, w20, 135), "7987a680 ori.b w26, w20, 135");
COMPARE(shf_b(w19, w30, 105), "7869f4c2 shf.b w19, w30, 105");
COMPARE(shf_h(w17, w8, 76), "794c4442 shf.h w17, w8, 76");
COMPARE(shf_w(w14, w3, 93), "7a5d1b82 shf.w w14, w3, 93");
COMPARE(xori_b(w16, w10, 20), "7b145400 xori.b w16, w10, 20");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(and_v(w25, w20, w27), "781ba65e and.v w25, w20, w27");
COMPARE(bmnz_v(w17, w6, w7), "7887345e bmnz.v w17, w6, w7");
COMPARE(bmz_v(w3, w17, w9), "78a988de bmz.v w3, w17, w9");
COMPARE(bsel_v(w8, w0, w14), "78ce021e bsel.v w8, w0, w14");
COMPARE(nor_v(w7, w31, w0), "7840f9de nor.v w7, w31, w0");
COMPARE(or_v(w24, w26, w30), "783ed61e or.v w24, w26, w30");
COMPARE(xor_v(w7, w27, w15), "786fd9de xor.v w7, w27, w15");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(fill_b(w30, t1), "7b004f9e fill.b w30, t1");
COMPARE(fill_h(w31, s7), "7b01bfde fill.h w31, s7");
COMPARE(fill_w(w16, t8), "7b02c41e fill.w w16, t8");
COMPARE(nloc_b(w21, w0), "7b08055e nloc.b w21, w0");
COMPARE(nloc_h(w18, w31), "7b09fc9e nloc.h w18, w31");
COMPARE(nloc_w(w2, w23), "7b0ab89e nloc.w w2, w23");
COMPARE(nloc_d(w4, w10), "7b0b511e nloc.d w4, w10");
COMPARE(nlzc_b(w31, w2), "7b0c17de nlzc.b w31, w2");
COMPARE(nlzc_h(w27, w22), "7b0db6de nlzc.h w27, w22");
COMPARE(nlzc_w(w10, w29), "7b0eea9e nlzc.w w10, w29");
COMPARE(nlzc_d(w25, w9), "7b0f4e5e nlzc.d w25, w9");
COMPARE(pcnt_b(w20, w18), "7b04951e pcnt.b w20, w18");
COMPARE(pcnt_h(w0, w8), "7b05401e pcnt.h w0, w8");
COMPARE(pcnt_w(w23, w9), "7b064dde pcnt.w w23, w9");
COMPARE(pcnt_d(w21, w24), "7b07c55e pcnt.d w21, w24");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(fclass_w(w26, w12), "7b20669e fclass.w w26, w12");
COMPARE(fclass_d(w24, w17), "7b218e1e fclass.d w24, w17");
COMPARE(fexupl_w(w8, w0), "7b30021e fexupl.w w8, w0");
COMPARE(fexupl_d(w17, w29), "7b31ec5e fexupl.d w17, w29");
COMPARE(fexupr_w(w13, w4), "7b32235e fexupr.w w13, w4");
COMPARE(fexupr_d(w5, w2), "7b33115e fexupr.d w5, w2");
COMPARE(ffint_s_w(w20, w29), "7b3ced1e ffint_s.w w20, w29");
COMPARE(ffint_s_d(w12, w15), "7b3d7b1e ffint_s.d w12, w15");
COMPARE(ffint_u_w(w7, w27), "7b3ed9de ffint_u.w w7, w27");
COMPARE(ffint_u_d(w19, w16), "7b3f84de ffint_u.d w19, w16");
COMPARE(ffql_w(w31, w13), "7b346fde ffql.w w31, w13");
COMPARE(ffql_d(w12, w13), "7b356b1e ffql.d w12, w13");
COMPARE(ffqr_w(w27, w30), "7b36f6de ffqr.w w27, w30");
COMPARE(ffqr_d(w30, w15), "7b377f9e ffqr.d w30, w15");
COMPARE(flog2_w(w25, w31), "7b2efe5e flog2.w w25, w31");
COMPARE(flog2_d(w18, w10), "7b2f549e flog2.d w18, w10");
COMPARE(frint_w(w7, w15), "7b2c79de frint.w w7, w15");
COMPARE(frint_d(w21, w22), "7b2db55e frint.d w21, w22");
COMPARE(frcp_w(w19, w0), "7b2a04de frcp.w w19, w0");
COMPARE(frcp_d(w4, w14), "7b2b711e frcp.d w4, w14");
COMPARE(frsqrt_w(w12, w17), "7b288b1e frsqrt.w w12, w17");
COMPARE(frsqrt_d(w23, w11), "7b295dde frsqrt.d w23, w11");
COMPARE(fsqrt_w(w0, w11), "7b26581e fsqrt.w w0, w11");
COMPARE(fsqrt_d(w15, w12), "7b2763de fsqrt.d w15, w12");
COMPARE(ftint_s_w(w30, w5), "7b382f9e ftint_s.w w30, w5");
COMPARE(ftint_s_d(w5, w23), "7b39b95e ftint_s.d w5, w23");
COMPARE(ftint_u_w(w20, w14), "7b3a751e ftint_u.w w20, w14");
COMPARE(ftint_u_d(w23, w21), "7b3badde ftint_u.d w23, w21");
COMPARE(ftrunc_s_w(w29, w17), "7b228f5e ftrunc_s.w w29, w17");
COMPARE(ftrunc_s_d(w12, w27), "7b23db1e ftrunc_s.d w12, w27");
COMPARE(ftrunc_u_w(w17, w15), "7b247c5e ftrunc_u.w w17, w15");
COMPARE(ftrunc_u_d(w5, w27), "7b25d95e ftrunc_u.d w5, w27");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(add_a_b(w26, w9, w4), "78044e90 add_a.b w26, w9, w4");
COMPARE(add_a_h(w23, w27, w31), "783fddd0 add_a.h w23, w27, w31");
COMPARE(add_a_w(w11, w6, w22), "785632d0 add_a.w w11, w6, w22");
COMPARE(add_a_d(w6, w10, w0), "78605190 add_a.d w6, w10, w0");
COMPARE(adds_a_b(w19, w24, w19), "7893c4d0 adds_a.b w19, w24, w19");
COMPARE(adds_a_h(w25, w6, w4), "78a43650 adds_a.h w25, w6, w4");
COMPARE(adds_a_w(w25, w17, w27), "78db8e50 adds_a.w w25, w17, w27");
COMPARE(adds_a_d(w15, w18, w26), "78fa93d0 adds_a.d w15, w18, w26");
COMPARE(adds_s_b(w29, w11, w19), "79135f50 adds_s.b w29, w11, w19");
COMPARE(adds_s_h(w5, w23, w26), "793ab950 adds_s.h w5, w23, w26");
COMPARE(adds_s_w(w16, w14, w13), "794d7410 adds_s.w w16, w14, w13");
COMPARE(adds_s_d(w2, w14, w28), "797c7090 adds_s.d w2, w14, w28");
COMPARE(adds_u_b(w3, w17, w14), "798e88d0 adds_u.b w3, w17, w14");
COMPARE(adds_u_h(w10, w30, w4), "79a4f290 adds_u.h w10, w30, w4");
COMPARE(adds_u_w(w15, w18, w20), "79d493d0 adds_u.w w15, w18, w20");
COMPARE(adds_u_d(w30, w10, w9), "79e95790 adds_u.d w30, w10, w9");
COMPARE(addv_b(w24, w20, w21), "7815a60e addv.b w24, w20, w21");
COMPARE(addv_h(w4, w13, w27), "783b690e addv.h w4, w13, w27");
COMPARE(addv_w(w19, w11, w14), "784e5cce addv.w w19, w11, w14");
COMPARE(addv_d(w2, w21, w31), "787fa88e addv.d w2, w21, w31");
COMPARE(asub_s_b(w23, w16, w3), "7a0385d1 asub_s.b w23, w16, w3");
COMPARE(asub_s_h(w22, w17, w25), "7a398d91 asub_s.h w22, w17, w25");
COMPARE(asub_s_w(w24, w1, w9), "7a490e11 asub_s.w w24, w1, w9");
COMPARE(asub_s_d(w13, w12, w12), "7a6c6351 asub_s.d w13, w12, w12");
COMPARE(asub_u_b(w10, w29, w11), "7a8bea91 asub_u.b w10, w29, w11");
COMPARE(asub_u_h(w18, w9, w15), "7aaf4c91 asub_u.h w18, w9, w15");
COMPARE(asub_u_w(w10, w19, w31), "7adf9a91 asub_u.w w10, w19, w31");
COMPARE(asub_u_d(w17, w10, w0), "7ae05451 asub_u.d w17, w10, w0");
COMPARE(ave_s_b(w2, w5, w1), "7a012890 ave_s.b w2, w5, w1");
COMPARE(ave_s_h(w16, w19, w9), "7a299c10 ave_s.h w16, w19, w9");
COMPARE(ave_s_w(w17, w31, w5), "7a45fc50 ave_s.w w17, w31, w5");
COMPARE(ave_s_d(w27, w25, w10), "7a6aced0 ave_s.d w27, w25, w10");
COMPARE(ave_u_b(w16, w19, w9), "7a899c10 ave_u.b w16, w19, w9");
COMPARE(ave_u_h(w28, w28, w11), "7aabe710 ave_u.h w28, w28, w11");
COMPARE(ave_u_w(w11, w12, w11), "7acb62d0 ave_u.w w11, w12, w11");
COMPARE(ave_u_d(w30, w19, w28), "7afc9f90 ave_u.d w30, w19, w28");
COMPARE(aver_s_b(w26, w16, w2), "7b028690 aver_s.b w26, w16, w2");
COMPARE(aver_s_h(w31, w27, w27), "7b3bdfd0 aver_s.h w31, w27, w27");
COMPARE(aver_s_w(w28, w18, w25), "7b599710 aver_s.w w28, w18, w25");
COMPARE(aver_s_d(w29, w21, w27), "7b7baf50 aver_s.d w29, w21, w27");
COMPARE(aver_u_b(w29, w26, w3), "7b83d750 aver_u.b w29, w26, w3");
COMPARE(aver_u_h(w18, w18, w9), "7ba99490 aver_u.h w18, w18, w9");
COMPARE(aver_u_w(w17, w25, w29), "7bddcc50 aver_u.w w17, w25, w29");
COMPARE(aver_u_d(w22, w22, w19), "7bf3b590 aver_u.d w22, w22, w19");
COMPARE(bclr_b(w2, w15, w29), "799d788d bclr.b w2, w15, w29");
COMPARE(bclr_h(w16, w21, w28), "79bcac0d bclr.h w16, w21, w28");
COMPARE(bclr_w(w19, w2, w9), "79c914cd bclr.w w19, w2, w9");
COMPARE(bclr_d(w27, w31, w4), "79e4fecd bclr.d w27, w31, w4");
COMPARE(binsl_b(w5, w16, w24), "7b18814d binsl.b w5, w16, w24");
COMPARE(binsl_h(w30, w5, w10), "7b2a2f8d binsl.h w30, w5, w10");
COMPARE(binsl_w(w14, w15, w13), "7b4d7b8d binsl.w w14, w15, w13");
COMPARE(binsl_d(w23, w20, w12), "7b6ca5cd binsl.d w23, w20, w12");
COMPARE(binsr_b(w22, w11, w2), "7b825d8d binsr.b w22, w11, w2");
COMPARE(binsr_h(w0, w26, w6), "7ba6d00d binsr.h w0, w26, w6");
COMPARE(binsr_w(w26, w3, w28), "7bdc1e8d binsr.w w26, w3, w28");
COMPARE(binsr_d(w0, w0, w21), "7bf5000d binsr.d w0, w0, w21");
COMPARE(bneg_b(w0, w11, w24), "7a98580d bneg.b w0, w11, w24");
COMPARE(bneg_h(w28, w16, w4), "7aa4870d bneg.h w28, w16, w4");
COMPARE(bneg_w(w3, w26, w19), "7ad3d0cd bneg.w w3, w26, w19");
COMPARE(bneg_d(w13, w29, w15), "7aefeb4d bneg.d w13, w29, w15");
COMPARE(bset_b(w31, w5, w31), "7a1f2fcd bset.b w31, w5, w31");
COMPARE(bset_h(w14, w12, w6), "7a26638d bset.h w14, w12, w6");
COMPARE(bset_w(w31, w9, w12), "7a4c4fcd bset.w w31, w9, w12");
COMPARE(bset_d(w5, w22, w5), "7a65b14d bset.d w5, w22, w5");
COMPARE(ceq_b(w31, w31, w18), "7812ffcf ceq.b w31, w31, w18");
COMPARE(ceq_h(w10, w27, w9), "7829da8f ceq.h w10, w27, w9");
COMPARE(ceq_w(w9, w5, w14), "784e2a4f ceq.w w9, w5, w14");
COMPARE(ceq_d(w5, w17, w0), "7860894f ceq.d w5, w17, w0");
COMPARE(cle_s_b(w23, w4, w9), "7a0925cf cle_s.b w23, w4, w9");
COMPARE(cle_s_h(w22, w27, w19), "7a33dd8f cle_s.h w22, w27, w19");
COMPARE(cle_s_w(w30, w26, w10), "7a4ad78f cle_s.w w30, w26, w10");
COMPARE(cle_s_d(w18, w5, w10), "7a6a2c8f cle_s.d w18, w5, w10");
COMPARE(cle_u_b(w1, w25, w0), "7a80c84f cle_u.b w1, w25, w0");
COMPARE(cle_u_h(w7, w0, w29), "7abd01cf cle_u.h w7, w0, w29");
COMPARE(cle_u_w(w25, w18, w1), "7ac1964f cle_u.w w25, w18, w1");
COMPARE(cle_u_d(w6, w0, w30), "7afe018f cle_u.d w6, w0, w30");
COMPARE(clt_s_b(w25, w2, w21), "7915164f clt_s.b w25, w2, w21");
COMPARE(clt_s_h(w2, w19, w9), "7929988f clt_s.h w2, w19, w9");
COMPARE(clt_s_w(w23, w8, w16), "795045cf clt_s.w w23, w8, w16");
COMPARE(clt_s_d(w7, w30, w12), "796cf1cf clt_s.d w7, w30, w12");
COMPARE(clt_u_b(w2, w31, w13), "798df88f clt_u.b w2, w31, w13");
COMPARE(clt_u_h(w16, w31, w23), "79b7fc0f clt_u.h w16, w31, w23");
COMPARE(clt_u_w(w3, w24, w9), "79c9c0cf clt_u.w w3, w24, w9");
COMPARE(clt_u_d(w7, w0, w1), "79e101cf clt_u.d w7, w0, w1");
COMPARE(div_s_b(w29, w3, w18), "7a121f52 div_s.b w29, w3, w18");
COMPARE(div_s_h(w17, w16, w13), "7a2d8452 div_s.h w17, w16, w13");
COMPARE(div_s_w(w4, w25, w30), "7a5ec912 div_s.w w4, w25, w30");
COMPARE(div_s_d(w31, w9, w20), "7a744fd2 div_s.d w31, w9, w20");
COMPARE(div_u_b(w6, w29, w10), "7a8ae992 div_u.b w6, w29, w10");
COMPARE(div_u_h(w24, w21, w14), "7aaeae12 div_u.h w24, w21, w14");
COMPARE(div_u_w(w29, w14, w25), "7ad97752 div_u.w w29, w14, w25");
COMPARE(div_u_d(w31, w1, w21), "7af50fd2 div_u.d w31, w1, w21");
COMPARE(dotp_s_h(w23, w22, w25), "7839b5d3 dotp_s.h w23, w22, w25");
COMPARE(dotp_s_w(w20, w14, w5), "78457513 dotp_s.w w20, w14, w5");
COMPARE(dotp_s_d(w17, w2, w22), "78761453 dotp_s.d w17, w2, w22");
COMPARE(dotp_u_h(w13, w2, w6), "78a61353 dotp_u.h w13, w2, w6");
COMPARE(dotp_u_w(w15, w22, w21), "78d5b3d3 dotp_u.w w15, w22, w21");
COMPARE(dotp_u_d(w4, w16, w26), "78fa8113 dotp_u.d w4, w16, w26");
COMPARE(dpadd_s_h(w1, w28, w22), "7936e053 dpadd_s.h w1, w28, w22");
COMPARE(dpadd_s_w(w10, w1, w12), "794c0a93 dpadd_s.w w10, w1, w12");
COMPARE(dpadd_s_d(w3, w21, w27), "797ba8d3 dpadd_s.d w3, w21, w27");
COMPARE(dpadd_u_h(w17, w5, w20), "79b42c53 dpadd_u.h w17, w5, w20");
COMPARE(dpadd_u_w(w24, w8, w16), "79d04613 dpadd_u.w w24, w8, w16");
COMPARE(dpadd_u_d(w15, w29, w16),
"79f0ebd3 dpadd_u.d w15, w29, w16");
COMPARE(dpsub_s_h(w4, w11, w12), "7a2c5913 dpsub_s.h w4, w11, w12");
COMPARE(dpsub_s_w(w4, w7, w6), "7a463913 dpsub_s.w w4, w7, w6");
COMPARE(dpsub_s_d(w31, w12, w28),
"7a7c67d3 dpsub_s.d w31, w12, w28");
COMPARE(dpsub_u_h(w4, w25, w17), "7ab1c913 dpsub_u.h w4, w25, w17");
COMPARE(dpsub_u_w(w19, w25, w16),
"7ad0ccd3 dpsub_u.w w19, w25, w16");
COMPARE(dpsub_u_d(w7, w10, w26), "7afa51d3 dpsub_u.d w7, w10, w26");
COMPARE(hadd_s_h(w28, w24, w2), "7a22c715 hadd_s.h w28, w24, w2");
COMPARE(hadd_s_w(w24, w17, w11), "7a4b8e15 hadd_s.w w24, w17, w11");
COMPARE(hadd_s_d(w17, w15, w20), "7a747c55 hadd_s.d w17, w15, w20");
COMPARE(hadd_u_h(w12, w29, w17), "7ab1eb15 hadd_u.h w12, w29, w17");
COMPARE(hadd_u_w(w9, w5, w6), "7ac62a55 hadd_u.w w9, w5, w6");
COMPARE(hadd_u_d(w1, w20, w6), "7ae6a055 hadd_u.d w1, w20, w6");
COMPARE(hsub_s_h(w16, w14, w29), "7b3d7415 hsub_s.h w16, w14, w29");
COMPARE(hsub_s_w(w9, w13, w11), "7b4b6a55 hsub_s.w w9, w13, w11");
COMPARE(hsub_s_d(w30, w18, w14), "7b6e9795 hsub_s.d w30, w18, w14");
COMPARE(hsub_u_h(w7, w12, w14), "7bae61d5 hsub_u.h w7, w12, w14");
COMPARE(hsub_u_w(w21, w5, w5), "7bc52d55 hsub_u.w w21, w5, w5");
COMPARE(hsub_u_d(w11, w12, w31), "7bff62d5 hsub_u.d w11, w12, w31");
COMPARE(ilvev_b(w18, w16, w30), "7b1e8494 ilvev.b w18, w16, w30");
COMPARE(ilvev_h(w14, w0, w13), "7b2d0394 ilvev.h w14, w0, w13");
COMPARE(ilvev_w(w12, w25, w22), "7b56cb14 ilvev.w w12, w25, w22");
COMPARE(ilvev_d(w30, w27, w3), "7b63df94 ilvev.d w30, w27, w3");
COMPARE(ilvl_b(w29, w3, w21), "7a151f54 ilvl.b w29, w3, w21");
COMPARE(ilvl_h(w27, w10, w17), "7a3156d4 ilvl.h w27, w10, w17");
COMPARE(ilvl_w(w6, w1, w0), "7a400994 ilvl.w w6, w1, w0");
COMPARE(ilvl_d(w3, w16, w24), "7a7880d4 ilvl.d w3, w16, w24");
COMPARE(ilvod_b(w11, w5, w20), "7b942ad4 ilvod.b w11, w5, w20");
COMPARE(ilvod_h(w18, w13, w31), "7bbf6c94 ilvod.h w18, w13, w31");
COMPARE(ilvod_w(w29, w16, w24), "7bd88754 ilvod.w w29, w16, w24");
COMPARE(ilvod_d(w22, w12, w29), "7bfd6594 ilvod.d w22, w12, w29");
COMPARE(ilvr_b(w4, w30, w6), "7a86f114 ilvr.b w4, w30, w6");
COMPARE(ilvr_h(w28, w19, w29), "7abd9f14 ilvr.h w28, w19, w29");
COMPARE(ilvr_w(w18, w20, w21), "7ad5a494 ilvr.w w18, w20, w21");
COMPARE(ilvr_d(w23, w30, w12), "7aecf5d4 ilvr.d w23, w30, w12");
COMPARE(maddv_b(w17, w31, w29), "789dfc52 maddv.b w17, w31, w29");
COMPARE(maddv_h(w7, w24, w9), "78a9c1d2 maddv.h w7, w24, w9");
COMPARE(maddv_w(w22, w22, w20), "78d4b592 maddv.w w22, w22, w20");
COMPARE(maddv_d(w30, w26, w20), "78f4d792 maddv.d w30, w26, w20");
COMPARE(max_a_b(w23, w11, w23), "7b175dce max_a.b w23, w11, w23");
COMPARE(max_a_h(w20, w5, w30), "7b3e2d0e max_a.h w20, w5, w30");
COMPARE(max_a_w(w7, w18, w30), "7b5e91ce max_a.w w7, w18, w30");
COMPARE(max_a_d(w8, w8, w31), "7b7f420e max_a.d w8, w8, w31");
COMPARE(max_s_b(w10, w1, w19), "79130a8e max_s.b w10, w1, w19");
COMPARE(max_s_h(w15, w29, w17), "7931ebce max_s.h w15, w29, w17");
COMPARE(max_s_w(w15, w29, w14), "794eebce max_s.w w15, w29, w14");
COMPARE(max_s_d(w25, w24, w3), "7963c64e max_s.d w25, w24, w3");
COMPARE(max_u_b(w12, w24, w5), "7985c30e max_u.b w12, w24, w5");
COMPARE(max_u_h(w5, w6, w7), "79a7314e max_u.h w5, w6, w7");
COMPARE(max_u_w(w16, w4, w7), "79c7240e max_u.w w16, w4, w7");
COMPARE(max_u_d(w26, w12, w24), "79f8668e max_u.d w26, w12, w24");
COMPARE(min_a_b(w4, w26, w1), "7b81d10e min_a.b w4, w26, w1");
COMPARE(min_a_h(w12, w13, w31), "7bbf6b0e min_a.h w12, w13, w31");
COMPARE(min_a_w(w28, w20, w0), "7bc0a70e min_a.w w28, w20, w0");
COMPARE(min_a_d(w12, w20, w19), "7bf3a30e min_a.d w12, w20, w19");
COMPARE(min_s_b(w19, w3, w14), "7a0e1cce min_s.b w19, w3, w14");
COMPARE(min_s_h(w27, w21, w8), "7a28aece min_s.h w27, w21, w8");
COMPARE(min_s_w(w0, w14, w30), "7a5e700e min_s.w w0, w14, w30");
COMPARE(min_s_d(w6, w8, w21), "7a75418e min_s.d w6, w8, w21");
COMPARE(min_u_b(w22, w26, w8), "7a88d58e min_u.b w22, w26, w8");
COMPARE(min_u_h(w7, w27, w12), "7aacd9ce min_u.h w7, w27, w12");
COMPARE(min_u_w(w8, w20, w14), "7acea20e min_u.w w8, w20, w14");
COMPARE(min_u_d(w26, w14, w15), "7aef768e min_u.d w26, w14, w15");
COMPARE(mod_s_b(w18, w1, w26), "7b1a0c92 mod_s.b w18, w1, w26");
COMPARE(mod_s_h(w31, w30, w28), "7b3cf7d2 mod_s.h w31, w30, w28");
COMPARE(mod_s_w(w2, w6, w13), "7b4d3092 mod_s.w w2, w6, w13");
COMPARE(mod_s_d(w21, w27, w22), "7b76dd52 mod_s.d w21, w27, w22");
COMPARE(mod_u_b(w16, w7, w13), "7b8d3c12 mod_u.b w16, w7, w13");
COMPARE(mod_u_h(w24, w8, w7), "7ba74612 mod_u.h w24, w8, w7");
COMPARE(mod_u_w(w30, w2, w17), "7bd11792 mod_u.w w30, w2, w17");
COMPARE(mod_u_d(w31, w2, w25), "7bf917d2 mod_u.d w31, w2, w25");
COMPARE(msubv_b(w14, w5, w12), "790c2b92 msubv.b w14, w5, w12");
COMPARE(msubv_h(w6, w7, w30), "793e3992 msubv.h w6, w7, w30");
COMPARE(msubv_w(w13, w2, w21), "79551352 msubv.w w13, w2, w21");
COMPARE(msubv_d(w16, w14, w27), "797b7412 msubv.d w16, w14, w27");
COMPARE(mulv_b(w20, w3, w13), "780d1d12 mulv.b w20, w3, w13");
COMPARE(mulv_h(w27, w26, w14), "782ed6d2 mulv.h w27, w26, w14");
COMPARE(mulv_w(w10, w29, w3), "7843ea92 mulv.w w10, w29, w3");
COMPARE(mulv_d(w7, w19, w29), "787d99d2 mulv.d w7, w19, w29");
COMPARE(pckev_b(w5, w27, w7), "7907d954 pckev.b w5, w27, w7");
COMPARE(pckev_h(w1, w4, w27), "793b2054 pckev.h w1, w4, w27");
COMPARE(pckev_w(w30, w20, w0), "7940a794 pckev.w w30, w20, w0");
COMPARE(pckev_d(w6, w1, w15), "796f0994 pckev.d w6, w1, w15");
COMPARE(pckod_b(w18, w28, w30), "799ee494 pckod.b w18, w28, w30");
COMPARE(pckod_h(w26, w5, w8), "79a82e94 pckod.h w26, w5, w8");
COMPARE(pckod_w(w9, w4, w2), "79c22254 pckod.w w9, w4, w2");
COMPARE(pckod_d(w30, w22, w20), "79f4b794 pckod.d w30, w22, w20");
COMPARE(sld_b(w5, w23, t4), "780cb954 sld.b w5, w23[t4]");
COMPARE(sld_h(w1, w23, v1), "7823b854 sld.h w1, w23[v1]");
COMPARE(sld_w(w20, w8, t1), "78494514 sld.w w20, w8[t1]");
COMPARE(sld_d(w7, w23, fp), "787eb9d4 sld.d w7, w23[fp]");
COMPARE(sll_b(w3, w0, w17), "781100cd sll.b w3, w0, w17");
COMPARE(sll_h(w17, w27, w3), "7823dc4d sll.h w17, w27, w3");
COMPARE(sll_w(w16, w7, w6), "78463c0d sll.w w16, w7, w6");
COMPARE(sll_d(w9, w0, w26), "787a024d sll.d w9, w0, w26");
COMPARE(splat_b(w28, w1, at), "78810f14 splat.b w28, w1[at]");
COMPARE(splat_h(w2, w11, t3), "78ab5894 splat.h w2, w11[t3]");
COMPARE(splat_w(w22, w0, t3), "78cb0594 splat.w w22, w0[t3]");
COMPARE(splat_d(w0, w0, v0), "78e20014 splat.d w0, w0[v0]");
COMPARE(sra_b(w28, w4, w17), "7891270d sra.b w28, w4, w17");
COMPARE(sra_h(w13, w9, w3), "78a34b4d sra.h w13, w9, w3");
COMPARE(sra_w(w27, w21, w19), "78d3aecd sra.w w27, w21, w19");
COMPARE(sra_d(w30, w8, w23), "78f7478d sra.d w30, w8, w23");
COMPARE(srar_b(w19, w18, w18), "789294d5 srar.b w19, w18, w18");
COMPARE(srar_h(w7, w23, w8), "78a8b9d5 srar.h w7, w23, w8");
COMPARE(srar_w(w1, w12, w2), "78c26055 srar.w w1, w12, w2");
COMPARE(srar_d(w21, w7, w14), "78ee3d55 srar.d w21, w7, w14");
COMPARE(srl_b(w12, w3, w19), "79131b0d srl.b w12, w3, w19");
COMPARE(srl_h(w23, w31, w20), "7934fdcd srl.h w23, w31, w20");
COMPARE(srl_w(w18, w27, w11), "794bdc8d srl.w w18, w27, w11");
COMPARE(srl_d(w3, w12, w26), "797a60cd srl.d w3, w12, w26");
COMPARE(srlr_b(w15, w21, w11), "790babd5 srlr.b w15, w21, w11");
COMPARE(srlr_h(w21, w13, w19), "79336d55 srlr.h w21, w13, w19");
COMPARE(srlr_w(w6, w30, w3), "7943f195 srlr.w w6, w30, w3");
COMPARE(srlr_d(w1, w2, w14), "796e1055 srlr.d w1, w2, w14");
COMPARE(subs_s_b(w25, w15, w1), "78017e51 subs_s.b w25, w15, w1");
COMPARE(subs_s_h(w28, w25, w22), "7836cf11 subs_s.h w28, w25, w22");
COMPARE(subs_s_w(w10, w12, w21), "78556291 subs_s.w w10, w12, w21");
COMPARE(subs_s_d(w4, w20, w18), "7872a111 subs_s.d w4, w20, w18");
COMPARE(subs_u_b(w21, w6, w25), "78993551 subs_u.b w21, w6, w25");
COMPARE(subs_u_h(w3, w10, w7), "78a750d1 subs_u.h w3, w10, w7");
COMPARE(subs_u_w(w9, w15, w10), "78ca7a51 subs_u.w w9, w15, w10");
COMPARE(subs_u_d(w7, w19, w10), "78ea99d1 subs_u.d w7, w19, w10");
COMPARE(subsus_u_b(w6, w7, w12), "790c3991 subsus_u.b w6, w7, w12");
COMPARE(subsus_u_h(w6, w29, w19),
"7933e991 subsus_u.h w6, w29, w19");
COMPARE(subsus_u_w(w7, w15, w7), "794779d1 subsus_u.w w7, w15, w7");
COMPARE(subsus_u_d(w9, w3, w15), "796f1a51 subsus_u.d w9, w3, w15");
COMPARE(subsuu_s_b(w22, w3, w31),
"799f1d91 subsuu_s.b w22, w3, w31");
COMPARE(subsuu_s_h(w19, w23, w22),
"79b6bcd1 subsuu_s.h w19, w23, w22");
COMPARE(subsuu_s_w(w9, w10, w13),
"79cd5251 subsuu_s.w w9, w10, w13");
COMPARE(subsuu_s_d(w5, w6, w0), "79e03151 subsuu_s.d w5, w6, w0");
COMPARE(subv_b(w6, w13, w19), "7893698e subv.b w6, w13, w19");
COMPARE(subv_h(w4, w25, w12), "78acc90e subv.h w4, w25, w12");
COMPARE(subv_w(w27, w27, w11), "78cbdece subv.w w27, w27, w11");
COMPARE(subv_d(w9, w24, w10), "78eac24e subv.d w9, w24, w10");
COMPARE(vshf_b(w3, w16, w5), "780580d5 vshf.b w3, w16, w5");
COMPARE(vshf_h(w20, w19, w8), "78289d15 vshf.h w20, w19, w8");
COMPARE(vshf_w(w16, w30, w25), "7859f415 vshf.w w16, w30, w25");
COMPARE(vshf_d(w19, w11, w15), "786f5cd5 vshf.d w19, w11, w15");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(fadd_w(w28, w19, w28), "781c9f1b fadd.w w28, w19, w28");
COMPARE(fadd_d(w13, w2, w29), "783d135b fadd.d w13, w2, w29");
COMPARE(fcaf_w(w14, w11, w25), "78195b9a fcaf.w w14, w11, w25");
COMPARE(fcaf_d(w1, w1, w19), "7833085a fcaf.d w1, w1, w19");
COMPARE(fceq_w(w1, w23, w16), "7890b85a fceq.w w1, w23, w16");
COMPARE(fceq_d(w0, w8, w16), "78b0401a fceq.d w0, w8, w16");
COMPARE(fcle_w(w16, w9, w24), "79984c1a fcle.w w16, w9, w24");
COMPARE(fcle_d(w27, w14, w1), "79a176da fcle.d w27, w14, w1");
COMPARE(fclt_w(w28, w8, w8), "7908471a fclt.w w28, w8, w8");
COMPARE(fclt_d(w30, w25, w11), "792bcf9a fclt.d w30, w25, w11");
COMPARE(fcne_w(w2, w18, w23), "78d7909c fcne.w w2, w18, w23");
COMPARE(fcne_d(w14, w20, w15), "78efa39c fcne.d w14, w20, w15");
COMPARE(fcor_w(w10, w18, w25), "7859929c fcor.w w10, w18, w25");
COMPARE(fcor_d(w17, w25, w11), "786bcc5c fcor.d w17, w25, w11");
COMPARE(fcueq_w(w14, w2, w21), "78d5139a fcueq.w w14, w2, w21");
COMPARE(fcueq_d(w29, w3, w7), "78e71f5a fcueq.d w29, w3, w7");
COMPARE(fcule_w(w17, w5, w3), "79c32c5a fcule.w w17, w5, w3");
COMPARE(fcule_d(w31, w1, w30), "79fe0fda fcule.d w31, w1, w30");
COMPARE(fcult_w(w6, w25, w9), "7949c99a fcult.w w6, w25, w9");
COMPARE(fcult_d(w27, w8, w17), "797146da fcult.d w27, w8, w17");
COMPARE(fcun_w(w4, w20, w8), "7848a11a fcun.w w4, w20, w8");
COMPARE(fcun_d(w29, w11, w3), "78635f5a fcun.d w29, w11, w3");
COMPARE(fcune_w(w13, w18, w19), "7893935c fcune.w w13, w18, w19");
COMPARE(fcune_d(w16, w26, w21), "78b5d41c fcune.d w16, w26, w21");
COMPARE(fdiv_w(w13, w24, w2), "78c2c35b fdiv.w w13, w24, w2");
COMPARE(fdiv_d(w19, w4, w25), "78f924db fdiv.d w19, w4, w25");
COMPARE(fexdo_h(w8, w0, w16), "7a10021b fexdo.h w8, w0, w16");
COMPARE(fexdo_w(w0, w13, w27), "7a3b681b fexdo.w w0, w13, w27");
COMPARE(fexp2_w(w17, w0, w3), "79c3045b fexp2.w w17, w0, w3");
COMPARE(fexp2_d(w22, w0, w10), "79ea059b fexp2.d w22, w0, w10");
COMPARE(fmadd_w(w29, w6, w23), "7917375b fmadd.w w29, w6, w23");
COMPARE(fmadd_d(w11, w28, w21), "7935e2db fmadd.d w11, w28, w21");
COMPARE(fmax_w(w0, w23, w13), "7b8db81b fmax.w w0, w23, w13");
COMPARE(fmax_d(w26, w18, w8), "7ba8969b fmax.d w26, w18, w8");
COMPARE(fmax_a_w(w10, w16, w10), "7bca829b fmax_a.w w10, w16, w10");
COMPARE(fmax_a_d(w30, w9, w22), "7bf64f9b fmax_a.d w30, w9, w22");
COMPARE(fmin_w(w24, w1, w30), "7b1e0e1b fmin.w w24, w1, w30");
COMPARE(fmin_d(w27, w27, w10), "7b2adedb fmin.d w27, w27, w10");
COMPARE(fmin_a_w(w10, w29, w20), "7b54ea9b fmin_a.w w10, w29, w20");
COMPARE(fmin_a_d(w13, w30, w24), "7b78f35b fmin_a.d w13, w30, w24");
COMPARE(fmsub_w(w17, w25, w0), "7940cc5b fmsub.w w17, w25, w0");
COMPARE(fmsub_d(w8, w18, w16), "7970921b fmsub.d w8, w18, w16");
COMPARE(fmul_w(w3, w15, w15), "788f78db fmul.w w3, w15, w15");
COMPARE(fmul_d(w9, w30, w10), "78aaf25b fmul.d w9, w30, w10");
COMPARE(fsaf_w(w25, w5, w10), "7a0a2e5a fsaf.w w25, w5, w10");
COMPARE(fsaf_d(w25, w3, w29), "7a3d1e5a fsaf.d w25, w3, w29");
COMPARE(fseq_w(w11, w17, w13), "7a8d8ada fseq.w w11, w17, w13");
COMPARE(fseq_d(w29, w0, w31), "7abf075a fseq.d w29, w0, w31");
COMPARE(fsle_w(w30, w31, w31), "7b9fff9a fsle.w w30, w31, w31");
COMPARE(fsle_d(w18, w23, w24), "7bb8bc9a fsle.d w18, w23, w24");
COMPARE(fslt_w(w12, w5, w6), "7b062b1a fslt.w w12, w5, w6");
COMPARE(fslt_d(w16, w26, w21), "7b35d41a fslt.d w16, w26, w21");
COMPARE(fsne_w(w30, w1, w12), "7acc0f9c fsne.w w30, w1, w12");
COMPARE(fsne_d(w14, w13, w23), "7af76b9c fsne.d w14, w13, w23");
COMPARE(fsor_w(w27, w13, w27), "7a5b6edc fsor.w w27, w13, w27");
COMPARE(fsor_d(w12, w24, w11), "7a6bc31c fsor.d w12, w24, w11");
COMPARE(fsub_w(w31, w26, w1), "7841d7db fsub.w w31, w26, w1");
COMPARE(fsub_d(w19, w17, w27), "787b8cdb fsub.d w19, w17, w27");
COMPARE(fsueq_w(w16, w24, w25), "7ad9c41a fsueq.w w16, w24, w25");
COMPARE(fsueq_d(w18, w14, w14), "7aee749a fsueq.d w18, w14, w14");
COMPARE(fsule_w(w23, w30, w13), "7bcdf5da fsule.w w23, w30, w13");
COMPARE(fsule_d(w2, w11, w26), "7bfa589a fsule.d w2, w11, w26");
COMPARE(fsult_w(w11, w26, w22), "7b56d2da fsult.w w11, w26, w22");
COMPARE(fsult_d(w6, w23, w30), "7b7eb99a fsult.d w6, w23, w30");
COMPARE(fsun_w(w3, w18, w28), "7a5c90da fsun.w w3, w18, w28");
COMPARE(fsun_d(w18, w11, w19), "7a735c9a fsun.d w18, w11, w19");
COMPARE(fsune_w(w16, w31, w2), "7a82fc1c fsune.w w16, w31, w2");
COMPARE(fsune_d(w3, w26, w17), "7ab1d0dc fsune.d w3, w26, w17");
COMPARE(ftq_h(w16, w4, w24), "7a98241b ftq.h w16, w4, w24");
COMPARE(ftq_w(w5, w5, w25), "7ab9295b ftq.w w5, w5, w25");
COMPARE(madd_q_h(w16, w20, w10), "794aa41c madd_q.h w16, w20, w10");
COMPARE(madd_q_w(w28, w2, w9), "7969171c madd_q.w w28, w2, w9");
COMPARE(maddr_q_h(w8, w18, w9), "7b49921c maddr_q.h w8, w18, w9");
COMPARE(maddr_q_w(w29, w12, w16),
"7b70675c maddr_q.w w29, w12, w16");
COMPARE(msub_q_h(w24, w26, w10), "798ad61c msub_q.h w24, w26, w10");
COMPARE(msub_q_w(w13, w30, w28), "79bcf35c msub_q.w w13, w30, w28");
COMPARE(msubr_q_h(w12, w21, w11),
"7b8bab1c msubr_q.h w12, w21, w11");
COMPARE(msubr_q_w(w1, w14, w20), "7bb4705c msubr_q.w w1, w14, w20");
COMPARE(mul_q_h(w6, w16, w30), "791e819c mul_q.h w6, w16, w30");
COMPARE(mul_q_w(w16, w1, w4), "79240c1c mul_q.w w16, w1, w4");
COMPARE(mulr_q_h(w6, w20, w19), "7b13a19c mulr_q.h w6, w20, w19");
COMPARE(mulr_q_w(w27, w1, w20), "7b340edc mulr_q.w w27, w1, w20");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(copy_s_b(t5, w8, 2), "78824359 copy_s.b t5, w8[2]");
COMPARE(copy_s_h(at, w25, 0), "78a0c859 copy_s.h at, w25[0]");
COMPARE(copy_s_w(s6, w5, 1), "78b12d99 copy_s.w s6, w5[1]");
COMPARE(copy_u_b(s6, w20, 4), "78c4a599 copy_u.b s6, w20[4]");
COMPARE(copy_u_h(s4, w4, 0), "78e02519 copy_u.h s4, w4[0]");
COMPARE(sldi_b(w0, w29, 4), "7804e819 sldi.b w0, w29[4]");
COMPARE(sldi_h(w8, w17, 0), "78208a19 sldi.h w8, w17[0]");
COMPARE(sldi_w(w20, w27, 2), "7832dd19 sldi.w w20, w27[2]");
COMPARE(sldi_d(w4, w12, 0), "78386119 sldi.d w4, w12[0]");
COMPARE(splati_b(w25, w3, 2), "78421e59 splati.b w25, w3[2]");
COMPARE(splati_h(w24, w28, 1), "7861e619 splati.h w24, w28[1]");
COMPARE(splati_w(w13, w18, 0), "78709359 splati.w w13, w18[0]");
COMPARE(splati_d(w28, w1, 0), "78780f19 splati.d w28, w1[0]");
COMPARE(move_v(w23, w24), "78bec5d9 move.v w23, w24");
COMPARE(insert_b(w23, 3, sp), "7903edd9 insert.b w23[3], sp");
COMPARE(insert_h(w20, 2, a1), "79222d19 insert.h w20[2], a1");
COMPARE(insert_w(w8, 2, s0), "79328219 insert.w w8[2], s0");
COMPARE(insve_b(w25, 3, w9), "79434e59 insve.b w25[3], w9[0]");
COMPARE(insve_h(w24, 2, w2), "79621619 insve.h w24[2], w2[0]");
COMPARE(insve_w(w0, 2, w13), "79726819 insve.w w0[2], w13[0]");
COMPARE(insve_d(w3, 0, w18), "797890d9 insve.d w3[0], w18[0]");
COMPARE(cfcmsa(at, MSAIR), "787e0059 cfcmsa at, MSAIR");
COMPARE(cfcmsa(v0, MSACSR), "787e0899 cfcmsa v0, MSACSR");
COMPARE(ctcmsa(MSAIR, at), "783e0819 ctcmsa MSAIR, at");
COMPARE(ctcmsa(MSACSR, v0), "783e1059 ctcmsa MSACSR, v0");
if (IsMipsArchVariant(kMips32r6) && CpuFeatures::IsSupported(MIPS_SIMD)) {
CpuFeatureScope fscope(&assm, MIPS_SIMD);
COMPARE(bclri_b(w21, w30, 2), "79f2f549 bclri.b w21, w30, 2");
COMPARE(bclri_h(w24, w21, 0), "79e0ae09 bclri.h w24, w21, 0");
COMPARE(bclri_w(w23, w30, 3), "79c3f5c9 bclri.w w23, w30, 3");
COMPARE(bclri_d(w9, w11, 0), "79805a49 bclri.d w9, w11, 0");
COMPARE(binsli_b(w25, w12, 1), "7b716649 binsli.b w25, w12, 1");
COMPARE(binsli_h(w21, w22, 0), "7b60b549 binsli.h w21, w22, 0");
COMPARE(binsli_w(w22, w4, 0), "7b402589 binsli.w w22, w4, 0");
COMPARE(binsli_d(w6, w2, 6), "7b061189 binsli.d w6, w2, 6");
COMPARE(binsri_b(w15, w19, 0), "7bf09bc9 binsri.b w15, w19, 0");
COMPARE(binsri_h(w8, w30, 1), "7be1f209 binsri.h w8, w30, 1");
COMPARE(binsri_w(w2, w19, 5), "7bc59889 binsri.w w2, w19, 5");
COMPARE(binsri_d(w18, w20, 1), "7b81a489 binsri.d w18, w20, 1");
COMPARE(bnegi_b(w24, w19, 0), "7af09e09 bnegi.b w24, w19, 0");
COMPARE(bnegi_h(w28, w11, 3), "7ae35f09 bnegi.h w28, w11, 3");
COMPARE(bnegi_w(w1, w27, 5), "7ac5d849 bnegi.w w1, w27, 5");
COMPARE(bnegi_d(w4, w21, 1), "7a81a909 bnegi.d w4, w21, 1");
COMPARE(bseti_b(w18, w8, 0), "7a704489 bseti.b w18, w8, 0");
COMPARE(bseti_h(w24, w14, 2), "7a627609 bseti.h w24, w14, 2");
COMPARE(bseti_w(w9, w18, 4), "7a449249 bseti.w w9, w18, 4");
COMPARE(bseti_d(w7, w15, 1), "7a0179c9 bseti.d w7, w15, 1");
COMPARE(sat_s_b(w31, w31, 2), "7872ffca sat_s.b w31, w31, 2");
COMPARE(sat_s_h(w19, w19, 0), "78609cca sat_s.h w19, w19, 0");
COMPARE(sat_s_w(w19, w29, 0), "7840ecca sat_s.w w19, w29, 0");
COMPARE(sat_s_d(w11, w22, 0), "7800b2ca sat_s.d w11, w22, 0");
COMPARE(sat_u_b(w1, w13, 3), "78f3684a sat_u.b w1, w13, 3");
COMPARE(sat_u_h(w30, w24, 4), "78e4c78a sat_u.h w30, w24, 4");
COMPARE(sat_u_w(w31, w13, 0), "78c06fca sat_u.w w31, w13, 0");
COMPARE(sat_u_d(w29, w16, 5), "7885874a sat_u.d w29, w16, 5");
COMPARE(slli_b(w23, w10, 1), "787155c9 slli.b w23, w10, 1");
COMPARE(slli_h(w9, w18, 1), "78619249 slli.h w9, w18, 1");
COMPARE(slli_w(w11, w29, 4), "7844eac9 slli.w w11, w29, 4");
COMPARE(slli_d(w25, w20, 1), "7801a649 slli.d w25, w20, 1");
COMPARE(srai_b(w24, w29, 1), "78f1ee09 srai.b w24, w29, 1");
COMPARE(srai_h(w1, w6, 0), "78e03049 srai.h w1, w6, 0");
COMPARE(srai_w(w7, w26, 1), "78c1d1c9 srai.w w7, w26, 1");
COMPARE(srai_d(w20, w25, 3), "7883cd09 srai.d w20, w25, 3");
COMPARE(srari_b(w5, w25, 0), "7970c94a srari.b w5, w25, 0");
COMPARE(srari_h(w7, w6, 4), "796431ca srari.h w7, w6, 4");
COMPARE(srari_w(w17, w11, 5), "79455c4a srari.w w17, w11, 5");
COMPARE(srari_d(w21, w25, 5), "7905cd4a srari.d w21, w25, 5");
COMPARE(srli_b(w2, w0, 2), "79720089 srli.b w2, w0, 2");
COMPARE(srli_h(w31, w31, 2), "7962ffc9 srli.h w31, w31, 2");
COMPARE(srli_w(w5, w9, 4), "79444949 srli.w w5, w9, 4");
COMPARE(srli_d(w27, w26, 5), "7905d6c9 srli.d w27, w26, 5");
COMPARE(srlri_b(w18, w3, 0), "79f01c8a srlri.b w18, w3, 0");
COMPARE(srlri_h(w1, w2, 3), "79e3104a srlri.h w1, w2, 3");
COMPARE(srlri_w(w11, w22, 2), "79c2b2ca srlri.w w11, w22, 2");
COMPARE(srlri_d(w24, w10, 6), "7986560a srlri.d w24, w10, 6");
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8