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<title>FreeType-2.6.2 API Reference</title>
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<h1>FreeType-2.6.2 API Reference</h1>
<h1 id="error_code_values">Error Code Values</h1>
<table class="synopsis">
<tr><td><a href="#FT_Err_XXX">FT_Err_XXX</a></td><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td><td></td></tr>
<p>The list below is taken verbatim from the file &lsquo;fterrdef.h&rsquo; (loaded automatically by including &lsquo;FT_FREETYPE_H&rsquo;). The first argument of the &lsquo;FT_ERROR_DEF_&rsquo; macro is the error label; by default, the prefix &lsquo;FT_Err_&rsquo; gets added so that you get error names like &lsquo;FT_Err_Cannot_Open_Resource&rsquo;. The second argument is the error code, and the last argument an error string, which is not used by FreeType.</p>
<p>Within your application you should <b>only</b> use error names and <b>never</b> its numeric values! The latter might (and actually do) change in forthcoming FreeType versions.</p>
<p>Macro &lsquo;FT_NOERRORDEF_&rsquo; defines &lsquo;FT_Err_Ok&rsquo;, which is always zero. See the &lsquo;Error Enumerations&rsquo; subsection how to automatically generate a list of error strings.</p>
<div class="section">
<h3 id="FT_Err_XXX">FT_Err_XXX</h3>
/* generic errors */
"no error" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Cannot_Open_Resource, 0x01,
"cannot open resource" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Unknown_File_Format, 0x02,
"unknown file format" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_File_Format, 0x03,
"broken file" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Version, 0x04,
"invalid FreeType version" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Lower_Module_Version, 0x05,
"module version is too low" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Argument, 0x06,
"invalid argument" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Unimplemented_Feature, 0x07,
"unimplemented feature" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Table, 0x08,
"broken table" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Offset, 0x09,
"broken offset within table" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Array_Too_Large, 0x0A,
"array allocation size too large" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Module, 0x0B,
"missing module" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Property, 0x0C,
"missing property" )
/* glyph/character errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Glyph_Index, 0x10,
"invalid glyph index" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Character_Code, 0x11,
"invalid character code" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Glyph_Format, 0x12,
"unsupported glyph image format" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Cannot_Render_Glyph, 0x13,
"cannot render this glyph format" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Outline, 0x14,
"invalid outline" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Composite, 0x15,
"invalid composite glyph" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Hints, 0x16,
"too many hints" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Pixel_Size, 0x17,
"invalid pixel size" )
/* handle errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Handle, 0x20,
"invalid object handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Library_Handle, 0x21,
"invalid library handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Driver_Handle, 0x22,
"invalid module handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Face_Handle, 0x23,
"invalid face handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Size_Handle, 0x24,
"invalid size handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Slot_Handle, 0x25,
"invalid glyph slot handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_CharMap_Handle, 0x26,
"invalid charmap handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Cache_Handle, 0x27,
"invalid cache manager handle" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Handle, 0x28,
"invalid stream handle" )
/* driver errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Drivers, 0x30,
"too many modules" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Extensions, 0x31,
"too many extensions" )
/* memory errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Out_Of_Memory, 0x40,
"out of memory" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Unlisted_Object, 0x41,
"unlisted object" )
/* stream errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Cannot_Open_Stream, 0x51,
"cannot open stream" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Seek, 0x52,
"invalid stream seek" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Skip, 0x53,
"invalid stream skip" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Read, 0x54,
"invalid stream read" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Stream_Operation, 0x55,
"invalid stream operation" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Frame_Operation, 0x56,
"invalid frame operation" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Nested_Frame_Access, 0x57,
"nested frame access" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Frame_Read, 0x58,
"invalid frame read" )
/* raster errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Uninitialized, 0x60,
"raster uninitialized" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Corrupted, 0x61,
"raster corrupted" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Overflow, 0x62,
"raster overflow" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Raster_Negative_Height, 0x63,
"negative height while rastering" )
/* cache errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Caches, 0x70,
"too many registered caches" )
/* TrueType and SFNT errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Opcode, 0x80,
"invalid opcode" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Few_Arguments, 0x81,
"too few arguments" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Stack_Overflow, 0x82,
"stack overflow" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Code_Overflow, 0x83,
"code overflow" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Bad_Argument, 0x84,
"bad argument" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Divide_By_Zero, 0x85,
"division by zero" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Reference, 0x86,
"invalid reference" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Debug_OpCode, 0x87,
"found debug opcode" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( ENDF_In_Exec_Stream, 0x88,
"found ENDF opcode in execution stream" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Nested_DEFS, 0x89,
"nested DEFS" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_CodeRange, 0x8A,
"invalid code range" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Execution_Too_Long, 0x8B,
"execution context too <span class="keyword">long</span>" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Function_Defs, 0x8C,
"too many function definitions" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Too_Many_Instruction_Defs, 0x8D,
"too many instruction definitions" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Table_Missing, 0x8E,
"SFNT font table missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Horiz_Header_Missing, 0x8F,
"horizontal header (hhea) table missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Locations_Missing, 0x90,
"locations (loca) table missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Name_Table_Missing, 0x91,
"name table missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( CMap_Table_Missing, 0x92,
"character map (cmap) table missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Hmtx_Table_Missing, 0x93,
"horizontal metrics (hmtx) table missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Post_Table_Missing, 0x94,
"PostScript (post) table missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Horiz_Metrics, 0x95,
"invalid horizontal metrics" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_CharMap_Format, 0x96,
"invalid character map (cmap) format" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_PPem, 0x97,
"invalid ppem value" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Vert_Metrics, 0x98,
"invalid vertical metrics" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Could_Not_Find_Context, 0x99,
"could not find context" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Post_Table_Format, 0x9A,
"invalid PostScript (post) table format" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Invalid_Post_Table, 0x9B,
"invalid PostScript (post) table" )
/* CFF, CID, and Type 1 errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Syntax_Error, 0xA0,
"opcode syntax error" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Stack_Underflow, 0xA1,
"argument stack underflow" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Ignore, 0xA2,
"ignore" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( No_Unicode_Glyph_Name, 0xA3,
"no Unicode glyph name found" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Glyph_Too_Big, 0xA4,
"glyph too big for hinting" )
/* BDF errors */
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Startfont_Field, 0xB0,
"`STARTFONT' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Font_Field, 0xB1,
"`FONT' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Size_Field, 0xB2,
"`SIZE' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Fontboundingbox_Field, 0xB3,
"`FONTBOUNDINGBOX' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Chars_Field, 0xB4,
"`CHARS' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Startchar_Field, 0xB5,
"`STARTCHAR' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Encoding_Field, 0xB6,
"`ENCODING' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Missing_Bbx_Field, 0xB7,
"`BBX' field missing" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Bbx_Too_Big, 0xB8,
"`BBX' too big" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Corrupted_Font_Header, 0xB9,
"Font header corrupted or missing fields" )
FT_ERRORDEF_( Corrupted_Font_Glyphs, 0xBA,
"Font glyphs corrupted or missing fields" )
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