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// Copyright 2018 Google Inc. All Rights Reserved.
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
// you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
// See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
// limitations under the License.
#include "base/message_loop/message_loop.h"
#include "net/base/address_list.h"
#include "net/base/completion_once_callback.h"
#include "net/base/io_buffer.h"
#include "net/log/net_log.h"
#include "net/log/net_log_with_source.h"
#include "net/socket/socket_descriptor.h"
#include "net/socket/socket_performance_watcher.h"
#include "net/socket/socket_tag.h"
#include "net/traffic_annotation/network_traffic_annotation.h"
#include "starboard/common/socket.h"
namespace net {
class NET_EXPORT TCPSocketStarboard
: public base::MessageLoopCurrentForIO::Watcher {
std::unique_ptr<SocketPerformanceWatcher> socket_performance_watcher,
NetLog* net_log, const NetLogSource& source);
~TCPSocketStarboard() override;
int Open(AddressFamily family);
// Takes ownership of |socket|, which is known to already be connected to the
// given peer address. However, peer address may be the empty address, for
// compatibility. The given peer address will be returned by GetPeerAddress.
int AdoptConnectedSocket(SocketDescriptor socket,
const IPEndPoint& peer_address);
// Takes ownership of |socket|, which may or may not be open, bound, or
// listening. The caller must determine the state of the socket based on its
// provenance and act accordingly. The socket may have connections waiting
// to be accepted, but must not be actually connected.
int AdoptUnconnectedSocket(SocketDescriptor socket);
int Bind(const IPEndPoint& address);
int Listen(int backlog);
// Accepts incoming connection.
// Returns a net error code.
int Accept(std::unique_ptr<TCPSocketStarboard>* socket,
IPEndPoint* address,
CompletionOnceCallback callback);
int Connect(const IPEndPoint& address, CompletionOnceCallback callback);
bool IsConnected() const;
bool IsConnectedAndIdle() const;
int Read(IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len, CompletionOnceCallback callback);
int ReadIfReady(IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len, CompletionOnceCallback callback);
int CancelReadIfReady();
int Write(IOBuffer* buf,
int buf_len,
CompletionOnceCallback callback,
const NetworkTrafficAnnotationTag&);
int GetLocalAddress(IPEndPoint* address) const;
int GetPeerAddress(IPEndPoint* address) const;
int SetDefaultOptionsForServer();
void SetDefaultOptionsForClient();
int AllowAddressReuse();
bool SetReceiveBufferSize(int32_t size);
bool SetSendBufferSize(int32_t size);
bool SetKeepAlive(bool enable, int delay);
bool SetNoDelay(bool no_delay);
// Gets the estimated RTT. Returns false if the RTT is
// unavailable. May also return false when estimated RTT is 0.
bool GetEstimatedRoundTripTime(base::TimeDelta* out_rtt) const
void Close();
// NOOP since TCP FastOpen is not implemented in Windows.
void EnableTCPFastOpenIfSupported() {}
bool IsValid() const { return SbSocketIsValid(socket_); }
// Detachs from the current thread, to allow the socket to be transferred to
// a new thread. Should only be called when the object is no longer used by
// the old thread.
void DetachFromThread();
// Marks the start/end of a series of connect attempts for logging purpose.
// TCPClientSocket may attempt to connect to multiple addresses until it
// succeeds in establishing a connection. The corresponding log will have
// multiple NetLogEventType::TCP_CONNECT_ATTEMPT entries nested within a
// NetLogEventType::TCP_CONNECT. These methods set the start/end of
// NetLogEventType::TCP_CONNECT.
// TODO(yzshen): Change logging format and let TCPClientSocket log the
// start/end of a series of connect attempts itself.
void StartLoggingMultipleConnectAttempts(const AddressList& addresses);
void EndLoggingMultipleConnectAttempts(int net_error);
const NetLogWithSource& net_log() const { return net_log_; }
// Return the underlying SocketDescriptor and clean up this object, which may
// no longer be used. This method should be used only for testing. No read,
// write, or accept operations should be pending.
SocketDescriptor ReleaseSocketDescriptorForTesting();
// Exposes the underlying socket descriptor for testing its state. Does not
// release ownership of the descriptor.
SocketDescriptor SocketDescriptorForTesting() const;
// Apply |tag| to this socket.
void ApplySocketTag(const SocketTag& tag);
// May return nullptr.
SocketPerformanceWatcher* socket_performance_watcher() const {
return socket_performance_watcher_.get();
// MessageLoopCurrentForIO::Watcher implementation.
void OnSocketReadyToRead(SbSocket socket) override;
void OnSocketReadyToWrite(SbSocket socket) override;
void RetryRead(int rv);
bool waiting_connect() const { return waiting_connect_; }
void DidCompleteConnect();
void DidCompleteWrite();
int AcceptInternal(std::unique_ptr<TCPSocketStarboard>* socket,
IPEndPoint* address);
int HandleConnectCompleted(int rv);
int DoRead(IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len);
void DidCompleteRead();
void LogConnectBegin(const AddressList& addresses) const;
void LogConnectEnd(int net_error);
int DoWrite(IOBuffer* buf, int buf_len);
void StopWatchingAndCleanUp();
void ClearWatcherIfOperationsNotPending();
bool read_pending() const { return !read_if_ready_callback_.is_null(); }
bool write_pending() const {
return !write_callback_.is_null() && !waiting_connect_;
bool accept_pending() const { return !accept_callback_.is_null(); }
bool connect_pending() const { return waiting_connect_; }
std::unique_ptr<SocketPerformanceWatcher> socket_performance_watcher_;
SbSocket socket_;
base::MessageLoopCurrentForIO::SocketWatcher socket_watcher_;
std::unique_ptr<TCPSocketStarboard>* accept_socket_;
IPEndPoint* accept_address_;
CompletionOnceCallback accept_callback_;
std::unique_ptr<IPEndPoint> peer_address_;
std::unique_ptr<IPEndPoint> local_address_;
AddressFamily family_;
bool logging_multiple_connect_attempts_;
// The list of addresses we should try in order to establish a connection.
AddressList addresses_;
// Where we are in above list. Set to -1 if uninitialized.
int current_address_index_;
NetLogWithSource net_log_;
bool listening_;
bool waiting_connect_;
bool waiting_write_;
IOBuffer* read_buf_;
int read_buf_len_;
CompletionOnceCallback read_callback_;
CompletionOnceCallback read_if_ready_callback_;
IOBuffer* write_buf_;
int write_buf_len_;
CompletionOnceCallback write_callback_;
// Current socket tag if |socket_| is valid, otherwise the tag to apply when
// |socket_| is opened.
SocketTag tag_;
} // namespace net