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import { Subject } from './Subject';
import { SchedulerLike } from './types';
import { Subscriber } from './Subscriber';
import { Subscription } from './Subscription';
* A variant of Subject that "replays" or emits old values to new subscribers.
* It buffers a set number of values and will emit those values immediately to
* any new subscribers in addition to emitting new values to existing subscribers.
* @class ReplaySubject<T>
export declare class ReplaySubject<T> extends Subject<T> {
private scheduler?;
private _events;
private _bufferSize;
private _windowTime;
private _infiniteTimeWindow;
constructor(bufferSize?: number, windowTime?: number, scheduler?: SchedulerLike);
private nextInfiniteTimeWindow;
private nextTimeWindow;
/** @deprecated This is an internal implementation detail, do not use. */
_subscribe(subscriber: Subscriber<T>): Subscription;
_getNow(): number;
private _trimBufferThenGetEvents;