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## Copyright (c) 2016 The WebM project authors. All Rights Reserved.
## Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license
## that can be found in the LICENSE file in the root of the source
## tree. An additional intellectual property rights grant can be found
## in the file PATENTS. All contributing project authors may
## be found in the AUTHORS file in the root of the source tree.
# List of tools to build.
TOOLS-yes += tiny_ssim.c
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx/vpx_integer.h y4minput.c y4minput.h \
vpx/vpx_codec.h vpx/src/vpx_image.c
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_mem/vpx_mem.c vpx_mem/vpx_mem.h
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_dsp/ssim.h vpx_scale/yv12config.h
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_ports/mem.h vpx_ports/mem.h
tiny_ssim.SRCS += vpx_mem/include/vpx_mem_intrnl.h
tiny_ssim.GUID = 3afa9b05-940b-4d68-b5aa-55157d8ed7b4
tiny_ssim.DESCRIPTION = Generate SSIM/PSNR from raw .yuv files
# End of specified files. The rest of the build rules should happen
# automagically from here.
# Expand list of selected tools to build (as specified above)
TOOLS = $(addprefix tools/,$(call enabled,TOOLS))
ALL_SRCS = $(foreach ex,$(TOOLS),$($(notdir $(ex:.c=)).SRCS))
CFLAGS += -I../include
ifneq ($(CONFIG_CODEC_SRCS), yes)
CFLAGS += -I../include/vpx
# Expand all tools sources into a variable containing all sources
# for that tools (not just them main one specified in TOOLS)
# and add this file to the list (for MSVS workspace generation)
$(foreach ex,$(TOOLS),$(eval $(notdir $(ex:.c=)).SRCS += $(ex)
# Create build/install dependencies for all tools. The common case
# is handled here. The MSVS case is handled below.
NOT_MSVS = $(if $(CONFIG_MSVS),,yes)
DIST-BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix bin/,$(TOOLS:.c=$(EXE_SFX)))
OBJS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(call objs,$(ALL_SRCS))
BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix $(BUILD_PFX),$(TOOLS:.c=$(EXE_SFX)))
# Instantiate linker template for all tools.
$(foreach bin,$(BINS-yes),\
$(eval $(bin):)\
$(eval $(call linker_template,$(bin),\
$(call objs,$($(notdir $(bin:$(EXE_SFX)=)).SRCS)) -lm)))
# The following pairs define a mapping of locations in the distribution
# tree to locations in the source/build trees.
INSTALL_MAPS += src/%.c %.c
INSTALL_MAPS += bin/% %
# Build Visual Studio Projects. We use a template here to instantiate
# explicit rules rather than using an implicit rule because we want to
# leverage make's VPATH searching rather than specifying the paths on
# each file in TOOLS. This has the unfortunate side effect that
# touching the source files trigger a rebuild of the project files
# even though there is no real dependency there (the dependency is on
# the makefiles). We may want to revisit this.
define vcproj_template
$(1): $($(1:.$(VCPROJ_SFX)=).SRCS) vpx.$(VCPROJ_SFX)
$(if $(quiet),@echo " [vcproj] $$@")
--src-path-bare="$(SRC_PATH_BARE)" \
$$(if $$(CONFIG_STATIC_MSVCRT),--static-crt) \
--out=$$@ $$(INTERNAL_CFLAGS) $$(CFLAGS) \
TOOLS_BASENAME := $(notdir $(TOOLS))
$(addprefix bin/$(p)/,$(TOOLS_BASENAME:.c=.exe)))
$(foreach proj,$(call enabled,PROJECTS),\
$(eval $(call vcproj_template,$(proj))))
# Documentation Rules
%.dox: %.c
@echo " [DOXY] $@"
@mkdir -p $(dir $@)
@echo "/*!\page tools_$(@F:.dox=) $(@F:.dox=)" > $@
@echo " \includelineno $(<F)" >> $@
@echo "*/" >> $@
@echo " [DOXY] $@"
@echo "/*!\page tools Tools" > $@
@echo " This SDK includes a number of tools/utilities."\
"The following tools are included: ">>$@
@$(foreach ex,$(sort $(notdir $(TOOLS:.c=))),\
echo " - \subpage tools_$(ex) $($(ex).DESCRIPTION)" >> $@;)
@echo "*/" >> $@
CLEAN-OBJS += tools.doxy tools.dox $(TOOLS:.c=.dox)
DOCS-yes += tools.doxy tools.dox
tools.doxy: tools.dox $(TOOLS:.c=.dox)
@echo "INPUT += $^" > $@