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//=- DirectIvarAssignment.cpp - Check rules on ObjC properties -*- C++ ----*-==//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
// Check that Objective C properties are set with the setter, not though a
// direct assignment.
// Two versions of a checker exist: one that checks all methods and the other
// that only checks the methods annotated with
// __attribute__((annotate("objc_no_direct_instance_variable_assignment")))
// The checker does not warn about assignments to Ivars, annotated with
// __attribute__((objc_allow_direct_instance_variable_assignment"))). This
// annotation serves as a false positive suppression mechanism for the
// checker. The annotation is allowed on properties and Ivars.
#include "ClangSACheckers.h"
#include "clang/AST/Attr.h"
#include "clang/AST/DeclObjC.h"
#include "clang/AST/StmtVisitor.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/BugReporter/BugReporter.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/Checker.h"
#include "clang/StaticAnalyzer/Core/PathSensitive/AnalysisManager.h"
#include "llvm/ADT/DenseMap.h"
using namespace clang;
using namespace ento;
namespace {
/// The default method filter, which is used to filter out the methods on which
/// the check should not be performed.
/// Checks for the init, dealloc, and any other functions that might be allowed
/// to perform direct instance variable assignment based on their name.
static bool DefaultMethodFilter(const ObjCMethodDecl *M) {
return M->getMethodFamily() == OMF_init ||
M->getMethodFamily() == OMF_dealloc ||
M->getMethodFamily() == OMF_copy ||
M->getMethodFamily() == OMF_mutableCopy ||
M->getSelector().getNameForSlot(0).find("init") != StringRef::npos ||
M->getSelector().getNameForSlot(0).find("Init") != StringRef::npos;
class DirectIvarAssignment :
public Checker<check::ASTDecl<ObjCImplementationDecl> > {
typedef llvm::DenseMap<const ObjCIvarDecl*,
const ObjCPropertyDecl*> IvarToPropertyMapTy;
/// A helper class, which walks the AST and locates all assignments to ivars
/// in the given function.
class MethodCrawler : public ConstStmtVisitor<MethodCrawler> {
const IvarToPropertyMapTy &IvarToPropMap;
const ObjCMethodDecl *MD;
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *InterfD;
BugReporter &BR;
const CheckerBase *Checker;
LocationOrAnalysisDeclContext DCtx;
MethodCrawler(const IvarToPropertyMapTy &InMap, const ObjCMethodDecl *InMD,
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *InID, BugReporter &InBR,
const CheckerBase *Checker, AnalysisDeclContext *InDCtx)
: IvarToPropMap(InMap), MD(InMD), InterfD(InID), BR(InBR),
Checker(Checker), DCtx(InDCtx) {}
void VisitStmt(const Stmt *S) { VisitChildren(S); }
void VisitBinaryOperator(const BinaryOperator *BO);
void VisitChildren(const Stmt *S) {
for (const Stmt *Child : S->children())
if (Child)
bool (*ShouldSkipMethod)(const ObjCMethodDecl *);
DirectIvarAssignment() : ShouldSkipMethod(&DefaultMethodFilter) {}
void checkASTDecl(const ObjCImplementationDecl *D, AnalysisManager& Mgr,
BugReporter &BR) const;
static const ObjCIvarDecl *findPropertyBackingIvar(const ObjCPropertyDecl *PD,
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *InterD,
ASTContext &Ctx) {
// Check for synthesized ivars.
ObjCIvarDecl *ID = PD->getPropertyIvarDecl();
if (ID)
return ID;
ObjCInterfaceDecl *NonConstInterD = const_cast<ObjCInterfaceDecl*>(InterD);
// Check for existing "_PropName".
ID = NonConstInterD->lookupInstanceVariable(PD->getDefaultSynthIvarName(Ctx));
if (ID)
return ID;
// Check for existing "PropName".
IdentifierInfo *PropIdent = PD->getIdentifier();
ID = NonConstInterD->lookupInstanceVariable(PropIdent);
return ID;
void DirectIvarAssignment::checkASTDecl(const ObjCImplementationDecl *D,
AnalysisManager& Mgr,
BugReporter &BR) const {
const ObjCInterfaceDecl *InterD = D->getClassInterface();
IvarToPropertyMapTy IvarToPropMap;
// Find all properties for this class.
for (const auto *PD : InterD->instance_properties()) {
// Find the corresponding IVar.
const ObjCIvarDecl *ID = findPropertyBackingIvar(PD, InterD,
if (!ID)
// Store the IVar to property mapping.
IvarToPropMap[ID] = PD;
if (IvarToPropMap.empty())
for (const auto *M : D->instance_methods()) {
AnalysisDeclContext *DCtx = Mgr.getAnalysisDeclContext(M);
if ((*ShouldSkipMethod)(M))
const Stmt *Body = M->getBody();
MethodCrawler MC(IvarToPropMap, M->getCanonicalDecl(), InterD, BR, this,
static bool isAnnotatedToAllowDirectAssignment(const Decl *D) {
for (const auto *Ann : D->specific_attrs<AnnotateAttr>())
if (Ann->getAnnotation() ==
return true;
return false;
void DirectIvarAssignment::MethodCrawler::VisitBinaryOperator(
const BinaryOperator *BO) {
if (!BO->isAssignmentOp())
const ObjCIvarRefExpr *IvarRef =
if (!IvarRef)
if (const ObjCIvarDecl *D = IvarRef->getDecl()) {
IvarToPropertyMapTy::const_iterator I = IvarToPropMap.find(D);
if (I != IvarToPropMap.end()) {
const ObjCPropertyDecl *PD = I->second;
// Skip warnings on Ivars, annotated with
// objc_allow_direct_instance_variable_assignment. This annotation serves
// as a false positive suppression mechanism for the checker. The
// annotation is allowed on properties and ivars.
if (isAnnotatedToAllowDirectAssignment(PD) ||
ObjCMethodDecl *GetterMethod =
ObjCMethodDecl *SetterMethod =
if (SetterMethod && SetterMethod->getCanonicalDecl() == MD)
if (GetterMethod && GetterMethod->getCanonicalDecl() == MD)
MD, Checker, "Property access", categories::CoreFoundationObjectiveC,
"Direct assignment to an instance variable backing a property; "
"use the setter instead",
PathDiagnosticLocation(IvarRef, BR.getSourceManager(), DCtx));
// Register the checker that checks for direct accesses in all functions,
// except for the initialization and copy routines.
void ento::registerDirectIvarAssignment(CheckerManager &mgr) {
// Register the checker that checks for direct accesses in functions annotated
// with __attribute__((annotate("objc_no_direct_instance_variable_assignment"))).
static bool AttrFilter(const ObjCMethodDecl *M) {
for (const auto *Ann : M->specific_attrs<AnnotateAttr>())
if (Ann->getAnnotation() == "objc_no_direct_instance_variable_assignment")
return false;
return true;
void ento::registerDirectIvarAssignmentForAnnotatedFunctions(
CheckerManager &mgr) {
mgr.registerChecker<DirectIvarAssignment>()->ShouldSkipMethod = &AttrFilter;