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//===-- ABIMacOSX_arm.h ----------------------------------------*- C++ -*-===//
// The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure
// This file is distributed under the University of Illinois Open Source
// License. See LICENSE.TXT for details.
#ifndef liblldb_ABIMacOSX_arm_h_
#define liblldb_ABIMacOSX_arm_h_
// C Includes
// C++ Includes
// Other libraries and framework includes
// Project includes
#include "lldb/Target/ABI.h"
#include "lldb/lldb-private.h"
class ABIMacOSX_arm : public lldb_private::ABI {
~ABIMacOSX_arm() override = default;
size_t GetRedZoneSize() const override;
bool PrepareTrivialCall(lldb_private::Thread &thread, lldb::addr_t sp,
lldb::addr_t func_addr, lldb::addr_t returnAddress,
llvm::ArrayRef<lldb::addr_t> args) const override;
bool GetArgumentValues(lldb_private::Thread &thread,
lldb_private::ValueList &values) const override;
SetReturnValueObject(lldb::StackFrameSP &frame_sp,
lldb::ValueObjectSP &new_value) override;
CreateFunctionEntryUnwindPlan(lldb_private::UnwindPlan &unwind_plan) override;
bool CreateDefaultUnwindPlan(lldb_private::UnwindPlan &unwind_plan) override;
bool RegisterIsVolatile(const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *reg_info) override;
bool CallFrameAddressIsValid(lldb::addr_t cfa) override {
// Make sure the stack call frame addresses are are 4 byte aligned
if (cfa & (4ull - 1ull))
return false; // Not 4 byte aligned
if (cfa == 0)
return false; // Zero is not a valid stack address
return true;
bool CodeAddressIsValid(lldb::addr_t pc) override {
// Just make sure the address is a valid 32 bit address. Bit zero
// might be set due to Thumb function calls, so don't enforce 2 byte
// alignment
return pc <= UINT32_MAX;
lldb::addr_t FixCodeAddress(lldb::addr_t pc) override {
// ARM uses bit zero to signify a code address is thumb, so we must
// strip bit zero in any code addresses.
return pc & ~(lldb::addr_t)1;
const lldb_private::RegisterInfo *
GetRegisterInfoArray(uint32_t &count) override;
bool IsArmv7kProcess() const;
// Static Functions
static void Initialize();
static void Terminate();
static lldb::ABISP CreateInstance(lldb::ProcessSP process_sp, const lldb_private::ArchSpec &arch);
static lldb_private::ConstString GetPluginNameStatic();
// PluginInterface protocol
lldb_private::ConstString GetPluginName() override;
uint32_t GetPluginVersion() override;
GetReturnValueObjectImpl(lldb_private::Thread &thread,
lldb_private::CompilerType &ast_type) const override;
ABIMacOSX_arm(lldb::ProcessSP process_sp) : lldb_private::ABI(process_sp) {
// Call CreateInstance instead.
#endif // liblldb_ABIMacOSX_arm_h_