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<title>Service Workers: FetchEvent</title>
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interface FetchEvent : Event {
readonly attribute Request request;
readonly attribute Client client; // The window issuing the request.
readonly attribute Context context;
readonly attribute boolean isReload;
void respondWith(Promise<AbstractResponse> r);
Promise<any> forwardTo(ScalarValueString url);
Promise<any> default();
enum Context {
Service Workers use the `[FetchEvent][1]` interface for `[fetch][2]` event.
[1]: #fetch-event-interface
[2]: #fetch-event
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interface Request {};
interface Client {};
interface AbstractResponse {};
interface ScalarValueString {};
interface Event {};
var idl_array = new IdlArray();
FetchEvent: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the FetchEvent interface')"],
Context: ["throw new Error ('No object defined for the Context enum')"]