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<title>Service Workers: event.respondWith(r)</title>
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`event.respondWith(r)` method must run the steps, from step 10 to step 15,
defined in the [_OnFetchRequest algorithm][1].
The `r` argument must resolve with a [AbstractResponse][2], else a
[NetworkError][3] is thrown. If the request is a top-level navigation and the
return value is a [OpaqueResponse][4] (an opaque response body), a
[NetworkError][3] is thrown. The final URL of all successful (non
network-error) responses is the [requested][5] URL. Renderer-side security
checks about tainting for cross-origin content are tied to the transparency (or
opacity) of the [Response][6] body, not URLs.
[1]: #on-fetch-request-algorithm
[2]: #abstract-response-interface
[4]: #opaque-response-interface
[5]: #request-objects
[6]: #response-interface
test(function() {
// not_implemented();
}, "There are no tests for section event.respondWith(r) so far.");