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<title>Service Workers: event.default()</title>
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`event.default()` method must run these steps:
1. Let `promise` be a newly-created [promise][1].
2. Return `promise.`
3. Run the following steps asynchronously:
1. Let `request` be `event`'s `request`.
2. Set `request`'s [skip service worker flag][2].
3. Let `response` be the result of running [fetch algorithm][3] with
`request` as its argument.
4. If `response` is a [network error][4], then:
1. Reject `promise` with a new [DOMException][5] whose name is
5. Else,
1. Resolve `promise` with a new [Response][7] object associated
with `response`.
test(function() {
// not_implemented();
}, "There are no tests for section event.default() so far.");