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.. _`contact channels`:
.. _`contact`:
Contact channels
- `pytest issue tracker`_ to report bugs or suggest features (for version
2.0 and above).
- `pytest on <>`_
to post questions with the tag ``pytest``. New Questions will usually
be seen by pytest users or developers and answered quickly.
- `Testing In Python`_: a mailing list for Python testing tools and discussion.
- `pytest-dev at (mailing list)`_ pytest specific announcements and discussions.
- `pytest-commit at (mailing list)`_: for commits and new issues
- :doc:`contribution guide <contributing>` for help on submitting pull
requests to bitbucket (including using git via gitifyhg).
- #pylib on IRC channel for random questions.
- private mail to Holger.Krekel at gmail com if you want to communicate sensitive issues
- ``_ offers pytest and tox-related professional teaching and
.. _`pytest issue tracker`:
.. _`old issue tracker`:
.. _``:
.. _`get an account`:
.. _tetamap:
.. _`@pylibcommit`:
.. _`Testing in Python`:
.. _FOAF:
.. _`py-dev`:
.. _`development mailing list`:
.. _`pytest-dev at (mailing list)`:
.. _`py-svn`:
.. _`pytest-commit at (mailing list)`: