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import os
import sys
from mozlog.structured import structuredlog, commandline
from .. import wptcommandline
from update import WPTUpdate
def remove_logging_args(args):
"""Take logging args out of the dictionary of command line arguments so
they are not passed in as kwargs to the update code. This is particularly
necessary here because the arguments are often of type file, which cannot
be serialized.
:param args: Dictionary of command line arguments.
for name in args.keys():
if name.startswith("log_"):
def setup_logging(args, defaults):
"""Use the command line arguments to set up the logger.
:param args: Dictionary of command line arguments.
:param defaults: Dictionary of {formatter_name: stream} to use if
no command line logging is specified"""
logger = commandline.setup_logging("web-platform-tests-update", args, defaults)
return logger
def run_update(logger, **kwargs):
updater = WPTUpdate(logger, **kwargs)
def main():
args = wptcommandline.parse_args_update()
logger = setup_logging(args, {"mach": sys.stdout})
assert structuredlog.get_default_logger() is not None
success = run_update(logger, **args)
sys.exit(0 if success else 1)