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import os
import sys
from metadata import MetadataUpdateRunner
from sync import SyncFromUpstreamRunner
from tree import GitTree, HgTree, NoVCSTree
from .. import environment as env
from base import Step, StepRunner, exit_clean, exit_unclean
from state import State
def setup_paths(sync_path):
sys.path.insert(0, os.path.abspath(sync_path))
from tools import localpaths
except ImportError:
from wpt_tools import localpaths
class LoadConfig(Step):
"""Step for loading configuration from the ini file and kwargs."""
provides = ["sync", "paths", "metadata_path", "tests_path"]
def create(self, state):
state.sync = {"remote_url": state.kwargs["remote_url"],
"branch": state.kwargs["branch"],
"path": state.kwargs["sync_path"]}
state.paths = state.kwargs["test_paths"]
state.tests_path = state.paths["/"]["tests_path"]
state.metadata_path = state.paths["/"]["metadata_path"]
assert os.path.isabs(state.tests_path)
class LoadTrees(Step):
"""Step for creating a Tree for the local copy and a GitTree for the
upstream sync."""
provides = ["local_tree", "sync_tree"]
def create(self, state):
if os.path.exists(state.sync["path"]):
sync_tree = GitTree(root=state.sync["path"])
sync_tree = None
if GitTree.is_type():
local_tree = GitTree()
elif HgTree.is_type():
local_tree = HgTree()
local_tree = NoVCSTree()
state.update({"local_tree": local_tree,
"sync_tree": sync_tree})
class SyncFromUpstream(Step):
"""Step that synchronises a local copy of the code with upstream."""
def create(self, state):
if not state.kwargs["sync"]:
if not state.sync_tree:
state.sync_tree = GitTree(root=state.sync["path"])
kwargs = state.kwargs
with state.push(["sync", "paths", "metadata_path", "tests_path", "local_tree",
state.target_rev = kwargs["rev"]
state.patch = kwargs["patch"]
state.suite_name = kwargs["suite_name"]
state.path_excludes = kwargs["exclude"]
state.path_includes = kwargs["include"]
runner = SyncFromUpstreamRunner(self.logger, state)
class UpdateMetadata(Step):
"""Update the expectation metadata from a set of run logs"""
def create(self, state):
if not state.kwargs["run_log"]:
kwargs = state.kwargs
with state.push(["local_tree", "sync_tree", "paths", "serve_root"]):
state.run_log = kwargs["run_log"]
state.ignore_existing = kwargs["ignore_existing"]
state.patch = kwargs["patch"]
state.suite_name = kwargs["suite_name"]
state.product = kwargs["product"]
state.config = kwargs["config"]
runner = MetadataUpdateRunner(self.logger, state)
class UpdateRunner(StepRunner):
"""Runner for doing an overall update."""
steps = [LoadConfig,
class WPTUpdate(object):
def __init__(self, logger, runner_cls=UpdateRunner, **kwargs):
"""Object that controls the running of a whole wptupdate.
:param runner_cls: Runner subclass holding the overall list of
steps to run.
:param kwargs: Command line arguments
self.runner_cls = runner_cls
self.serve_root = kwargs["test_paths"]["/"]["tests_path"]
if not kwargs["sync"]:
if os.path.exists(kwargs["sync_path"]):
# If the sync path doesn't exist we defer this until it does
self.state = State(logger)
self.kwargs = kwargs
self.logger = logger
def run(self, **kwargs):
if self.kwargs["abort"]:
return exit_clean
if not self.kwargs["continue"] and not self.state.is_empty():
self.logger.error("Found existing state. Run with --continue to resume or --abort to clear state")
return exit_unclean
if self.kwargs["continue"]:
if self.state.is_empty():
self.logger.error("No sync in progress?")
return exit_clean
self.kwargs = self.state.kwargs
self.state.kwargs = self.kwargs
self.state.serve_root = self.serve_root
update_runner = self.runner_cls(self.logger, self.state)
rv =
if rv in (exit_clean, None):
return rv
def abort(self):