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# Copyright 2017 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
# Print HeapObjects.
command regex -h 'Print a v8 JavaScript object' job 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_Object((void*)(%1))/'
# Print v8::Local handle value.
command regex -h 'Print content of a v8::Local handle' jlh 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_Object(*(v8::internal::Object**)(*%1))/'
# Print Code objects containing given PC.
command regex -h 'Print a v8 Code object from an internal code address' jco 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_Code((void*)(*%1))/'
# Print FeedbackVector
command regex -h 'Print a v8 FeedbackVector object' jfv 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_FeedbackVector((void*)(%1))/'
# Print FeedbackMetadata
command regex -h 'Print a v8 FeedbackMetadata object' jfm 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_FeedbackMetadata((void*)(%1))/'
# Print DescriptorArray.
command regex -h 'Print a v8 DescriptorArray object' jda 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_DescriptorArray((void*)(%1))/'
# Print LayoutDescriptor.
command regex -h 'Print a v8 LayoutDescriptor object' jld 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_LayoutDescriptor((void*)(%1))/'
# Print TransitionArray.
command regex -h 'Print a v8 TransitionArray object' jta 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_TransitionArray((void*)(%1))/'
command regex -h 'Print the transition tree of a v8 Map' jtt 's/(.+)/expr -- '_v8_internal_Print_TransitionTree((void*)(%1))/'
command script import ~/