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sudo: required
# Note: travis currently does not support listing more than one language so
# this cheats and claims to only be cpp. If they add multiple language
# support, this should probably get updated to install steps and/or
# rvm/gemfile/jdk/etc. entries rather than manually doing the work.
language: cpp
- linux
- osx
# The Objective C build needs Xcode 7.0 or later.
osx_image: xcode7.2
- ./ $CONFIG
- CONFIG=cpp
- CONFIG=cpp_distcheck
- CONFIG=csharp
- CONFIG=golang
- CONFIG=java_jdk6
- CONFIG=java_jdk7
- CONFIG=java_oracle7
- CONFIG=javanano_jdk6
- CONFIG=javanano_jdk7
- CONFIG=javanano_oracle7
- CONFIG=javascript
- CONFIG=python
- CONFIG=python_cpp
- CONFIG=ruby19
- CONFIG=ruby20
- CONFIG=ruby21
- CONFIG=ruby22
- CONFIG=jruby
# It's nontrivial to programmatically install a new JDK from the command
# line on OS X, so we rely on testing on Linux for Java code.
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=java_jdk6
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=java_jdk7
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=java_oracle7
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=javanano_jdk6
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=javanano_jdk7
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=javanano_oracle7
# Requires installing mono, currently is doing that with apt-get
# which doesn't work on OS X.
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=csharp
# Requires installing golang, currently is doing that with apt-get
# which doesn't work on OS X.
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=golang
# Add into the matrix OS X tests of Objective C (needs Xcode, so it won't
# work on other platforms). These are split so it doesn't take as long to run.
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=objectivec_ios
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=objectivec_osx
# These currently do not work on OS X but are being worked on by @haberman.
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=ruby22
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=jruby
# - Started failing when
# we moved to an OS X image that is 10.11.
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=python_cpp
# xctool 0.2.8 seems to have a bug where it randomly kills tests saying
# they failed.
# travis updated their images to include 0.2.8:
# Mark the iOS test as flakey so these failures don't turn things red.
- os: osx
env: CONFIG=objectivec_ios
email: false