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// Copyright 2011 the V8 project authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
#include "src/common/globals.h"
#include "src/strings/unicode.h"
namespace v8 {
namespace internal {
// Unicode character predicates as defined by ECMA-262, 3rd,
// used for lexical analysis.
inline constexpr int AsciiAlphaToLower(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsCarriageReturn(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsLineFeed(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsAsciiIdentifier(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsAlphaNumeric(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsDecimalDigit(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsHexDigit(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsOctalDigit(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsBinaryDigit(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsRegExpWord(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsRegExpNewline(uc32 c);
inline constexpr bool IsAsciiLower(uc32 ch);
inline constexpr bool IsAsciiUpper(uc32 ch);
inline constexpr uc32 ToAsciiUpper(uc32 ch);
inline constexpr uc32 ToAsciiLower(uc32 ch);
// ES#sec-names-and-keywords
// This includes '_', '$' and '\', and ID_Start according to
//, which consists of categories
// 'Lu', 'Ll', 'Lt', 'Lm', 'Lo', 'Nl', but excluding properties
// 'Pattern_Syntax' or 'Pattern_White_Space'.
inline bool IsIdentifierStart(uc32 c);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE bool IsIdentifierStartSlow(uc32 c);
inline bool IsIdentifierStartSlow(uc32 c) {
// Non-BMP characters are not supported without I18N.
return (c <= 0xFFFF) ? unibrow::ID_Start::Is(c) : false;
// ES#sec-names-and-keywords
// This includes \u200c and \u200d, and ID_Continue according to
//, which consists of ID_Start,
// the categories 'Mn', 'Mc', 'Nd', 'Pc', but excluding properties
// 'Pattern_Syntax' or 'Pattern_White_Space'.
inline bool IsIdentifierPart(uc32 c);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE bool IsIdentifierPartSlow(uc32 c);
inline bool IsIdentifierPartSlow(uc32 c) {
// Non-BMP charaacters are not supported without I18N.
if (c <= 0xFFFF) {
return unibrow::ID_Start::Is(c) || unibrow::ID_Continue::Is(c);
return false;
// ES6 draft section 11.2
// This includes all code points of Unicode category 'Zs'.
// Further included are \u0009, \u000b, \u000c, and \ufeff.
inline bool IsWhiteSpace(uc32 c);
V8_EXPORT_PRIVATE bool IsWhiteSpaceSlow(uc32 c);
inline bool IsWhiteSpaceSlow(uc32 c) { return unibrow::WhiteSpace::Is(c); }
// WhiteSpace and LineTerminator according to ES6 draft section 11.2 and 11.3
// This includes all the characters with Unicode category 'Z' (= Zs+Zl+Zp)
// as well as \u0009 - \u000d and \ufeff.
inline bool IsWhiteSpaceOrLineTerminator(uc32 c);
inline bool IsWhiteSpaceOrLineTerminatorSlow(uc32 c) {
return IsWhiteSpaceSlow(c) || unibrow::IsLineTerminator(c);
inline bool IsLineTerminatorSequence(uc32 c, uc32 next);
} // namespace internal
} // namespace v8