Merge pull request #2150 from matkoniecz/patch-5

better explain what code disctionary contains
diff --git a/codespell_lib/ b/codespell_lib/
index becf4d4..0c6aac7 100644
--- a/codespell_lib/
+++ b/codespell_lib/
@@ -58,7 +58,7 @@
         True, True, supported_languages_en, supported_languages_en),
     ('usage', 'for replacing phrasing with recommended terms', '_usage',
         None, None, None, None),
-    ('code', 'for words common to code and/or mathematics that might be typos', '_code',  # noqa: E501
+    ('code', 'for words from code and/or mathematics that are likely to be typos in other contexts', '_code',  # noqa: E501
         None, None, None, None,),
     ('names', 'for valid proper names that might be typos', '_names',
         None, None, None, None,),