Merge pull request #2067 from DimitriPapadopoulos/rare

Improve the definition of the "rare" builtin dictionary
diff --git a/codespell_lib/ b/codespell_lib/
index d8bb6ef..6c43d02 100755
--- a/codespell_lib/
+++ b/codespell_lib/
@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
     # realistic for obscure words
     ('clear', 'for unambiguous errors', '',
         False, None, supported_languages_en, None),
-    ('rare', 'for rare but valid words', '_rare',
+    ('rare', 'for rare (but valid) words which are likely to be errors', '_rare',  # noqa: E501
         None, None, None, None),
     ('informal', 'for making informal words more formal', '_informal',
         True, True, supported_languages_en, supported_languages_en),