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# The purpose of this file is to trigger review requests when PRs touch
# particular files. Those reviews are not mandatory, however it's often useful
# to have an expert pinged who is interested in only one part of codespell and
# doesn't follow general development.
# Note that only GitHub handles (whether individuals or teams) with commit
# rights should be added to this file.
# See
# for more details about how CODEOWNERS works.
# Each line is a file pattern followed by one or more owners.
# Copy-paste-adapted from SciPy
# Administrata and CIs
*.toml @larsoner
*.yml @larsoner
*.rst @larsoner @peternewman
*.cfg @larsoner
codespell.1.include @larsoner @peternewman
coverage* @larsoner
.github/* @larsoner @peternewman
.gitignore @larsoner @peternewman
Makefile @larsoner @peternewman
# Python code
codespell_lib/*.py @larsoner @peternewman
bin/* @larsoner @peternewman
# Dictionaries
codespell_lib/data/dictionary_code.txt @peternewman
codespell_lib/data/dictionary_en-GB_to_en-US.txt @peternewman
codespell_lib/data/dictionary_informal.txt @peternewman
codespell_lib/data/dictionary_names.txt @peternewman
codespell_lib/data/dictionary_rare.txt @peternewman
# codepell_lib/data/*.txt @luzpaz