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Most of the tests require a local Rietveld server.
To set this up:
Method 1: Let the presubmit script do the work for you.
$ git cl presubmit
Method 2: Manual.
1) Check out a copy of Rietveld:
$ svn checkout rietveld
(Use git-svn if you must, but man is it slow.)
2) Get the Google App Engine SDK:
3) To run Rietveld you will need Django 1.0, which is not included
with the App Engine SDK. Go to ,
download a Django from the 1.0 series (it's in the sidebar on the right),
untar it, then
$ export PYTHONPATH=`pwd`/Django-1.0.4
4) Run Rietveld:
$ /path/to/appengine/sdk/ /path/to/rietveld
(If using one of the App Engine launchers, be sure to use port 8080
for this project.)
And then, finally, run the tests.