Correct path for scp.exe

- My workstation was in a bad state and was still
  using an older version of chromium's git
- The result is that scp.bat worked on my machine,
  and the file was on the path, but scp.exe it
  referred to did not exist on buildslaves

Change-Id: I9878ff6c934efa03a92c1a921019c45146e9d5e7
diff --git a/scp.bat b/scp.bat
index e7374ab..28a51c3 100644
--- a/scp.bat
+++ b/scp.bat
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
 @echo off



-"%~dp0git-1.9.0.chromium.6_bin\bin\scp.exe" %*

+"%~dp0git-1.9.5.chromium.6_bin\bin\scp.exe" %*