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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
# Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
# found in the LICENSE file.
import datetime
import optparse
import os
import re
import sys
import urlparse
import breakpad # pylint: disable=W0611
import gclient_utils
import subprocess2
USAGE = """
WARNING: Please use this tool in an empty directory
(or at least one that you don't mind clobbering.)
Valid parameters:
[Merge from trunk to branch]
--merge <revision> --branch <branch_num>
Example: %(app)s --merge 12345 --branch 187
[Merge from trunk to local copy]
--merge <revision> --local
Example: %(app)s --merge 12345 --local
[Merge from branch to branch]
--merge <revision> --sbranch <branch_num> --branch <branch_num>
Example: %(app)s --merge 12345 --sbranch 248 --branch 249
[Revert from trunk]
--revert <revision>
Example: %(app)s --revert 12345
[Revert from branch]
--revert <revision> --branch <branch_num>
Example: %(app)s --revert 12345 --branch 187
export_map_ = None
files_info_ = None
delete_map_ = None
file_pattern_ = r"[ ]+([MADUC])[ ]+/((?:trunk|branches/.*?)/src(.*)/(.*))"
depot_tools_dir_ = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
def runGcl(subcommand):
gcl_path = os.path.join(depot_tools_dir_, "gcl")
if not os.path.exists(gcl_path):
print "WARNING: gcl not found beside Using system gcl instead..."
gcl_path = 'gcl'
command = "%s %s" % (gcl_path, subcommand)
return os.system(command)
def gclUpload(revision, author):
command = ("upload " + str(revision) +
" --send_mail --no_presubmit --reviewers=" + author)
return runGcl(command)
def getSVNInfo(url, revision):
info = {}
svn_info = subprocess2.capture(
['svn', 'info', '--non-interactive', '%s@%s' % (url, revision)],
for line in svn_info:
match ="(.*?):(.*)", line)
if match:
info[] =
return info
def isSVNDirty():
svn_status = subprocess2.check_output(['svn', 'status']).splitlines()
for line in svn_status:
match ="^[^X?]", line)
if match:
return True
return False
def getAuthor(url, revision):
info = getSVNInfo(url, revision)
if (info.has_key("Last Changed Author")):
return info["Last Changed Author"]
return None
def isSVNFile(url, revision):
info = getSVNInfo(url, revision)
if (info.has_key("Node Kind")):
if (info["Node Kind"] == "file"):
return True
return False
def isSVNDirectory(url, revision):
info = getSVNInfo(url, revision)
if (info.has_key("Node Kind")):
if (info["Node Kind"] == "directory"):
return True
return False
def inCheckoutRoot(path):
info = getSVNInfo(path, "HEAD")
if (not info.has_key("Repository Root")):
return False
repo_root = info["Repository Root"]
info = getSVNInfo(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(path)), "HEAD")
if (info.get("Repository Root", None) != repo_root):
return True
return False
def getRevisionLog(url, revision):
"""Takes an svn url and gets the associated revision."""
svn_log = subprocess2.check_output(
['svn', 'log', url, '-r', str(revision)],
# Don't include the header lines and the trailing "---..." line.
return ''.join(svn_log[3:-1])
def getSVNVersionInfo():
"""Extract version information from SVN"""
svn_info = subprocess2.check_output(['svn', '--version']).splitlines()
info = {}
for line in svn_info:
match ="svn, version ((\d+)\.(\d+)\.(\d+))", line)
if match:
info['version'] =
info['major'] = int(
info['minor'] = int(
info['patch'] = int(
return info
return None
def isMinimumSVNVersion(major, minor, patch=0):
"""Test for minimum SVN version"""
return _isMinimumSVNVersion(getSVNVersionInfo(), major, minor, patch)
def _isMinimumSVNVersion(version, major, minor, patch=0):
"""Test for minimum SVN version, internal method"""
if not version:
return False
if (version['major'] > major):
return True
elif (version['major'] < major):
return False
if (version['minor'] > minor):
return True
elif (version['minor'] < minor):
return False
if (version['patch'] >= patch):
return True
return False
def checkoutRevision(url, revision, branch_url, revert=False, pop=True):
files_info = getFileInfo(url, revision)
paths = getBestMergePaths2(files_info, revision)
export_map = getBestExportPathsMap2(files_info, revision)
command = 'svn checkout -N ' + branch_url
print command
match ="^[a-z]+://.*/(.*)", branch_url)
if match:
# This line is extremely important due to the way svn behaves in the
# set-depths action. If parents aren't handled before children, the child
# directories get clobbered and the merge step fails.
# Checkout the directories that already exist
for path in paths:
if (export_map.has_key(path) and not revert):
print "Exclude new directory " + path
subpaths = path.split('/')
#In the normal case, where no url override is specified and it's just
# chromium source, it's necessary to remove the 'trunk' from the filepath,
# since in the checkout we include 'trunk' or 'branch/\d+'.
# However, when a url is specified we want to preserve that because it's
# a part of the filepath and necessary for path operations on svn (because
# frankly, we are checking out the correct top level, and not hacking it).
if pop:
base = ''
for subpath in subpaths:
base += '/' + subpath
# This logic ensures that you don't empty out any directories
if not os.path.exists("." + base):
command = ('svn update --depth empty ' + "." + base)
print command
if (revert):
files = getAllFilesInRevision(files_info)
files = getExistingFilesInRevision(files_info)
for f in files:
# Prevent the tool from clobbering the src directory
if (f == ""):
command = ('svn up ".' + f + '"')
print command
def mergeRevision(url, revision):
paths = getBestMergePaths(url, revision)
export_map = getBestExportPathsMap(url, revision)
for path in paths:
if export_map.has_key(path):
command = ('svn merge -N -r ' + str(revision-1) + ":" + str(revision) + " ")
command += " --ignore-ancestry "
command += " -x --ignore-eol-style "
command += url + path + "@" + str(revision) + " ." + path
print command
def exportRevision(url, revision):
paths = getBestExportPathsMap(url, revision).keys()
for path in paths:
command = ('svn export -N ' + url + path + "@" + str(revision) + " ." +
print command
command = 'svn add .' + path
print command
def deleteRevision(url, revision):
paths = getBestDeletePathsMap(url, revision).keys()
for path in paths:
command = "svn delete ." + path
print command
def revertExportRevision(url, revision):
paths = getBestExportPathsMap(url, revision).keys()
for path in paths:
command = "svn delete ." + path
print command
def revertRevision(url, revision):
command = ('svn merge --ignore-ancestry -c -%d %s .' % (revision, url))
print command
def getFileInfo(url, revision):
global files_info_
if (files_info_ != None):
return files_info_
svn_log = subprocess2.check_output(
['svn', 'log', url, '-r', str(revision), '-v']).splitlines()
info = []
for line in svn_log:
# A workaround to dump the (from .*) stuff, regex not so friendly in the 2nd
# pass...
match ="(.*) \(from.*\)", line)
if match:
line =
match =, line)
if match:
files_info_ = info
return info
def getBestMergePaths(url, revision):
"""Takes an svn url and gets the associated revision."""
return getBestMergePaths2(getFileInfo(url, revision), revision)
def getBestMergePaths2(files_info, revision):
"""Takes an svn url and gets the associated revision."""
return list(set([f[2] for f in files_info]))
def getBestExportPathsMap(url, revision):
return getBestExportPathsMap2(getFileInfo(url, revision), revision)
def getBestExportPathsMap2(files_info, revision):
"""Takes an svn url and gets the associated revision."""
global export_map_
if export_map_:
return export_map_
result = {}
for file_info in files_info:
if (file_info[0] == "A"):
if(isSVNDirectory("svn://" + file_info[1],
result[file_info[2] + "/" + file_info[3]] = ""
export_map_ = result
return result
def getBestDeletePathsMap(url, revision):
return getBestDeletePathsMap2(getFileInfo(url, revision), revision)
def getBestDeletePathsMap2(files_info, revision):
"""Takes an svn url and gets the associated revision."""
global delete_map_
if delete_map_:
return delete_map_
result = {}
for file_info in files_info:
if (file_info[0] == "D"):
if(isSVNDirectory("svn://" + file_info[1],
result[file_info[2] + "/" + file_info[3]] = ""
delete_map_ = result
return result
def getExistingFilesInRevision(files_info):
"""Checks for existing files in the revision.
Anything that's A will require special treatment (either a merge or an
export + add)
return ['%s/%s' % (f[2], f[3]) for f in files_info if f[0] != 'A']
def getAllFilesInRevision(files_info):
"""Checks for existing files in the revision.
Anything that's A will require special treatment (either a merge or an
export + add)
return ['%s/%s' % (f[2], f[3]) for f in files_info]
def getSVNAuthInfo(folder=None):
"""Fetches SVN authorization information in the subversion auth folder and
returns it as a dictionary of dictionaries."""
if not folder:
if sys.platform == 'win32':
folder = '%%APPDATA%\\Subversion\\auth'
folder = '~/.subversion/auth'
folder = os.path.expandvars(os.path.expanduser(folder))
svn_simple_folder = os.path.join(folder, 'svn.simple')
results = {}
for auth_file in os.listdir(svn_simple_folder):
# Read the SVN auth file, convert it into a dictionary, and store it.
results[auth_file] = dict(re.findall(r'K [0-9]+\n(.*)\nV [0-9]+\n(.*)\n',
open(os.path.join(svn_simple_folder, auth_file)).read()))
except Exception as _:
return results
def getCurrentSVNUsers(url):
"""Tries to fetch the current SVN in the current checkout by scanning the
SVN authorization folder for a match with the current SVN URL."""
netloc = urlparse.urlparse(url)[1]
auth_infos = getSVNAuthInfo()
results = []
for _, auth_info in auth_infos.iteritems():
if ('svn:realmstring' in auth_info
and netloc in auth_info['svn:realmstring']):
username = auth_info['username']
if '' in username:
results.append(username.replace('', ''))
return results
def prompt(question):
while True:
print question + " [y|n]:",
answer = sys.stdin.readline()
if answer.lower().startswith('n'):
return False
elif answer.lower().startswith('y'):
return True
def text_prompt(question, default):
print question + " [" + default + "]:"
answer = sys.stdin.readline()
if answer.strip() == "":
return default
return answer
def drover(options, args):
revision = options.revert or options.merge
# Initialize some variables used below. They can be overwritten by
# the file.
BASE_URL = "svn://"
REVERT_ALT_URLS = ['svn://',
TRUNK_URL = BASE_URL + "/trunk/src"
BRANCH_URL = BASE_URL + "/branches/$branch/src"
NO_ALT_URLS = options.no_alt_urls
DEFAULT_WORKING = "drover_" + str(revision)
if options.branch:
DEFAULT_WORKING += ("_" + options.branch)
if not isMinimumSVNVersion(1, 5):
print "You need to use at least SVN version 1.5.x"
return 1
# Override the default properties if there is a file.
global file_pattern_
if os.path.exists(""):
print 'Using options from %s' % os.path.join(
os.getcwd(), '')
FILE_PATTERN = file_pattern_
f = open("")
file_pattern_ = FILE_PATTERN
if options.revert and options.branch:
print 'Note: --branch is usually not needed for reverts.'
url = BRANCH_URL.replace("$branch", options.branch)
elif options.merge and options.sbranch:
url = BRANCH_URL.replace("$branch", options.sbranch)
elif options.revert:
url = options.url or BASE_URL
file_pattern_ = r"[ ]+([MADUC])[ ]+((/.*)/(.*))"
working = options.workdir or DEFAULT_WORKING
if options.local:
working = os.getcwd()
if not inCheckoutRoot(working):
print "'%s' appears not to be the root of a working copy" % working
return 1
if (isSVNDirty() and not
prompt("Working copy contains uncommitted files. Continue?")):
return 1
if options.revert and not NO_ALT_URLS and not options.url:
for cur_url in [url] + REVERT_ALT_URLS:
commit_date_str = getSVNInfo(
cur_url, options.revert).get('Last Changed Date', 'x').split()[0]
commit_date = datetime.datetime.strptime(commit_date_str, '%Y-%m-%d')
if ( - commit_date).days < 180:
if cur_url != url:
print 'Guessing svn repo: %s.' % cur_url,
print 'Use --no-alt-urls to disable heuristic.'
url = cur_url
except ValueError:
command = 'svn log ' + url + " -r "+str(revision) + " -v"
if not (options.revertbot or prompt("Is this the correct revision?")):
return 0
if (os.path.exists(working)) and not options.local:
if not (options.revertbot or SKIP_CHECK_WORKING or
prompt("Working directory: '%s' already exists, clobber?" % working)):
return 0
if not options.local:
if options.merge:
action = "Merge"
if not options.local:
branch_url = BRANCH_URL.replace("$branch", options.branch)
# Checkout everything but stuff that got added into a new dir
checkoutRevision(url, revision, branch_url)
# Merge everything that changed
mergeRevision(url, revision)
# "Export" files that were added from the source and add them to branch
exportRevision(url, revision)
# Delete directories that were deleted (file deletes are handled in the
# merge).
deleteRevision(url, revision)
elif options.revert:
action = "Revert"
pop_em = not options.url
checkoutRevision(url, revision, url, True, pop_em)
revertRevision(url, revision)
revertExportRevision(url, revision)
# Check the base url so we actually find the author who made the change
if options.auditor:
author = options.auditor
author = getAuthor(url, revision)
if not author:
author = getAuthor(TRUNK_URL, revision)
# Check that the author of the CL is different than the user making
# the revert. If they're the same, then we'll want to prompt the user
# for a different reviewer to TBR.
current_users = getCurrentSVNUsers(BASE_URL)
is_self_revert = options.revert and author in current_users
filename = str(revision)+".txt"
out = open(filename,"w")
drover_title = '%s %s' % (action, revision)
revision_log = getRevisionLog(url, revision).splitlines()
if revision_log:
commit_title = revision_log[0]
# Limit title to 68 chars so git log --oneline is <80 chars.
max_commit_title = 68 - (len(drover_title) + 3)
if len(commit_title) > max_commit_title:
commit_title = commit_title[:max_commit_title-3] + '...'
drover_title += ' "%s"' % commit_title
out.write(drover_title + '\n\n')
for line in revision_log:
out.write('> %s\n' % line)
if author:
out.write("\nTBR=" + author)
change_cmd = 'change ' + str(revision) + " " + filename
if options.revertbot:
if sys.platform == 'win32':
os.environ['SVN_EDITOR'] = 'cmd.exe /c exit'
os.environ['SVN_EDITOR'] = 'true'
if options.local:
return 0
print author
print revision
print ("gcl upload " + str(revision) +
" --send_mail --no_presubmit --reviewers=" + author)
if options.revertbot or prompt("Would you like to upload?"):
if PROMPT_FOR_AUTHOR or is_self_revert:
author = text_prompt("Enter new author or press enter to accept default",
if options.revertbot and options.revertbot_reviewers:
author += ","
author += options.revertbot_reviewers
gclUpload(revision, author)
print "Deleting the changelist."
print "gcl delete " + str(revision)
runGcl("delete " + str(revision))
return 0
# We commit if the reverbot is set to commit automatically, or if this is
# not the revertbot and the user agrees.
if options.revertbot_commit or (not options.revertbot and
prompt("Would you like to commit?")):
print "gcl commit " + str(revision) + " --no_presubmit --force"
return runGcl("commit " + str(revision) + " --no_presubmit --force")
return 0
def main():
option_parser = optparse.OptionParser(usage=USAGE % {"app": sys.argv[0]})
option_parser.add_option('-m', '--merge', type="int",
help='Revision to merge from trunk to branch')
option_parser.add_option('-b', '--branch',
help='Branch to revert or merge from')
option_parser.add_option('-l', '--local', action='store_true',
help='Local working copy to merge to')
option_parser.add_option('-s', '--sbranch',
help='Source branch for merge')
option_parser.add_option('-r', '--revert', type="int",
help='Revision to revert')
option_parser.add_option('-w', '--workdir',
help='subdir to use for the revert')
option_parser.add_option('-u', '--url',
help='svn url to use for the revert')
option_parser.add_option('-a', '--auditor',
help='overrides the author for reviewer')
option_parser.add_option('--revertbot', action='store_true',
option_parser.add_option('--no-alt-urls', action='store_true',
help='Disable heuristics used to determine svn url')
option_parser.add_option('--revertbot-commit', action='store_true',
options, args = option_parser.parse_args()
if not options.merge and not options.revert:
option_parser.error("You need at least --merge or --revert")
return 1
if options.merge and not (options.branch or options.local):
option_parser.error("--merge requires --branch or --local")
return 1
if options.local and (options.revert or options.branch):
option_parser.error("--local cannot be used with --revert or --branch")
return 1
return drover(options, args)
if __name__ == "__main__":
except KeyboardInterrupt: