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# Copyright Jonathan Hartley 2013. BSD 3-Clause license, see LICENSE file.
import atexit
import sys
from .ansitowin32 import AnsiToWin32
orig_stdout = sys.stdout
orig_stderr = sys.stderr
wrapped_stdout = sys.stdout
wrapped_stderr = sys.stderr
atexit_done = False
def reset_all():
def init(autoreset=False, convert=None, strip=None, wrap=True):
if not wrap and any([autoreset, convert, strip]):
raise ValueError('wrap=False conflicts with any other arg=True')
global wrapped_stdout, wrapped_stderr
sys.stdout = wrapped_stdout = \
wrap_stream(orig_stdout, convert, strip, autoreset, wrap)
sys.stderr = wrapped_stderr = \
wrap_stream(orig_stderr, convert, strip, autoreset, wrap)
global atexit_done
if not atexit_done:
atexit_done = True
def deinit():
sys.stdout = orig_stdout
sys.stderr = orig_stderr
def reinit():
sys.stdout = wrapped_stdout
sys.stderr = wrapped_stdout
def wrap_stream(stream, convert, strip, autoreset, wrap):
if wrap:
wrapper = AnsiToWin32(stream,
convert=convert, strip=strip, autoreset=autoreset)
if wrapper.should_wrap():
stream =
return stream