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"""XML reporting for"""
import os, sys, time
import xml.dom.minidom
from coverage import __url__, __version__
from coverage.backward import sorted, rpartition # pylint: disable=W0622
from import Reporter
def rate(hit, num):
"""Return the fraction of `hit`/`num`, as a string."""
return "%.4g" % (float(hit) / (num or 1.0))
class XmlReporter(Reporter):
"""A reporter for writing Cobertura-style XML coverage results."""
def __init__(self, coverage, config):
super(XmlReporter, self).__init__(coverage, config)
self.packages = None
self.xml_out = None
self.arcs =
def report(self, morfs, outfile=None):
"""Generate a Cobertura-compatible XML report for `morfs`.
`morfs` is a list of modules or filenames.
`outfile` is a file object to write the XML to.
# Initial setup.
outfile = outfile or sys.stdout
# Create the DOM that will store the data.
impl = xml.dom.minidom.getDOMImplementation()
docType = impl.createDocumentType(
"coverage", None,
self.xml_out = impl.createDocument(None, "coverage", docType)
# Write header stuff.
xcoverage = self.xml_out.documentElement
xcoverage.setAttribute("version", __version__)
xcoverage.setAttribute("timestamp", str(int(time.time()*1000)))
" Generated by %s " % __url__
xpackages = self.xml_out.createElement("packages")
# Call xml_file for each file in the data.
self.packages = {}
self.report_files(self.xml_file, morfs)
lnum_tot, lhits_tot = 0, 0
bnum_tot, bhits_tot = 0, 0
# Populate the XML DOM with the package info.
for pkg_name in sorted(self.packages.keys()):
pkg_data = self.packages[pkg_name]
class_elts, lhits, lnum, bhits, bnum = pkg_data
xpackage = self.xml_out.createElement("package")
xclasses = self.xml_out.createElement("classes")
for class_name in sorted(class_elts.keys()):
xpackage.setAttribute("name", pkg_name.replace(os.sep, '.'))
xpackage.setAttribute("line-rate", rate(lhits, lnum))
xpackage.setAttribute("branch-rate", rate(bhits, bnum))
xpackage.setAttribute("complexity", "0")
lnum_tot += lnum
lhits_tot += lhits
bnum_tot += bnum
bhits_tot += bhits
xcoverage.setAttribute("line-rate", rate(lhits_tot, lnum_tot))
xcoverage.setAttribute("branch-rate", rate(bhits_tot, bnum_tot))
# Use the DOM to write the output file.
# Return the total percentage.
denom = lnum_tot + bnum_tot
if denom == 0:
pct = 0.0
pct = 100.0 * (lhits_tot + bhits_tot) / denom
return pct
def xml_file(self, cu, analysis):
"""Add to the XML report for a single file."""
# Create the 'lines' and 'package' XML elements, which
# are populated later. Note that a package == a directory.
package_name = rpartition(, ".")[0]
className =
package = self.packages.setdefault(package_name, [{}, 0, 0, 0, 0])
xclass = self.xml_out.createElement("class")
xlines = self.xml_out.createElement("lines")
xclass.setAttribute("name", className)
filename = cu.file_locator.relative_filename(cu.filename)
xclass.setAttribute("filename", filename.replace("\\", "/"))
xclass.setAttribute("complexity", "0")
branch_stats = analysis.branch_stats()
# For each statement, create an XML 'line' element.
for line in analysis.statements:
xline = self.xml_out.createElement("line")
xline.setAttribute("number", str(line))
# Q: can we get info about the number of times a statement is
# executed? If so, that should be recorded here.
xline.setAttribute("hits", str(int(line not in analysis.missing)))
if self.arcs:
if line in branch_stats:
total, taken = branch_stats[line]
xline.setAttribute("branch", "true")
"%d%% (%d/%d)" % (100*taken/total, taken, total)
class_lines = len(analysis.statements)
class_hits = class_lines - len(analysis.missing)
if self.arcs:
class_branches = sum([t for t,k in branch_stats.values()])
missing_branches = sum([t-k for t,k in branch_stats.values()])
class_br_hits = class_branches - missing_branches
class_branches = 0.0
class_br_hits = 0.0
# Finalize the statistics that are collected in the XML DOM.
xclass.setAttribute("line-rate", rate(class_hits, class_lines))
xclass.setAttribute("branch-rate", rate(class_br_hits, class_branches))
package[0][className] = xclass
package[1] += class_hits
package[2] += class_lines
package[3] += class_br_hits
package[4] += class_branches