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Converts an IRI to a URI.
__author__ = "Joe Gregorio ("
__copyright__ = "Copyright 2006, Joe Gregorio"
__contributors__ = []
__version__ = "1.0.0"
__license__ = "MIT"
__history__ = """
import urlparse
# Convert an IRI to a URI following the rules in RFC 3987
# The characters we need to enocde and escape are defined in the spec:
# iprivate = %xE000-F8FF / %xF0000-FFFFD / %x100000-10FFFD
# ucschar = %xA0-D7FF / %xF900-FDCF / %xFDF0-FFEF
# / %x10000-1FFFD / %x20000-2FFFD / %x30000-3FFFD
# / %x40000-4FFFD / %x50000-5FFFD / %x60000-6FFFD
# / %x70000-7FFFD / %x80000-8FFFD / %x90000-9FFFD
# / %xA0000-AFFFD / %xB0000-BFFFD / %xC0000-CFFFD
# / %xD0000-DFFFD / %xE1000-EFFFD
escape_range = [
(0xA0, 0xD7FF),
(0xE000, 0xF8FF),
(0xF900, 0xFDCF),
(0xFDF0, 0xFFEF),
(0x10000, 0x1FFFD),
(0x20000, 0x2FFFD),
(0x30000, 0x3FFFD),
(0x40000, 0x4FFFD),
(0x50000, 0x5FFFD),
(0x60000, 0x6FFFD),
(0x70000, 0x7FFFD),
(0x80000, 0x8FFFD),
(0x90000, 0x9FFFD),
(0xA0000, 0xAFFFD),
(0xB0000, 0xBFFFD),
(0xC0000, 0xCFFFD),
(0xD0000, 0xDFFFD),
(0xE1000, 0xEFFFD),
(0xF0000, 0xFFFFD),
(0x100000, 0x10FFFD),
def encode(c):
retval = c
i = ord(c)
for low, high in escape_range:
if i < low:
if i >= low and i <= high:
retval = "".join(["%%%2X" % ord(o) for o in c.encode('utf-8')])
return retval
def iri2uri(uri):
"""Convert an IRI to a URI. Note that IRIs must be
passed in a unicode strings. That is, do not utf-8 encode
the IRI before passing it into the function."""
if isinstance(uri ,unicode):
(scheme, authority, path, query, fragment) = urlparse.urlsplit(uri)
authority = authority.encode('idna')
# For each character in 'ucschar' or 'iprivate'
# 1. encode as utf-8
# 2. then %-encode each octet of that utf-8
uri = urlparse.urlunsplit((scheme, authority, path, query, fragment))
uri = "".join([encode(c) for c in uri])
return uri
if __name__ == "__main__":
import unittest
class Test(unittest.TestCase):
def test_uris(self):
"""Test that URIs are invariant under the transformation."""
invariant = [
u"urn:oasis:names:specification:docbook:dtd:xml:4.1.2" ]
for uri in invariant:
self.assertEqual(uri, iri2uri(uri))
def test_iri(self):
""" Test that the right type of escaping is done for each part of the URI."""
self.assertEqual("", iri2uri(u"http://\N{COMET}.com/\N{COMET}"))
self.assertEqual("", iri2uri(u"\N{COMET}"))
self.assertEqual("", iri2uri(u"\N{COMET}"))
self.assertEqual("#%E2%98%84", iri2uri(u"#\N{COMET}"))
self.assertEqual("/fred?bar=%E2%98%9A#%E2%98%84", iri2uri(u"/fred?bar=\N{BLACK LEFT POINTING INDEX}#\N{COMET}"))
self.assertEqual("/fred?bar=%E2%98%9A#%E2%98%84", iri2uri(iri2uri(u"/fred?bar=\N{BLACK LEFT POINTING INDEX}#\N{COMET}")))
self.assertNotEqual("/fred?bar=%E2%98%9A#%E2%98%84", iri2uri(u"/fred?bar=\N{BLACK LEFT POINTING INDEX}#\N{COMET}".encode('utf-8')))