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Mox is an open source mock object framework for Python, inspired by
the Java library EasyMock.
To install:
$ python install
To run Mox's internal tests:
$ python
Basic usage:
import unittest
import mox
class PersonTest(mox.MoxTestBase):
def testUsingMox(self):
# Create a mock Person
mock_person = self.mox.CreateMock(Person)
test_person = ...
test_primary_key = ...
unknown_person = ...
# Expect InsertPerson to be called with test_person; return
# test_primary_key at that point
# Raise an exception when this is called
# Switch from record mode to replay mode
# Run the test
ret_pk = mock_person.InsertPerson(test_person)
self.assertEquals(test_primary_key, ret_pk)
self.assertRaises(UnknownPersonError, mock_person, unknown_person)
For more documentation, see:
For more information, see:
Our user and developer discussion group is:
Mox is Copyright 2008 Google Inc, and licensed under the Apache
License, Version 2.0; see the file COPYING for details. If you would
like to help us improve Mox, join the group.