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This directory contains the Python command line tool gsutil, which Google
has released as open source, to demonstrate the Google Storage API and to
provide a tool for manipulating data in the system.
Gsutil requires Python 2.6 or later.
To install gsutil take the following steps:
1. Pick a place where you want to install the software. You can
install the code wherever you prefer; for brevity the instructions below
assume you want to install in $HOME/gsutil.
2. To install gsutil on Linux/Unix or MacOS, open a shell window, change
directories to where you downloaded the gsutil.tar.gz file, and do this:
% tar xfz gsutil.tar.gz -C $HOME
Then add the following line to your $HOME/.bashrc shell initialization
export PATH=${PATH}:$HOME/gsutil
The next time you start a shell you should be able to run gsutil from
the command line.
3. To install gsutil on Windows, install cygwin (,
with at least version 2.6.5 of Python. Once you have that, start a shell
and follow the Linux instructions above for unpacking and installing gsutil.
4. The first time you try to run gsutil, it will detect that you have no
configuration file containing your credentials, interactively prompt you,
and create the file.
After this you can use the tool. Running gsutil with with no arguments
will print a help summary.
For more information on installing and using gsutil, see