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Name: gsutil
Version: 3.25
License: Apache 2.0
Set of tools to allow querying, uploading, and downloading objects from
Google Storage.
* Removed gsutil/gslib/commands/
* Removed gsutil/
* Removed gsutil/gslib/tests/
* Moved gsutil/boto as a depot_tools third_party lib
* Moved gsutil/third_party into our own third_party directory
* Append sys.path in gsutil/gsutil to find the moved third_party modules
* Removed oauth2_client certificate SHA1 check
* Removed code to remove http_proxy before boto.config invocation.
* Added and imports gsutil/plugins/ to support prodaccess
based authentication.
* Added flag to bypass prodaccess authentication.
* Remove autolaunching the browser during gsutil config.
* Remove prompt for default project ID (Defaults to "0" now).
Full license is in the COPYING file.